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  1. I have been using this technique I say since the late 90's. At least mostly the pre shading process. Not so much on the postshading. But really can't remember who or what made me try this for the first time and have been using it for the most part ever since. Some one mentioned it originated with the Spanish modeler community both pre shade and post shading. and used the term "Spanish School" this I have never heard of ever over the years on any of the modeling sites. Anyone know or shed some light. I know there are many opinions of the process of over doing it or when not to use it.
  2. The kit I have is the Hasegawa JU-87B, but will take any tailwheel from any 48th scale Stuka kit and modify as necessary to fit.
  3. Some how lost it, or didnt even notice it was missing.
  4. Complete or partial is ok. Any scheme. Trade or purchase. Thanks in advance Chuck
  5. I have over the years followed your Desert Storm collection. I am not as far along as you are, as I started to plan my project when I got home. I have builds in 72nd and 48th scale and will probably have a couple in 32nd scale. But as the years go by since the Gulf War, kits that were not available have since appeared to fill in the holes on both coalition and Iraqi aircraft. Some aircraft only available in 72nd scale such as the RAF Victor a tough build. But most will be in 48th scale. Capt Johnson flew 681 on the Sandy mission that took place in Jan 21st 1991, helping to locate and resc
  6. There was 60 of us in the C-5 as we flew over. Looking at each other among the equipment and the 4 helos neatly folded up inside. Talking with the CO and departments heads coming along, and he says, well boys are we ready? Our Senior Chief, says well sir as ready as we can be, the men chosen are the best in their fields, the helo has performed as well as expected, we are motivated and yes sir we are ready to go. 60 went over, 60 returned. Were we scared? Absolutely!! Chuck Fly Navy
  7. 25 years ago, I was sitting in our HH-60H (HCS-5) helo on the tarmac as Desert Storm commenced at the forward deployed air base at Al Jouf Saudi Arabia. As the A-10's had already taken off for where ever they were going. Overheard a comment that it was just as if it was from the Bible, the locusts over Babylon, The Apaches and Blackhawks over Baghdad. What an opening night. Also my birthday, I turned 31. Chuck Fly Navy A-10 of the 354th TFW based at Al Jouf
  8. I'll take item 52, Jagdpanzer 38 Hetzer squadron walk around sealed.
  9. I'll toss my hat in the ring, and will find something to donate as well.
  10. Looking for this decal sheet either one, for upcoming project. Thx Chuck Fly Navy
  11. I agree with you on this. I hate cigarettes, cigars and anything that has to with the act of smoking whatever it is. Chuck Fly Navy
  12. The canopy minor crack is ok will buy or trade for any wants you may need. Also 1/48th Scale ACC Miniatures Clear sprue for the Vindicator kit either version. Canopy for the 1/72nd scale Fujimi F-14A. Any or all Thanks in advance. Chuck
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