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  1. What I find amazing is that if I didn't know the scale of the base model, it wouldn't surprise me if you were to say this was a twelve foot model. The detailing is so intricate and well done.
  2. Good thing that you have this build log saved here, showing all of the work that has gone into this amazing build.
  3. Great pics, GreyGhost. Am I correct in assuming that these were taken at Boca Chica NAS, down in Key West?
  4. More fantastic work! Wow! The detailing is incredible.
  5. The detailing on the SD is simply amazing. Still get a kick out of that banana guy. 😄
  6. Keep the updates coming, please! I've got an Anigrand kit in the stash and I'm following your amazing build as reference. Plus, I just love how it is coming out.
  7. Thank you so much, KursadA. I'm hoping that Hasegawa will re-release that kit. I'll be ordering your decals so that they'll be ready to go.
  8. Perfectly said, Underdog. Randy, we are following you build with anticipation and excitement. I've got the same kit (along with the monstrous DeAgostini version) waiting in the build queue and will be following your lead. Thank you!
  9. Excellent build log!! Definitely saving this thread for future reference. Thanks for sharing!
  10. I've scrounged the internet for the Hasegawa US Army "E" Guardian kit but no cigar. What is the best way of replicating that kit? Is there an aftermarket kit available that can work with a "D" model? Or is there another option available? Thanks.
  11. Ha! For some reason I was thinking it was "The Next Generation" version of the Romulan BoP! This one from the original series is definitely a nice sized project. Thanks for sharing the video, too!
  12. That would be a huge kit. Curious to see some pics of it.
  13. That is so cool! I wasn't aware that the model kit included the furry critter! 😎
  14. Beyond cool!!! What an original and well done idea to have it glow in the dark and yet still look fantastic with the lights on. Wow!
  15. Great job with the finish and the lighting! Love the Tribble on display.
  16. Beautiful build and classy looking base. Well done!!
  17. A good F-86A kit in 1/48 scale would be a multiple purchase kit for me. Great job so far on your's, Raptor1 !
  18. Amazing project!!! I'll definitely be using your work as a guide when I'm ready to begin my kit. Thank you for sharing so much of your work. Truly appreciated. Alex
  19. Excellent job! Love the subtle weathering, throughout.
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