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  1. Rick "the chink thief" Chin and his azzhole kid, Jason Chink, are thieves

  2. Dave can be rather poor at responding to emails. I've bought directly from him and through eBay. He's often said to just email him with what I want and when I have, he's never responded, so I end up buying through eBay - which results in my receiving what I want in a relatively timely manner. Of course, Dave will then send the reminder to buy / order direct so he can avoid the eBay and PayPal fees, which I understand and generally have no issues with doing, problem is, he never responds to my requests. I waited for him, I'd have missed out on a few of his newer sheets, so I go through eBay
  3. The museum itself is indeed worth the visit. But to see that Stuka suspended in a dive is something else. Well worth the visit.
  4. Bump - contained within the list of kits is a link to my list of aftermarket sets and decals that are for sale as well.
  5. Nice weathering job. You may wish to check your references as it appears that you built the kit as an Fw.190A-3, not an A-4. The most discernible difference between the two variants is where the antenna attaches to the top of the vertical stabilizer (tail). Fw.190A-4: Fw.190A-3:
  6. CELLAR DWELLER HOBBY LTD - not a large model kit selection, mainly the flying type SPARETIME HOBBIES INC - ok number of kits, not a lot of new stuff, good selection of paints (slot cars is their thing) ELMWOOD HOBBY WORKS - hole in the wall, mainly r/r stuff and draperies (yes draperies on the other half of the store) GOOCH'S HOBBIES - about this City's best hobby shop. Fair prices, not an overly abundant selection of kit, but a very good selection of paint (for Winnipeg) You really want a good hobby shop with a crap load of kits (old, hard to find and new), then you need to hit Uncle B
  7. Thinning out my kit collection. List and pics here. Can ship via the USPS, otherwise Canada Post for Canada and Overseas.
  8. why would you have to even bother with the engine if you were closing the cowlings anyways?
  9. While poking around the net in search of a kit, I found a company called Mustang Hobbies, owner by a fellow by the name of Jim Pentifallo. I could not find out where they were located in the U.S. and their contact info was listed as follows: ADDRESS Mustang Hobbies 1234 Street Name City, State, 12345 PHONE Toll Free - 1.800.555.5555 Local - 555.555.5555 So either this is a very new website (no reason to not have proper contact info) or... I am willing to give benefit of the doubt, but not willing to give away free money. Thought it best to see if anyone has heard of or even knows t
  10. I have several Falcon vac form canopies for sale. To my knowledge, many of these (if not all of the Post War ones) have never been sold via Squadron and have only been available in the Falcon sets. These are all 1/72 and sold as individual canopies. Some come as a pair (eg. Bf.109E/F), while many are just single units, enough for one (1) aircraft: Set No.43: USAF, part 1 • 1 x Boeing B-52 Stratofortress @ $5.00 • 1 x Convair F-106A Delta Dart, standard & blown @ $5.00 • 1 x Fairchild C-123 Provider @ $5.00 • 1 x Northrop F-89D/J Scorpion @ $5.00 • 1 x Republic F-8
  11. When it comes to that guy wanting to buy from you, the word 'cheap skate' is applicable. When it comes to him selling to you, the words 'over priced' come to mind. And that's a fact jack.
  12. Why not just lay down a very thin layer of putty and sand it down with a fine sandpaper (say 600 or finer). When you sand, lots of water and try to use a circular motion.
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