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  1. Thought I had read somewhere that he wasn't currently doing custom work, could be wrong though. Maybe I'll shoot him an email anyways. Can't hurt.
  2. O.K., checking my 'Cat box and here's what you get in the I-3 boxing decals wise:VF-2 Bounty Hunters Hi-Viz Cag, VF-1 Wolfpack Hi-viz, VF-302 Stallions all gray w/black canopy and yellow tail markings(medium-viz?), and VF-2 Bounty Hunters ferrris camo.Hope that helps with that boxing.
  3. 'spouse to be owl eyes me thinks, no?
  4. Anyone know where to send a guy for custom decals? I've been looking everywhere for some 1/48 VF-161 decals from their old F-4B days( the maroon triangle w/ crosses and shield) and cannot come up with anything, barely a couple of pic's of the real thing at that. It's the last markings in my 161 collection I need to hunt down. And what do these guys charge on an average if anyone knows also. Thanks.
  5. Just flipping through the Desert Storm Airpower book and saw a british tanker and it got me thinking, why do tankers have refueling probes anyways? Is it for long ferry flights or something? Seems they'd have enough to get where they were going or would just land and gas back up.
  6. You guys are answer faster than I can research, so here goes. I'm coming to the conclusion after a few minutes of searching to do a 1/72 T-37, I need to : a)get the Academy A-37 kit which is the best b)backdate it to a T-37 kit because there is no T-37 kit in 1/72 from Academy(or it's equal) c)if answered yes to above question b, is this a pita or not too bad thanks
  7. triple3


    Warning---Do one Hase F-4 J new tool and you'll just do another, and another, and another. Great kit with WAYYYYY too many decals out there to choose from. To borrow a qoute, "Betch'a can't eat just one"
  8. The ink was still drying on my p.m. and his kit shows up at the door, no lie. Thanks Ken.
  9. decals would be great, pm'ing you Mizar. Andre, thanks for the head's up, will be looking to get that kit now. Aj
  10. bingo! dang, I looked everywhere for that kit and could'nt find it. many thanks Andre
  11. Can anyone tell me if there is a Hase kit out there with a bi-cent kit decal sheet in 1/72 for the F-105? I swear I used to have this kit, traded it away some time ago, and now I can't find any info on it at all on the internet, no pic's, info, nuthin. Anybody ever see this version ? Had an all blue tail with a minuteman on it I think. Trying to track down all these bi-cent kits is becoming harder than I thought. And as always, if you have any you want to get rid of, give me a shout. Thanks , Aj
  12. Anyone in the know on this kit? good/bad? Never gonna be able to get a Hase, so I'm looking at this as an alternative.
  13. SPDD. Same planes, different days. Lots of F-15's and Raptors. All day, everyday(except weekends). Living right at the end of Tyndall, ya get a heavy dose. Love it when you put the little one down for a nap and a pair of Eagles come screaming over banking for final. Actually saw some 16's and a Globemaster last week coming over too. Can't wait for William Tell this year.
  14. Yep, picked up a 1/72 Hase F-4g at the Orlando model show a few months back, new and sealed, for 10 bucks. Heard these were going for big bucks on ebay. Shows are the way to go if you can get to one. And ARC'ers of course. Man, I have been given such good deals and helped out on here, it's great.
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