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  1. still hesitating between NL-503/506/504. but as I still miss détails for the 503/506 I am going closer to the NL-504 (for which I don't have to search for any pic detail as you already provided what I need in the AOA decal sheet). the idea now is to build a second A-6 the NL-500 on the same diorama (i really love the Vulture on its tail :-) ). I will simply explain some 1971/72 missions of the VMA(AW)-224 in first part of the article.
  2. Hi Ziggyfoos, I am in contact with Ben Moody who sent me some very nice pictures and a scan of his mission logbook where the BuNo and NL numbers are recorded for each A-6 he used. the name of the pilot of each mission is also recorded. your expectation about the BuNo of the NL-507 is the right one: 155656, we miss only the name of the pilot written on it now. see you, Manu.
  3. Hi Guys, I found those nice pictures on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=225633354305698&set=g.45309874754&type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1156191731060658&set=g.45309874754&type=1&theater https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1401395190109832&set=g.45309874754&type=1&theater cu, Manu
  4. Hi Dave, would it be possible to share these pics? do you see the names on th NL-503? Thanks. cu, Manu.
  5. Hi Dave, I just sent you a message. there is a photo of the NL-507 and NL-504 on the Flying Leathernecks Facebook page here (you might already know them) https://www.facebook.com/Flying-Leathernecks-Decals-137660979588449/ cu, Manu.
  6. Hi Ziggyfoos, Thanks again for your great support. Do you know if Cdr Roger Sheets used the A-6A 155708 to mine the Haiphong harbor? (one of the 3 A-6A of the vma(aw)-224 used) I mean this aircraft with the nice CAG scheme of the AOA decal sheet. If yes would you have more picture of this aircraft? I can’t find any on the net. Is it stupid to imagine that this aircraft (with this deco) could have also used some cluster bombs during 1971/72 cruise? Thanks. Cu, Manu.
  7. thank you for these nice pics. From which book are they extracted? could I buy one somewhere? do you know the names of the pilot and the BN who used the NL-503 when the nose was fully tan? maybe schulyer/Ferracane also? I am thinking about going for this bird and explain how it died in the article, and update the canopy with the right names seen at that time. many thanks again for your help. cu, Manu.
  8. Hi Dave, many thanks for your help. I am also looking for pictures of the 5/54 caliber MK16 gun present on the two sides (only two were still present at that time) if you have any. I found few ones on the net but maybe you have more detailed ones. cu, Manu.
  9. Hi Ziggyfoos, thanks for the picture. I think I have an issue here, I thought the nose was similar to the NL-504 (light tan). I don't like this camo-ed nose at all. so 3 solutions now: -I keep the NL-503 but with the old-style nose. the issue here is that it does not correspond to the nose of the bird in may 1972 when it has been damaged. -I adopt the camo-ed nose (not my preferred solution). -I switch to the NL-504, but I will need to find some details on its history. I need more investigations... by the way do you know if the NL-503/504 had already wor
  10. Hi Ziggyfoos, Originally I wanted to represent the picture of the AOA decal sheet, but as the NL-507 was not included in the decal sheet and its BuNo is not clear, I switched to the NL-504 with the same weapon load. As, yesterday, I found many details about the NL-503 (and not so much on NL-504) which has exactly the same decal scheme (except for the 503 + BuNo 155650 + the names of the pilot/BN), and knowing that it was carrying those MK-20 when it has been bombarded, it makes sense to switch now to this version. I need some materials for my article (that I found for the NL-503), i
  11. I found this nice picture : https://www.pownetwork.org/bios/a/a075.htm
  12. Thank you both for those very useful infos. I confirm the maximum amount of bombs on the A-6 on coral Sea, and this is also explained on the AOA decal instructions. The different loadouts are also listed for the VMA(AW)-224 with the location of the bombs under the wings. Very good job from, AOA. Here is the NL-503 of Lou Ferracane BuNo 155650 : http://www.usscoralsea.net/images/cva431972103DH.jpg I could also choose this aircraft (instead of the NL-507 or NL-504), with 14 MK-20, as we have more details on her history till the 29th of May 1972: https://aviation-saf
  13. Hi Ziggyfoos, thanks a lot for your inputs, I think I will take the no NL-504 of the decal sheet with the same config (14 Rockeyes) instead of the NL-507 as I miss too many details. I build it for the French Cocardes magazine and it will be on a piece of Coral Sea deck (at 1/32). I already published one article on my previous build (A-6E VMA(AW)-224 also but from 1974-76 and at 1/48 scale), you can find some pics here: http://www.cocardes.com/2016/10/a-6e-intruder.html
  14. Hi USN addicts, I am looking for the BuNo (starting with 155… I guess) of the A-6A NL-507 of the VMA(AW)-224 on this picture of the AOA decal sheet 32-009: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/reviews/images/1688/1688-1.jpg The BN seems to be Capt Louis Ferracane. this pic is from the 1972 on the Coral Sea. I already asked AOA team but they don’t have more detail on this picture and no additional photo. If you have also some details of the mission this aircraft was assigned to (with such amount of cluster bombs), it would be great. Thanks for your support.
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