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    Why thank you Holmes, glad you did! I agree, Silly Week has always been one of my favorite parts of ARC, shows how creative modelers can be. And I also agree that it just isn't the same without Alvis 3.1, where is he? Hope he's okay. Tory
  2. Yes, we actually created our own gear boxes for the contra-rotating props. The challenge was making them small enough to fit inside those tiny nacelles! Fortunately Charles was able to accomplish it with some stock gears and some custom made boxes. I believe he is planning on producing a small number of these for sale in the near future. If you are interested, you can contact him at: heyer@optonline.net Tory
  3. Actually the story I heard was that as the judging hit the 12:00 midnight hour the hall lights which were on a timer went out. The Head Miscellaneous Judge without missing a beat went over and fired our little diorama up to see how it looked in the dark. I would have done exactly the same thing! From start to finish it took the three of us 18 months to build. This was nights and weekends, not full time (we all work together at our day job!) As for who gets to keep it, right now it is at Konstantin's place, but it will soon be residing at my house. Beyond that, we're not sure. It's just too darn big for any of us to display in our own homes! We've been asked about putting it in a museum, but to be honest I don't think it would be able to withstand daily continuous use. Maybe some wealthy collector out there would want it for his model collection and we can all retire! LOL! Honestly we didn't think past finishing and demonstrating it at the Nationals. Thanks again for all the kind words, glad you all liked it.
  4. Since I am not familiar with what is available in the UK, this might not be useful to you but I would highly recommend Tamiya spray paint, specifically their Bare Metal and Silver Leaf colors. I used these recently on my 1/72 Tu-95MS and was quite pleased with the result. They go on super smooth straight from the spray can and dry very quickly. The key with NMF is always to have the model as smooth as possible prior to painting the silver top coat as silver will accentuate any and all imperfections. The best of luck on your Bear! Tory
  5. Actually Don, you are almost correct. It was in fact a three man team. However each of us had our own set of responsibilities. Konstantin created all of the electronics that controlled the motors on the Bear, the afterburner on the 106, the flashing beacons and navigation lights on both aircraft, all of the sounds and the timing and switching on the base. Charles created all of the mechanisms including the contra-rotating gearboxes on the Bear and the drive system for the base rotation. He also built the entire base. I was responsible for actually building and finishing the Bear and 106 models including installation of the electronics and motors. It was truly a team effort as it could not have been accomplished without all of us working together. And we couldn't be more delighted about the reception it got at the Nationals, including winning the Popular Best in Show. For that we are very grateful to all who voted for it. Tory
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