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  1. Ah, a person of taste and refinement. NZ Sauvignon Blanc is also quite the "go to" when I'm at our local warehouse store. Back on topic: I put all the spammers on "ignore" last night and while I didn't see any change immediately, today they are gone. If I did it, that's the ticket. If a "higher power" here did it, great. But they're gone.
  2. F-86A in 1/48. Come on! Sterling combat history, longevity, oh-so-many colorful schemes both regular Air Force and ANG. Spitfire PRXI in 1/48. Airfix has the wing in the PRXIX kit and just needs a modification of the Mk IX fuselage and a new windscreen/canopy. And maybe the XIX would work there too. I have many plans for model companies money.
  3. Don't get too attached, the government will likely cancel it. (ducking/covering)
  4. You set a low bar but I agree. I also don't think we've seen the last of D.J.
  5. I understand there is a vacancy in the position of King of the Seven Kingdoms......
  6. I'm recalling that when Rogue One was at this stage of hype there was trailer after trailer showing scenes that never appeared in the final release. Until The Last Jedi comes out, I refuse to make assumptions about anything.
  7. A related/unrelated kind of question: has anyone done the research to determine the markings of Marshall Harrison's OV-10 as written up in his book "A Lonely Kind of War"? Especially when he was flying where there wasn't supposed to be any US presence (i.e. Cambodia). I'm assuming some sanitizing was done (national markings, etc) but I've never seen it confirmed.
  8. A different kind of battle. On a related note, Santa Rosa, CA had a street art exhibit a few years back utilizing "Peanuts" characters. Still on display is this one outside of a (really good) breakfast establishment. How about Woodstock in the back seat? http://www.waymarking.com/gallery/default.aspx?f=1&guid=000150cf-3c4f-44ba-a18a-b4a96d1ab461&lat=38.4371&lon=-122.71933&t=6&gid=2&st=2
  9. And please talk them into a sponson delete option so I can do some of my local planes. http://tinyurl.com/zjlfj7k
  10. Sorry, Steve. I just found this topic. Here's a couple of illustrations that may be helpful. 110 gallon tank Pretty general layout though this one is for 108 gal "paper" tanks
  11. Far be it for me to dispute a "professional" but I am a history buff. I would direct you to this article, and most specifically the section "Publication and staging confusion". http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raising_the_Flag_on_Iwo_Jima Or from Rosenthal's NYT obituary: "But almost from the day the photograph was emblazoned on the front pages of Sunday newspapers as a symbol of embattled patriotism, Mr. Rosenthal faced suspicions that he staged the shot, posing the Marines. He always insisted that he recorded a genuine event, and others on the scene corroborated his account. “The picture
  12. Kursad, do you have this squadron on your list? You did so well with the first one. And yes, I have a sheet.
  13. Here's a photo of the 1966 winner before it was loaded on a plane and shipped to France. The silver/black/white roundels stand out well. Now, the Dan Gurney #2 at Sebring in 1966 was blue with white stripes. That may be where the confusion lies.
  14. From what I've heard in the SF Bay area Joe Kapp was, and remains, a grade A jerk. I recall that for no known reason he developed an abiding dislike for a radio host when he was the coach for Cal and the radio station was the lead station for Cal football. He simply refused to talk with the host. He couldn't opt out of the broadcast so for that 5-10 minute segment they had to bring in a substitute host. I don't think it was faked.
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