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  1. I'm in search of an Academy CH-53E and a Revell CH-53G, both in 48th scale. Please keep any offers in the USA. Thank you. Chuck
  2. How about a really correct exhaust for the Italeri 32nd F-35. The kit piece and so far all the A?M sets are still really undersized. Thanks for any consideration. Chuck
  3. With what Kitty Hawk is doing with 35th scale helicopters, I'd love to see a new tool AH-64D from them. Chuck
  4. How about a 32nd sheet of new Lakenheath Eagles? Thanks. Chuck
  5. Does the KH MH-60L kit have the stub wing covers to use if you build it without the wings? Thanks. Chuck
  6. Thanks Dave, does that controller connect to anything or does the gunner just hold it? Thanks. Chuck
  7. Great pictures. What is that device stowed on the top of right side of the armor in the gunners cockpit? It's got 2 handles and a bunch of control switches. Thanks. Chuck
  8. Sounds great, hope the kit is available soon. Chuck
  9. You do some great stuff for the F-35. Have you considered a 32nd scale exhaust to replace the very undersized one for the Italeri kit. Thanks. Chuck
  10. I've got the kit too and was looking for some pictures of that pylon as well. Also looking for the targeting pod and a couple GBU-12's. Wouldn't it be great if someone would do a 1/18th scale weapons and pods set for this size of models. Chuck
  11. Hey Jake, I just picked up the 1/18th scale AV-8B Harrier II Plus and it can use a lot of scratch building, seeing how no AM exist in this scale. So that leads to the Modern Harrier Guide. Any news on a release date for what will be the definitive Harrier reference book? Many thanks. Chuck
  12. Hey guys, what would be the factor to enlarge a 32nd scale decal/PE part to 1/18th scale on a copy machine? I know I'm showing my ignorance, but what could be a better place to do it. Many thanks. Chuck
  13. Thank you , but I spoke wrong. I meant decals for the AD-5 Navy/Marine version. I have both versions of the conversions. I hope you will have some decals for the AD-5 version. Thank you. Chuck
  14. I read on Fisher Model & Pattern's thread on LSP that there might be some Caracal Decals for the A-1E "Fat Face" Spad. Hopefully this will happen, any news on this? Thanks. Chuck
  15. Thanks guys, now what is the best SNIPER Pod for the B1-B. Thanks. Chuck
  16. I recall seeing a resin company that makes the pylon for the B-1B's Sniper Pod, but I can't find their name. Anyone know it it was? Also who would make the best resin Sniper pod for the 48th B-1B? Many thanks. Chuck
  17. If only we could get an updated MV-22 kit or at least a nice resin update set. Maybe someday. Chuck
  18. Looks great, is this the same FLIR that's used on the UH-72 Lakota? Thanks. Chuck
  19. Great start, but the pictures in your Monday 12:41PM post won't download. Thanks. Chuck
  20. Great looking stuff Chris! Do you have an estimate on when it will be available for order? Chuck
  21. Excellent! I'll take 2 sets please. Chuck
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