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  1. You say its was fittrd with the erla haube.. So the drawing on the instructions is wrong. so it has to be an erla haube on the drawings , not the standard framed. Btw can you tell me if i can make a late G6 with the tall tail out of the Hasegawa 1/32 G-14 kit. I heard its possible ... Stef H
  2. Hello Nick No it isnt that one. I think the one i'm talking about is on page 3 of the decal leaflet (below right) i only have a svery small pic of the decal set + instructions. I can read its a G-14 but its not clear enough to see of wich stormo gruppo it belongs to. Greets Stef H
  3. Looking for aircrew and aircraft that flew over or took part in the battle in september 1917. I think this is going to be a dificult one. Greets and tia Stef H
  4. Hi, I'm looking for some reference on pilots and aircraft that took part in the airbattle in september 1917 at paschendaele Belgium. TIA Stef H
  5. Jep i know, but i think the Italians had some. In fact i was looking for some ref about the Sky models decalsn° 32045 I think there is one G-14 on that sheet who has the standard framed canopy instead of the erla haube. I only have a pic of the sheet, not of ac on that decal sheet so i one could help me out, would be very welcome. TIA Stef H
  6. Hi, i'm looking for some pic's and most of all decals about Me-109 G-14's with the standard framed canopy instead of erla haube. Anybdy got some info? Greet en tia Stef H
  7. Yes - I know what you mean, I have lots of trouble getting the paint out of their fur Sorry, couldn't help myself Karl Same problem with rabbits :blink: Greets Stef
  8. Get a Harder en steenbeck evolution. You can buy them in Roeselare in Lukas shop. Where Eurocash was before. To me its the best you can buy. Much easier to clean etc than Badgers. greets StefH
  9. Well nothing today, altough yesterday a received my copy of Daco's uncovering the F/A-18 book : + Decals for a Belgian Hawker Hunter in 32e scale. And my visa stament Greets Stef
  10. Nice link, your the man B) this really helped me, now i only need to compare them ...
  11. So fishing wire will do the job, thats what i'm trying to use. Greets stef
  12. Hi, When do you guys place the wire antenna on various wwII models like Me-109's??? Prior to painting or afterwards??? Tia, Stef H
  13. Hi, Do the Hase 1/32e Fw 190 A5 and A8 carry the same sprues, and if so can someone provide me withe some scanned instructions... Tia & greets Stef H
  14. Hi, if you send me your home adress specifications, i could send you photo copy's of the instructions sheet. Greets Stef H (Belgium)
  15. Hi, i'm planning to build a Graf /Griswalski Bf-109 G5 or G6 fitted with the Erla Haube. So i' m in search for a Erla Haube in 1/32e scale. Is there any aftermarkit item available and where can i get it. I know the Hasegawa G-14 kit is with th eErla haube but with that kit i'm pretty much stuck with the G14 version. Thats what i read somewhere. TIA Stef H
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