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  1. I too am very excited for this release. I do hope they get the IP coaming correct between the Ka/non-Kai versions. The Kai version has a different IP which affects the shape of the coaming.
  2. If you're willing to part with either cockpit, please let me know. Thanks, Kyle
  3. Hi, I have a 1/350 Akagi with Hasegawa's photo etch sets and Veteran Models resin accessories (search lights, binoculars, etc.). I can send pictures when I get home tomorrow (on holiday at the moment) Thanks, Kyle
  4. Hi Everyone, If you have one (or more) of the above cockpits available, please let me know. Thanks, Kyle
  5. I've been looking at this kit for years with curiosity. Glad to see it's finally being built. Good luck with the build.
  6. Awesome and ordered! Next up The Scale Eagle? :whistle:/> Kyle
  7. Never going to happen from conservative Tamiya. I might buy the Trumpeter argument. Remember when Hasegawa released the 1/48 F-22? It retailed for $70 or so. You can now buy them for $30 on eBay. Why? Because no one can sell them. Based on this fact, why would anyone mold a 1/32 F-22? Kyle
  8. PM sent about the following... HASEGAWA 1/48 F-15DJ Eagle “Aggressor” (51810?/SP110) $40 HASEGAWA 1/48 Mitsubishi F-2B “21SQ 30th Anniversary (09763) $30
  9. PM about Modern Eagle Guide and Afterburner 48-074. Thanks, Kyle
  10. 1/48 SU-27 for sure :banana:/> - too many inaccuracies with the old Academy one. A 1/48 SU-34 would be amazing as well. :nanner:/> Kyle :smiley-transport008:/>
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