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  1. Well.. I assume these decals are fake news from the beginning.
  2. Iraqi AF new tail mofit Perhaps can be included in th 1:72 version?
  3. Hi Kursad Any progress with that sheet?
  4. Saudi's new Hawk 128 (T2)
  5. The coolest Skymaster of all. The Rhodesians mounted locally made thermobaric ordenance on them and use them with great effictivness.
  6. Great job Kursad! At last we have an accurate decal sheet for Egyptian Vipers.
  7. Test & Evaluation aircraft of either NASA or military and ESPECIALLY non-US ones needs a serious decal attention.
  8. Hi Diego Will you kindly post pics of the artworks? i'm waiting eagerly for these decals ever since I've sent you the references for the Egyptian birds back in 2007.
  9. The SAAF in general deserves a decal treatment. Almost all options are either OOB,OOP or poor in quality.
  10. 3D Blitz' Pilatus PC-21 is a little gem of a kit,but it offers limited marking options. The -21 was exported to Saudi-Arabia,Qatar,UAE and more countries are to follow. So far there're no aftermarket decals for that kit. Perhaps there's a room for a sheet covering all the current export and swiss options? http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234944734-172-pilatus-pc-21-by-3d-blitz-released/
  11. Egyptian ISIS busters with the emblem "Long live Egypt"
  12. I suspected that 149 wasn't involved because the canopy found in Syria had a yellow tint - which 149 initially lacked. Ofcourse everything is possible and 149 had it's canopy changed,but I haven't found any indication for that.
  13. That's awesome! Will you include markings for UAE jets as well?
  14. No dought that Caracal Decals is at the moment the most prolific decal maker in the business. In terms of quality,choice of subjects,investment,packaging,service and openness to new ideas from customers - all superb.
  15. Hi Kursad Any progress with the sheet?
  16. Hi The planes served only for a few monthes before flown back to Europe. There're only 3 known photos of them,all can be found in AirDoc's book on Israeli Phantoms (Double Ugly label). Here are two of them: http://www.fresh.co.il/vBulletin/showpost.php?p=3312738&postcount=82 The planes have been allocated the serials 150 and 151.
  17. IDF/AF operated for a short while a pair of RF-4C's on loan from USAFE up untill the first RF-4E's arrived.
  18. Diego Good to hear from you,but can we please see the artwork of at least the Sabre sheet?
  19. I'm bumping this thread. Any hope left of seeing this sheet or any other sheet announced by Hi-Decals?
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