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  1. It has been a long time posting a finished model here. For the past few years, I've been flying radio controlled airplanes, but a recent trip to the American Airpower Museum at Republic Airport in Farmingdale New York inspired me to build smaller scale models again. This is my latest effort: Tamiya's 1/48th P-47D Razorback. What a beautiful kit! The fit was awesome and the detail was amazing. I can't report any problems with building this plane, other than the decals were a little thick, and several of the stencils silvered, despite (what I thought was) a gloss coat before application. If I
  2. There are people in this world who would take that sign's message as a dare. (And they're a ton of fun to party with)
  3. Not a strategy... Like, maybe a set of protocols, or something. Meh. I'll just accept his follow request on Instagram. No snapchat though.
  4. To whit: All 43 of my CoV Pension checks, including the last four that bounced, were hand written using Prismacolor Sepia calligraphy pens on loose leaf paper that was torn from a spiral notebook. The glitter that was seemingly affixed with a glue stick was a nice touch. Now, since it has been so long, where exactly are we in regard to Moai Vincent diplomacy? Appeasement? Containment? Engagement? The occasional Edible Arrangement? Are we friends with him on Facebook? If we are, do we like his posts, or has he been "unfollowed" (but not "unfriended", because if we see him in person, it just g
  5. It did make me question the utility of my Kubiak Shrine... That's as good an explanation I'm likely to get as to why the last four checks bounced...
  6. I come back to check in on you guys every three or four years, and naturally I would choose the time Fishwelding decides to pick the scab on the collective Parker Louis Can't Lose wound. Also, I don't know who's in charge of fiduciary matters at this point, but the last four of my CoV Pension Fund checks bounced.
  7. Hopefully all are well... wanted to stop in and say hi. Please extend my greetings to Vincenzo.
  8. If I had a nickel for every time the word "gauche" and my name were used in the same paragraph.... Looking good!
  9. Thanks all! @ Cameron: I bought them for a dollar at a craft store, they're unfinished pine... I stain them and polyurethane them @ Rodney: If only they'd make the A-3 in 1/48, I could die a happy man....
  10. That I haven't posted before... Revell '32 Ford Revell '67 GTX AMT '69 GTX AMT '62 421SD Revell '64 Chevy Pickup AMT '62 Belair
  11. Haven't posted finished builds in a while....here goes: Tamiya 1/35 Willy's Tamiya 1/35 Amphibious Jeep Tamiya 1/35 M3 Lee Tamiya 1/35 MPs A trio of 1/35 figures...the dude on the right is from Tamiya, and I have no idea where the other two came from
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