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    London, UK
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    Astronomical Imaging, Cosmology, Photography,Herpetology, Medieval History, , Prog Rock music, Aircraft Modelling 48th and 32nd scale mainly USAF/USN 50s to 70s jets, Vietnam and some modern a/c
  1. model_madness

    BAE Hawk Red Arrows Hobbyboss 1/48

    Really super detailing on the cockpit and seats especially. V nicely done all round, lovely little red bird 👊
  2. model_madness

    First time back in 5+ years....

    Thank you everyone, all replies appreciated! (y)
  3. model_madness

    First time back in 5+ years....

    Thanks you guys...come on, must be loads more!
  4. model_madness

    First time back in 5+ years....

    OK.... So after half a decade of complete absence and abstinance from the aviation/modeling world, mostly due to my having spent more and more time and involvement in my other great hobby/passion of astrophotography...I have returned! Slowly though....I'll have to dust away all the cobwebs not just from my numerous boxes of stored kits, paints, aftermarket accessories, compressor, airbrushes, tools...my also by now very rusty knowledge of everything I had learned over the few years I was active in the modeling world will need time to come back... So....as I mull over my re-entry into this amazing and talented world of injection molded plastic and resin my first question I have is??! What decent aircraft kits have been released or rereleased since 2010, in 1/48 or 1/32 scale - my main areas of interest have always been cold war jets 50s-80s (US and Russian) , and modern (90s - present) e.g Typhoon, F-22, F-35, Rafale, Gripen, etc I know I could spend ages on net/forum/model enthusiast trawling for answers but you guys are the reason we all come here...to share our experiences, right? After all what is the use of one's knowledge if it is not shared? Thanks folks!
  5. model_madness

    Israeli A-7I Whif

    Stunning! Mind you even a WW1 Sopwith Moth would look gr8 in IAF colours, but hey im being totally objective!
  6. model_madness

    Computer Question

    Dont forget to do regular defrags too tho :) A nice piece of trail software you may want to play with. > http://www.perfectdisk.com/home defrags as well as optimises the placement of commonly used files as well as moving system files like MFT to front of drive.
  7. model_madness


    The news has been posted on BM. Welcome back Clif!
  8. model_madness

    UK Broadband users,

    Another thumbs up for Virgin, have been with them for a few yrs now, appaling service but then thankfully one never needs to phone their £1 a minute tech help line!!, or at least I haven't since the days of NTL!! For a pound or 2 extra, I get free national calls, anytime. I'm on the 8MB ADSL package which for you and the rest of the decent law abiding citizens who dont dl gigs of vids and music this is way more than sufficient. Total cost is round £20. Recommended.
  9. model_madness

    Great Game

    Now if were talking rugger, well I'd agree... ( my ex countrymates just thrashed France's backside 42-17! ) Footie, nah, take it or leave it. Bunch of woosies :)
  10. model_madness

    F-35C First Flight

  11. model_madness

    The World Cup starts soon!

    Trust me the celebrations in SA are just getting started! ex SA'an stuck on mud island
  12. model_madness

    Mr. Surfacer 1200

  13. model_madness

    Who ships Future outside USA

    Its called Klear here in the UK. IIRC it was either being discontinued, or perhaps the quality had taken a turn for the worst?? don't quiote me though
  14. model_madness

    Weathering help

    and then there's also pre-shading to create a more subtle subdued weathered effect.
  15. model_madness

    F-35C First Flight

    hey don't knock it, it gets lonely out at sea