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  1. Here is a almost complete list of what will be on auction/BIN but bundled as 4x25 kit job lots


    Make         Model               Scale



    Academy   General Dynamics FB-111A Aardvark     48

    Academy   Mirage III C     48

    Academy   AH-64A MSIP Apache     48

    Academy   Mig-21PFFishbed D  #2166     48

    Academy   Hawker Hunter FGA.9 #2169     48

    Academy   F-86F-30 Sabre     48

    Academy   F-22A AIR DOMINANCE FIGHTER     48            


    Airfix   EE lightning  F-1/F-1A/F-2/F-3      48

    Airfix   Sepecat Jaguar GR3A/ES     48

    Airfix   BAC TSR-2 #07004     72

    Airfix   Red Arrows Hawk Gift Set     48

    Airfix   Dassault Mirage F.1C #04022     72

    Airfix   Legend productions - F-100D Detailling Set + Monogram F-100D Super Sabre 48

    Airfix   US Army M1 A2 Abrams Tank     35            


    Classic Airframes   RF-5A Nato Allies Part III     48

    Classic Airframes   F-5A Nato Allies I     48            


    ESCI   S-3A Viking Sub Hunter #4051     48

    ESCI   US-3A Viking COD #4053     48            


    Fujimi   A-4E Skyhawk     48            


    Hasegawa   F-104S '82nd Anniversary'     48

    Hasegawa   A-3B Skywarrior     72

    Hasegawa   F-104C Starfighter 'US Air Force' PT19     48

    Hasegawa   British Phantom FG Mk.1 'Royal Air Force'     48

    Hasegawa   Mitsubishi F-2A PT27     48

    Hasegawa   A-4F Skyhawk 'Blue Angels'      48

    Hasegawa   F-104G Starfighter 'Nato Fighter'      48

    Hasegawa   F-104J '204 SQ'     48

    Hasegawa   A-4M Skyhawk USMC PT33     48

    Hasegawa   F-8E Crusader (U.S Navy/M.C Carrier-Borne Fighter) PT25     48

    Hasegawa   F-104C Starfighter 'Vietnam War' #09410     48

    Hasegawa   F-16A 'Netz IDF'     48

    Hasegawa   Aircraft Weapons A X48-1     48

    Hasegawa   Aircraft Weapons C X48-3     48

    Hasegawa   CF-104 "Tigermeet"     48

    Hasegawa   F-4J Phantom II     48            


    Heller   Fiat G-91 R1/R3 Gina     48

    Heller   L-749 'PAA' Constellation #80381     72            


    Hobby Boss   Mirage III CJ     48            


    Italeri   F-16C Fighting Falcon     48

    Italeri   Tornado IDS No.2648     48

    Italeri   Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer C     72

    Italeri   F-5E Tiger II #2615     48

    Italeri   F-15C Fighting Falcon No.840     48

    Italeri   SR-71 Lockheed Blackbird No.145     72

    Italeri   JAS 39 A Gripen #2638     48

    Italeri   JAS 39 Gripen Two Seater #2664     48

    Italeri   T-33A jet Trainer     48

    Italeri   F-22 Raptor     48            


    ICM   Yak-9k #48011     48            


    Kitech   A-10A Thunderbolt II #08M-L316     48            


    Monogram   F-100 Super Sabre     48

    Monogram   F-5E Tiger II     48

    Monogram   F-100 Fighter Bomber     48

    Monogram   A-18 Strike Fighter #5807     48

    Monogram   A-4E Skyhawk #5406     48

    Monogram   OA-4M Skyhawk #5436     48

    Monogram   F-101 Voodoo Century Series     48

    Monogram   F94 Panther #5456     48

    Monogram   F-104 TigerMeet '91     48

    Monogram   F-80 Shooting Star      48

    Monogram   F-104G Starfighter     48

    Monogram   F-104 Starfighter USAF/Canada/Netherlands/Germany #5409   48

    Monogram   RF-101B Voodoo Recon #5818     48

    Monogram   F-106 Delta Dart #5809     48

    Monogram   F-104C Starfighter #5433     48

    Monogram   F-15C Eagle #5823     48

    Monogram   AV-8B Harrier     48

    Monogram   F-8 Crusader     48

    Monogram   F-80B Shooting Star     48

    Monogram   F-105G Wild Weasel     48

    Monogram   F-104C Starfighter NAM 'Tour of Duty'     48

    Monogram   F-20 Tigershark #5445     48

    Monogram   EA-6B Prowler     48

    Monogram   F-104G Starfighter Jabo G33     48

    Monogram   A-10A Thunderbolt II     48

    Monogram   Su-25K Frogfoot     48            


    OEZ   Su-25K Frogfoot     48

    OEZ   Su-7 BKL/BMK     48            


    Panda    F-35B      48            


    Revell   F-106 Delta Dart     48

    Revell   Vought A-7E Corsair II #04563     48

    Revell   Vought F-8E Crusader #04547     48

    Revell   Eurofighter Typhoon #04551     48

    Revell   F14-D Tomcat #05733     48

    Revell   Lockheed F-104C Starfighter #04302     72

    Revell   Cessna A-37 A/B Dragonfly #05403     48

    Revell   Hawker Hunter FGA.9/Mk.58 #04703     32

    Revell   F-105D ThunderChief     48

    Revell   F-102A Delta Dagger #04586     48

    Revell   F-5E Tiger II     48

    Revell   A-6E Intruder     48

    Revell   B-58 Hustler     48

    Revell   F-18C Hornet     48

    Revell   F/A-18E Super Hornet     48

    Revell   Su-7 BMK 'Fitter'     48            


    Sword   T-38 Talon #48004+ Resin     48            


    Tamiya   Douglas A-1H Skyraider U.S Navy     48 T

    Tamiya   Douglas F4D-1 Skyray     48

    Tamiya   A-1H Skyraider USN     48

    Tamiya   F-16 Viper     48

    Tamiya   Gloucester Meteor F.3     48

    Tamiya   F-117A NightHawk     48            


    Trumpeter   F-107A Ultra Sabre     72

    Trumpeter   RA-5C Vigilante #02809     48

    Trumpeter   Mig-21MF Fishbed J      32

    Trumpeter   Republic F-105G Wild Weasel #02202     32

  2. Hi folks


    Been a long, long time since I posted on these forums


    For too many years now (8???)  my coveted stash has been sitting collecting dust and doing nothing ( not to mention my modelling skills 😁) and just don't realistically see me finishing 100 kits in 10 lifetimes 😊


    So it is with much regret 🙄😑.... this post is a heads up for imminent auction of most of my goodies.


    Might be keeping a few back but will decide in due course.

    Will post link shortly once the auctions are "live" but in the meantime a taste of what's to come.


    Plan to auction or BIN 4-5 lots of 20-25 kits per lot.


    P.S London,U.K based





  3. OK....

    So after half a decade of complete absence and abstinance from the aviation/modeling world, mostly due to my having spent more and more time and involvement in my other great hobby/passion of astrophotography...I have returned! :rolleyes:

    Slowly though....I'll have to dust away all the cobwebs not just from my numerous boxes of stored kits, paints, aftermarket accessories, compressor, airbrushes, tools...my also by now very rusty knowledge of everything I had learned over the few years I was active in the modeling world will need time to come back...

    So....as I mull over my re-entry into this amazing and talented world of injection molded plastic and resin my first question I have is??!

    What decent aircraft kits have been released or rereleased since 2010, in 1/48 or 1/32 scale - my main areas of interest have always been cold war jets 50s-80s (US and Russian) , and modern (90s - present) e.g Typhoon, F-22, F-35, Rafale, Gripen, etc

    I know I could spend ages on net/forum/model enthusiast trawling for answers but you guys are the reason we all come here...to share our experiences, right? After all what is the use of one's knowledge if it is not shared?

    Thanks folks!

  4. Another thumbs up for Virgin, have been with them for a few yrs now, appaling service but then thankfully one never needs to phone their £1 a minute tech help line!!, or at least I haven't since the days of NTL!!

    For a pound or 2 extra, I get free national calls, anytime.

    I'm on the 8MB ADSL package which for you and the rest of the decent law abiding citizens who dont dl gigs of vids and music this is way more than sufficient.

    Total cost is round £20.


  5. “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it's much more serious than that.” The late, great Bill Shankly.

    Seriously, if the team does do badly, it affects the morale of the whole country.

    Now if were talking rugger, well I'd agree... ( my ex countrymates just thrashed France's backside 42-17! )

    Footie, nah, take it or leave it.

    Bunch of woosies :)

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