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  1. Havn't done it myself, but read a few times how individuals have masked off certain panels around the a/c and then sprayed each with slightly differing shades of silver/aluminium/chrome via mixing ito create that weathered, used look.
  2. edited: Mr Surfacer 500 1000/1200 if you cant get hold of a cheap,decent automotive primer. 500 is too rough for priming i;d say.
  3. Valid point, however, more often than not, online ref pics are realistically all most modellers have access to. And besides, if your not a OCD rivet counter, close is good enough IMO.
  4. Yes. You with you bum stuck to the chair engaged deep in your plastic! ;)
  5. ridiculously cheap prices...makes me mad really what we charged over here! ;)
  6. Thanks Matt Good to know, best forwarned and forearmed What about customs as I note HLJ are not prepared to mark as gift?
  7. Wow, now THAT is one SUPER Tweet! Masterfully completed.
  8. Isn't that tan plastic something else? ;) Looking good so far, you've cleaned up all the gaps, looking a lot smoother...
  9. Just curious, never ordered from HLJ before, 1. anyone in UK been caught for import duties?? 2. do they combine shipping for multiple items? 3. whats the delivery time to UK for SAL? cheers!
  10. Along with the scheme and NMF this is one of my all time favourites! I have the same in the HB kit which one day im planning to build.. :D
  11. In Bono's own words..."Better than the real thing!" Gobsmacking!
  12. COUNT ME IN!! <<< my avatar explains it all
  13. Having done my NS in the old SAN, next to a/c, anything that floats is good for me
  14. All good points above, i'll add a few 1. forget about Megapixels shmixels, unless your'e blowing up to like A1 or larger its all advertising hype...a 5 yr old 6Mp camera can produce quality shots. 2. lighting as mentioned is crucial, try to create a natural feel in your setup. remember its the whole composition as much as the subject that makes a great image. try shooting from uncovention al angles too, to give a realistic perspective of the size of the subject i.e an aircraft 3. If your on a budget,try to get hold of a s/h Canon 300D or 350D off EBay for starters, both award win
  15. You know what, from an atmospheric point of view, I think what you've done is a step up from just a completed model. Job well done in turning that very sad misfortune into a winner! Thise last 2 pics look very realistic..from the sprawl of gthe wreckage, sand, and even the slightly crouched figures using the fuselage as cover. Well done that man!
  16. Nice to see a Gina being done , was this hand painted, hard to tell from pics?
  17. Looks spiffing in adversary scheme, well done that dude!
  18. Is IPA recommended with Mr color acrylics? Works with most acrylic based modellers paints.
  19. Well, congratulations on graduating college, that in itself is an achievement to be proud of. What did you study BTW?
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