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  1. I'll be following your build with interest, I have both the Mono and Kopro kits...i hear they're both inaccurate and bad fitting, but i'll let your build decide that
  2. Don't know about drawings/plans but there are websites with fairly detailed walkarounds and pit/instrument panel pics you could work from.
  3. So any1 got any of these kits they would like to sell? I'm in UK, but if there are a few from same person selling the postage should come down at least.
  4. +1 ;) smashing can't beat a sexy 21.
  5. Thank you Seb, now that's an answer I can relate to!!
  6. Right, no need to spoil the good content with National outcries please. I ask merely, as being a 1/4 scale modeller primarily, Amodel meant nothing to me.
  7. Fine and in the english language minus the nationalisation slant ?
  8. Cheers for that Ken, that's one thing that I do love about ARC, good answers and fast...a bit like waiting for gunfire in street in the Wild West ;) ps what does Amodel stand for? B) pps so do you recommend any of the following? "Amodel Su-9 & Su-11, KP Su-7" as im not really a heavy bomber fan
  9. Oh I have to laugh here, excuse me while I puke too. Just about any and every aircraft besides airliners ( and them included) have been used in some form of warfare. To single out my signature, which for me glorifies the technological advances of man, and then claim im the intolerant, rascist ,insensitive hellbeaten on destroying and maiming innocentss isn't just ridiculous, its a joke! This isnt a game Waco, no one wins....
  10. thanks Antonov, thats a gr8 start!
  11. http://animals.about.com/od/onlinecourses/...ngeredrepti.htm And this is just for the US!
  12. No, it just emphasises the point. never heard the saying from little things come bigger? The fact that you still claiming innocent aversion to the statement I rebuked,shows you clearly are devoid of any perspective in this discussion
  13. Ignorance spans more than just killing snakes... I note you take offence, I wonder why...Hmmmm
  14. Not liking something, is totally different to saying its only good dead. Jews were killed and massacred throughout the last millenia by Christians and Muslims alike because they were misunderstood, different and people showed no tolerance. Once again, step back and think about HIS statement and the ramifications of thoughts and actions like that. I don't buy that cop out for 1 second. He clearly stated..."the only good snake is a dead one" Stop minimising the impact of his words, instead of referring to my "only a joke" reply In exceptional circumstances I can understand the need whe
  15. I rest my case. Ignorance and selfishness. Carry on regardless.
  16. Not at all, read my response, pretty well explained in response to an idiotic statement like only a dead snake is a good one. Do ppl like you and him realise that attitudes like this are the reason the world in in such *&%*%!! I rest my case. p.s the first reply was joke, lighten up bud, or are you looking for a squabble?
  17. Your'e an ignoramus that's why. If the whole world killed whatever they didn't like or felt squirmish about, or what displeased them - well...imagine the mess! Hold on, that's exactly what happens in reality, courtesy of people like yourself.
  18. That's cause you either a sissy or a woman! ;) Oh, take two: Not all woman I know are scared of snakes, most are rather partial to them.
  19. Right, From all that I can gather it seems as if the current crop in 48th is spartan to say the least. I have a few 48th kits, all of them old moulds I guess, and innacurate as well as bad fitting probably too, so it now seems unless im prepared to wait for the 2nd coming i'll have to look into buying 72nd to increase my repertoire! :) What I need here is a recommended list of kits in 72nd that are fair-good quality and not too horrifically moulded. Am I anywhere near close or another lunatic modeller hoping for miracles? :) I open up the floor to you, my 72nd friends :D
  20. Gorgeous snake, lovely colouring and it looks like it might still be fairly young. No need to ever kill a snake, truly saddens annoys me when people kill everything out of ignorance and fear. Snakes, like all other animals are here for a reason. All part of a larger ecological dependancy chain. Thanks for sharing, here in UK the wildlife is pretty scarce EDIT: Im annoyed you listened to your wife, there was absolutely no need to kill it!
  21. No one with anything to sell???? Comeon were still in a recession!
  22. Another for Tamiya from me. Never looked back since moving from enamels and binning the modern Humbrol rubbish they call paint! Tamiya mixes easily with IPA, add a touch of retarder/flow improver, apply with Badger a/b - goes on smooth as a babies bottom. For best colour range though, Gunze/Mr Colour are superb too.Dogs danglies. I'm thinking of moving over completely to them...slowly as I sell off my Tamiyas.
  23. Sarg, I hear you about the search function, I'm well familiar with it As you may or may not have read, after being out of the mainstream for some while now, I am really just looking for a "feel" for which kits I might look at purchasing/replacing/upgrading in the near future. OTOH, I do realise, of course, everyone has their own subjective view, a bit like a backside, depending on which angle they're coming from. I'd have to spend many, many hrs, reading, digesting loads of threads to come anywhere close to just asking those in the "know" as I have done for their "personal" experience/advi
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