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  1. :D You think so, ha ha, wait for the next 2 matches, we're gonna "klap <_< julle pommies stukkend!" lol
  2. Stunning build, that blue, white and red against the BMF just ROCKS!
  3. Cool shots, thanks a span, man!
  4. Thanks Greg! Aye Aye, cap'n :wacko: :D
  5. Thanks guys, nice to be back to a few smiley faces at least! :) Nice to see u still around, Chern + G Ed is that you lol I knew about the Revell Typhoon, got it. How's the HB F-105's quality/detail? Didnt Revell rerelease the old Monogram 1? Pity no Russian 1/48 stuff, damn that is an area sorely lacking!! Looking forward to the new F-22 tooling ;) hope its spanking! Wasn't the TSR.2 just a rerelease? The Cranberry is growing on me...yes.
  6. I been away from the hobby about 2 years, long story, life circumstances and a divorce.... Now that's over with i'm finally back, have my own rented house again, a model room of my own , stash and paints and other goodies unpacked, nice wooden model desk and a portable spray booth built by a friend from a plastic storage box, fan, and elephant trunking. So i'm all ready to go! Need some updating tho ;) Tried various sources, internet, fellow modellers, even Hobby Boss's website which seems hopelessly outdated, Hannants site helped but i know i'll get all the right answers from you folks :) What's Revell, Italeri, Hase, Academy, Tamiya been doing? In particular anything new on the following ( 48TH REMEMBER), if so expected release dates? Any NEW Gripen, Thud, Raptor, BAC Lightning, Mig-21, F-5E Tiger, Hunter toolings??? When's the Trump J-10 due out? Any 48th Russian cold war stuff released? ( I can dream right? ) One at a time now lads!
  7. Wish they'd do some more 48th scale, the current range is abysmal
  8. You don't get much better weathering than that!! Pure perfection.
  9. Hey that's a lovely build, colours are sharp and I do miss the old 5 star castle roundel You even got the Afrikaans right on the trailing edges, "BLY AF" means "Keep Off"
  10. Did anyone else recive their prizes? Funny I was so looking forward to that group build, then life took a turn for the worse, a seperation and all the &%$^$ that goes with a divorce, only now over a year later is my life settling down again hence my lenghty absence. Sad to hear he's disappeared off the ARC scene without making right. :lol:
  11. The internet is a wonderful thing, but.... as with everything there's always another darker side...its just too easy to be anonymous, shirk responsibility, dishonest, etc that's life!
  12. trivia converted thats 5 round trips to Pluto and back and....33,789 yrs total flight time!! :lol:
  13. Dat's Nyce! Love the camo and de bombs ;) top job matey :lol:
  14. Pah, don't believe that'syour build, must have had it commissioned :lol:
  15. 1/48 Black Box F-100D Super Sabre Cockpit. $15.00. 1/48 Black Box F-5E TigerII Cockpit. $15.00. sold? if not ill bite.
  16. Damn fine bit of work that! I think the pit and seat detail is absolutely cracking!! :(
  17. Not too shabby Mark, like the way the weapons are painted. Joe's really grown up now, looks a bit like the missus (ooo should i say that?? ), glad to see he's enjoying himself!
  18. Well done all of you who mamaged to complete their builds in time and congrats to all the winners! P.S who won that 1/48 Tamiya F-16CJ
  19. Quit moaning for Petes sake, you sound like a woman with PMS. Perhaps I should mention your recent PM to myself entitled "F*ck You" in response to my post. I ignored it as coming fromn a childish brat i.e youself, but rude and obnoxious nonetheless. All i can say is good riddance to you, now go and play with your fiddle.
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