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  1. Bought on Ebay Revell 1/48 B58 Hustler yesterday F-102A Delta Dagger today
  2. Hi folks I recently bought a Badger 200-3 set from Ebay - unfortunately their was no instruction manual included. Im not experienced with airbrush use, procedures, cleaning,etc so am desperately looking for someone to email a scanned copy of the instruction booklet to me. If you dont have the exact model, but its the 200 range that would be ok too i guess. Id really appreciate your help in this matter :blink:
  3. Many, many thanks Terry, got your email - much appreciated :(
  4. Thanks a lot mate. Ill await them with baited breath
  5. Hi folks Im a newbie modeller, and new to these forums too. Nice to be a part of this community - looks like a wonderful place. I recently bought a Academy FB-111A Aardvark on ebay. When it arrived i opened it up only to be dissapointed to find all the instructions are in Korean Does anyone have the english instruction sheet they could scan and send to me, as im at a loss at how to obtain them?? I guess it doesnt have to be the exact kit, any Academy F-111 will probably do ( did they make any other version of F111?) Thanks a span for your help Hope to hear from someone who can assis
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