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  1. Nice to see one of my countries Mirages, and you did an excellent job :D I'm also going to do a SAAF JAS39C or D Gripen.
  2. Orion ED80 APO refractor telescope <_< 110AH lesuire battery to power my astro mount right thru the freezing winter nights £5 Sainsbury voucher
  3. Stay well clear of the A-10 ripoff, its an absolute POS!
  4. Yeah that does look a lot easier than traditional methods for chipping. Problem is i don't have enough hair to warrant hairspray! <_<
  5. ICM Yak-9K free from a fellow Britmodeler AndyL
  6. Quite right, your opinion, but not the opinion of others he's slow coached.
  7. OK you ARE without a doubt the mosr prolific builder I have ver heard, seen and probably will EVER see. And good quality sh*t too! Words fail me. How the %%%% do you do it man? My stash of 100 will take me 30 yrs at my rate! You're one very scary person dude.
  8. I'm in with a long overdue SEAC F-105G WW, 48th Monogram Kit, hopefully i can finish b4 the deadline
  9. HNY fellow wordophiles, whose gonna catch me in 2008? Grafting hard will maybe get you there
  10. Thats Raptor is very nice, you did a super job of that &^%$$ kit!
  11. Shew, what a stunning Canberra in black :o Lovely builds there lofty
  12. Love that camo scheme, super job done, gonna go buy me one or 3 of those kits for sure!
  13. Paul your'e the slow T W A T - my thread got deleted for an entirely different reason. The fact remians that your'e a painfully SLOW TRADER, something that eludes your pickle sized brain that is no end full of excuses!!
  14. That's looking amazing, very neat and crisp detailing and paintwork is WoW!
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