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  1. Hi guys recently started this but didn't have time to post any pics.. fuse halve together & wings fitted no problems at all, just a light smear of AV white putty on the wing roots.. undercarriage fitted & nacelle on these were a real SOB to blend in & fit, around a mil step to get em to fit & still a lot of putty to sand down... pit built up & sprayed Tamiya German grey as the Xtracolor 66 seemed to dark(to me?) dry brushed compass grey to bring it out & mike Grant decals for the IP.. Andy.
  2. Hi guys, new tool Voodoo, Viking & Jaguar as to props a new FW189, Firefly & Boston/Havoc. Andy.
  3. Hi guys, ones being built over on BM here's a link... http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=50895 looks very good just waiting for mine from Hannants. Andy.
  4. Hi, RAF V bomber crews were told to do the same & keep one eye closed, same for the Canberra crews even GR1 crews still trained should it be neccesery. away from the military my old man when he served at the west midlands police HQ in the 80's as a DI was told not to worry if it goes off this place is ground zero for a strike on Birmingham....nice. Andy.
  5. smutz

    F4U-1/2 Corsair

    Hi guys, I'm about to start Tamiya's birdcage F4U-1/2 using the nightfighter option for VMF(N)-522 & I'm wondering about the colour scheme as Tamiya just give their colour mix looking at the box sides I'd say uppers intermediate blue with a non-specular white lower fuse am I right or way off?. Thanks Andy.
  6. Hi guys, can the hobbyboss CH46D be built as a Nam chopper looking to build a Nam era USMC 53 is there any differences or backdating needed ?. Thanks Andy.
  7. Hi guys had a quick look on Hannants website for AM decals for a 48th scale Promodeler Ju88 C-6 , but no joy anyone make a sheet for the C-6 nightfighter? Thanks Andy.
  8. Hi guys just read this .. http://www.karoo.co.uk/NewsArticle.aspx?ID...;category=World Andy.
  9. Hi guys, heres my Dragon SdKfz.234/3 armoured car just finished.. Thanks Andy.
  10. smutz

    Hellcat wheels.

    Hi Mike, there's probably a lot more guys on here better qualified with all the differences, but as far as I know the biggest is the 3's had the glazing behind the pilot & the later 5 it was blanked off, not sure if only the 5's had the ability to carry under wing rockets . HTH Andy. :)
  11. Awesome has to be the best 111 I've seen in a long time everything looks just spot on. Andy. :D
  12. smutz

    Hellcat wheels.

    Hi guys, about to start my 32nd scale Trumpeter F6F-5N & discovered the wheels/tyres look anorexic are there any aftermarket replacements available, I've looked at True details & Mastercasters no luck thought I'd got lucky with Heritage but the set they do have a diamond pattern tread & the later cats seem to have had an almost smooth pattern tyre. Thanks Andy.
  13. Hi, the two types I use are Micro-sol/set these are good to go with revell/monogram decals & most aftermarket one like Two Bobs, but I also use Gunz Mr setter/softner as well with Japanese decals like Tamiya's. One thing if you use Mr setter on aftermarket decals always try it on one you won't be using, setter/softner has bleached & reacted badly with superscale & Tally-O decals can't say about Solvoset never seen it in the UK, Daco produce a set of decal solutions in three types & strengths as well. HTH Andy.
  14. Hi guys,I'm going to start my Trumpeter F6 nightfighter in the next week or so as I make sure I'm goin in the right direction is this right or am I way off the interior fore & aft of the pit would be chromate yellow same goes for the cowl & gun bays. I'm leaning towards the VMF(N)-541 bird with the nakkid lady on the cowl , am I right that Trump made a mistake here that the 541 bird was an early airframe with the windows behind the pilot still there as well as the standard layout of six .50's not the four + two 20 mil's?. & one last thing (for now ) being a Marine squadron &
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