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  1. Hi Harald, No, Not a pilot....I wish. I flew fixed wing for a short period trying to get my private pilots license. Got too expensive for my budget. You fly the 135? The helicopter on my image is our local air medical program which is based not far from my house. Yah, sure. PM me what you need and how to get it to you. No rush. I'm at work too. LOL! Whenever it's convenient for you. Thank you in advance. John
  2. Genry, Thanks for the offer. The blades in the kit are more like that of the 214A/B huey (too wide) so those wouldn't work. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and trying to help. It's very much appreciated. Thank you! John
  3. Hey Gang. Anyone have extra parts for a 1/48th UH-1D main rotor shaft and blades they don't want or from a trashed model? I have a Monogram USAF Huey 1C that I'm wanting to convert to a 1F. I'm in the USA. Thanks in advance John
  4. The 1/48th scale ESCI 206 Jet Ranger LAPD/Swiss Rescue kit had those skids. I which I could find two of those kits.
  5. Hey GeejeeZ, Yes, it's the Trumpeter kit. Midnightprowler. Thanks. Shalom.
  6. Finally complete. Some custom interior build shots to the final display. Enjoy. More stuff on the bench.
  7. This is a guy who loves and enjoys his job and has fun doing it. Very creative yet effective.
  8. Obtained an old 1/48 Monogram USAF rescue Huey kit without the decals. Anyone have the decals they don't want or would like to get rid of? Figured I would ask around first before having to go and do the artwork up for some decals. As always. Thanks in advance. John Ohio, USA
  9. FYI. You can always try contacting the manufacturer requesting an extra set of decals if your decals were bad.
  10. Hi Gertjan So good to hear from you! It's been a while. Thank you for the kind words. I scored my Heller 360 Dauphins off of ebay. Was lucky enough to get it at a real good deal. There are a lot of kits I wish I would have bought back in the day. Oh yah. I feel your pain. I've seen the KH Dauphin and it looks far nicer than the (over rated) Trumpeter. Quite pricey but I hate to say I'm eying the 1/35th Trumpeter. It too is pricey. One of these days. Cheers John
  11. Here's a 412 and 206L. The 206 models were made from a Jet Ranger fuselage with a 6L exhaust. The Bell's were 1/30th scale. Old model companies that made these were Topping Models, Rolen Plastics and Precise Models all in Ohio all out of business (OOB). I was a personal friend of the owner of Precise Models which is how I got my hands on the models. Back in the day (80's) you could buy a finished display model for like $70-$80. Bell sold them for $400 via. Louis Bull PR (OOB) out of Fort Worth, TX. I kick myself for not buying some back in the day. photo from Collect Air Photo from Collect Air Photo by Precise Models LLC.
  12. Pictures from a collector I know who owns these on the East coast. Very plain.
  13. Hi Anthony, So good to hear from you. Hope all is well down under. The Huey's require a lot of work especially detailing and having to scratch build the skids. The models where rather plain when they made them. The fuselage is the same and the canopy/nose and doghouse/blades are different for the desired model. So you have to do some detailing not to mention masking of the canopies. I did a Huey for a friend some years back. Totally revamped the interior. The medevac Huey I did. I'll try and post pics of the original models what they looked like. Thanks for the help!!!
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