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  1. Agreed - someone posted in the Spares Box looking for a part, which know I have... ....one small piece of plastic would cost a minimum of 4 bucks to send, 5 by airmail... ....though at least Royal Mail still offer a 30-45 days surface mail option, unlike USPS. It was the Cormorant package for $25 that I had been seriously tempted by...
  2. They certainly are. There have been various items for sale on here which I'd have loved to have bought - such as one of the Canadian 'packages' @Dutch was offering - but the cost of having them posted to the UK are prohibitive...
  3. I had something similar a while back with an eBay purchase - on receiving an 'item delivered' email notification when the postman had just delivered other stuff, but not that item, I checked its tracking information on the Royal Mail website... ....the pinpoint location given on the map not only showed that the package had been delivered to a spot between two houses on a street in a totally different part of the country, but it was also timestamped with what was the following morning's date! It actually arrived here the next day...
  4. HM-15 MH-53E in overall FS36375(?) with FS36081 EAPS, AAR probe, mirrors, window frame, hoist, countermeasures unit, and towing rig:
  5. Perhaps someone at USPS decided your purchased goods were included under import sanctions imposed on Russian products being exported to the US? Seems the most obvious explanation, and "Moved - Left no Address" was simply the easiest option for them to enter as the reason to "Return to Sender"?
  6. You're welcome - if I might offer a piece of build advice, which is very simple, but drastically improves the appearance... ....if fitted as supplied, the dorsal radome does not sit perpendicular - it will look as though it's leaning backwards slightly... ....to rectify, its base needs sanding down at the forward edge, and deepening of the upper curve of the recess accordingly. As you may have seen from my signature block photo, I've built a few Sea Kings - and still have about twice as many yet to do!
  7. You may have already seen them, but just in case not, there are a few walkarounds of MFG-5 Sea KIngs at these sites: https://b-domke.de/AviationImages/SeaKing.html#Mk41_2008 https://www.luftwaffesig.uk/westland-sea-king-mk41.html http://www.primeportal.net/hangar/ulrich_wrede/sea_king_mk41_89+54/
  8. Dark Admiralty Grey was what was applied to the airframe structure - part of which is visible at the rear of the cabin door opening and where the fire extinguisher is stowed. Look carefully, and you can see that is actually quite a dark grey - also, the vertical pole to the right and seat framing to the left are DAG. Sound-proofing varied in types of material and associated shades - look at the rear bulkhead, and there's shiny stuff used under something lighter and matt above. Similarly, the taut material used for the upper side and roofing panels is different to that lower down at
  9. The standard interior paint colour for all Westland Sea Kings was BS381C 632 Dark Admiralty Grey - cockpits were later painted black for NVG compatability where appropriate.
  10. Guessing the 1/72 versions won't be coming much before Aug or Sep, possibly even later, Kursad?
  11. Right-click and 'save page as' works in the same way to "download" complete pages of messages as html files... ....an alternative is to 'copy & paste' the contents of individual messages into text/Word or similar documents...
  12. If you mean forum posts, rather than messages, click the three dots in the top righthand corner of any post - the 'share' function has an email option... ...entire pages (complete with photos) can effectively be downloaded as html files by right-clicking and 'save page as'...
  13. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt! I actually got far more modelling done afterwards, instead of spending so much time reading and writing about it... Oh, and another 'No' vote to a FB alternative to here, too...
  14. Sadly, it's when theads deteriorate into members taking potshots at each other and/or third parties - like this one has done - that others decide that they want no part of it, and quietly drift away, sometimes never to be seen again... ....please, guys, just knock it off - such slanging matches don't do anyone or anything any favours...
  15. Recently revised map showing locations of some European capital cities:
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