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  1. I take it you haven't seen this page - has a dozen shots, including one with an unusual (to say the least!) fuselage marking! https://sobchak.wordpress.com/2011/11/29/pix-yhc-1a-il-precursore-del-ch-46-sea-knight/ A few of the pics are larger than displayed (right-click and save or open in new tab/window to see their full-size versions) Further links on the same site to promotional material: https://sobchak.wordpress.com/2014/09/04/ad-vertol-107yhc-1-1958/ https://sobchak.wordpress.com/2014/07/29/ad-general-electric-t58-vertol-yhc-1-1959/ And:
  2. These hi-res ones any help, Dutch? There's a one-minute video on the YHC-1A on Twitter (just click the 'play' button to view it on here):
  3. You'll need to remove the flotation bags from those, and re-position the nav lights - as per my notes!
  4. I'd make the case that as the initial 'European 1' scheme on the A-10 incorporated FS36118, and TAC not only changed that on the A-10 but also replaced one of the greens used on the F-4, the 'MAC version' - also worn by twice as many aircraft types - could be regarded as the 'standard' version of the scheme, thereby making FS36118 the 'standard' gray... ....regardless, an anomaly with the H-53 was that it was operated by both MAC - in HH-53C form - and TAC - as the CH-53C. The two variants did not, however, wear different 'command versions' of the 'European 1' camouflage, only
  5. The MH-53 fleet became AFSOC assets upon the formation of that command in May 1990 - 23rd AF transferred in its entirety from MAC to become AFSOC. As seen in the above photos, the overall gray finish wasn't introduced until the mid-1990's... FS36118 was the 'standard' gray of the 'European 1' scheme, as evidenced by the H-53 page from this 1978 T.O. 1-1-4 with a June 1986 revision date: The TAC version of the scheme - applicable to A-10s, F-4s, O-2s and OV-10s - used the darker FS36081 in place of FS36118. AMC was formed in 1992, after which FS36173 "Battle"
  6. TBH, I really wouldn't have any idea, Dutch, it's not anything I've ever looked into - at some points in time I acquired the Rareplanes kits to do a couple of C-12s as seen and photographed during my time at Mildenhall, and though I've since considered other kits of the type as possible 'easier' alternatives, that's as far as it's gone...
  7. Thanks! Your USAF one doesn't have to be "boring silver" though, you could do it in 'Engine Gray' with DayGlo nose and tail, as seen in a number of the photos in the .pdf article linked to in the first part of my thread - note that if you were to do one of those or 'The Otis Falcon' as in your preceding pic, they originally lacked the shroud over the rear doghouse vent.
  8. Wow - so the former 'Outpost Mission' bird is still around!
  9. There are some decent photos in this build thread over at Britmodeller, Dutch - note that he used the boxed kit issued by Hannants, which came complete with white metal props and undercarriage. The original 'bagged' Rareplanes version didn't include them, hence the Aeroclub set. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047238-172-rareplane-super-king-air-irish-air-corps-moving-on/
  10. Not only is the USN scheme for the same aircraft that Rareplanes depicted, but the mis-shapen slanted tailcode characters are exactly replicated too: ....not that it matters, as you're doing a different bird - and at least you've got the gold sections of the stripes provided, rather than having to paint them in! Looks to be a fairly nice kit overall, attachment points, slippage, and un-needed integrally-moulded parts notwithstanding...
  11. The initial MH-53J finish was the 'European One' scheme - later replaced by overall FS36118. No MH-53M ever wore 'Euro 1'... MH-53J 66-14431 at RAF Alconbury in 1992: MH-53J 70-1629 at RAF Alconbury 1993: MH-53J 70-1625 at RAF Mildenhall, 1995:
  12. I have two Rareplanes vacuforms, one of which will end up in the already home-printed markings of the NAF Mildenhall UC-12M which the then Commander let me 'borrow' for half-an-hour - I later used one of the photos for the front cover of the SAM issue which I did the 'Aircraft in Detail' feature for... ....whilst a number of the walk-around photos which I took appeared at the end of the feature's main text - the other kit will be finished as one of the Germany-based USAF VIP fleet, for which, again, I've already printed decals:
  13. T.O. rather than AAP - that makes sense, as the pic I posted is, of course, of an Australian aircraft....
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