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  1. The Air-Graphics ad was a 'heads up' of what the "competition" this side of the pond is doing, Kursad - but judging by the results of searching their products and yours at Hannants, their sheet will likely be about 50% more expensive... ....assuming that the Pound's current downward slide against the Dollar doesn't go much further, of course!
  2. Advert in the latest SAM magazine - note bottom right corner:
  3. Thanks!! That aircraft was here for the 1988 IAS at Middle Wallop, where it won the 'Concours d'Elegance' sword - something which led directly to my building the model of it... ....one of the ground crew 'gifted' me the tins of paint brought for 'touching up' the paintwork on arrival - I already had a couple of ESCI kits, and got the model built and painted within a few weeks, but then it sat unfinished due to lack of correct style of lettering/numerals and the squadron crests... ....then, 30+ years on, when filling up space on a couple of homemade decal sheets, I finally managed to
  4. I actually just saw my first P-8 in the last hour - heard engines whilst bringing in laundry from out on the line, and looked up... ....saw what appeared to be a drab, grey 737 on approach to Newquay - and thought it was very nondescript for an airliner... ....interest piqued, wandered in and pulled up ADS-B Exchange - and discovered it was actually one of the RAF's Poseidons!
  5. I have ALWAYS been like that - hence why probably half of the kits in my stash are started/part-built to some degree or other... ....and I'm not talking single figures, or even double, either - I have approximately 300 kits on the shelves, so it'll be about 150... ....some were started 30+ years ago, either as individual builds or as parts of 'themes' or 'projects' that I was 'into' at the time... ....one that springs to mind is a Hasegawa 1/72 F-14A that I started immediately after going aboard USS America in Sept 1986... ....I do occasionally pull out an 'old' started bui
  6. Find some thin, flexible acetate sheet as commonly used in food packaging - especially for 'windows' in boxes containing things like cakes... ....cut a piece to the size and shape required allowing a 1-2mm overlap all around, in which rivet detail can be reproduced using a fine point on the reverse side to leave raised impressions on the outer face... ....then attach using either superglue/cyano or white/PVA glue, starting with the rear top edge, followed by the upper sides down to the leading edge, and allowing to dry/set thoroughly before bending around to the underside - then comp
  7. Hi That's a strengthening strip on the starboard fuselage... ....the trailing aerial 'fairing' is the thing sticking out underneath in the B.Mk.IV photo... ....and yes, it's a pitot on the fin... I was going to try to get to the show in Penzance, but didn't make it...
  8. Hi Susanna Those particular wires on the Spitfire were IFF antennae, as fitted to early marks... The antenna on the Mosquito varied between marks and over time - early FB Mk.VI had a fixed radio mast behind the cockpit, later ones had a whip antenna at the same position, and others fited with Gee had one in the rear of the canopy; there was also provision for a trailing aerial which was wound in and out by the navigator, through a tube-like projection on the lower starboard forward fuselage between the crew entry door and the bomb bay (visible in B Mk.IV pic below).
  9. Lots of rotor head shots here - looks like red, green and yellow both front and rear to me: http://www.sbap.be/events/2021/035pedro2021/035pedro2021.htm
  10. Negative - in many photos of aircraft in the SEA scheme, the FS36622 undersides often appear to be more of an off-white... ....especially ground shots - yours of the C-130 when in Guam is a prime example of the concrete reflecting the bright sunlight.
  11. The main advantage of vacuform canopies was always that - when it came to displaying them open, at least - they were much thinner, and therefore more to scale, especially in 1/72...
  12. Picking up from where we left off over in the Caracal thread - this main roof panel, minus a few detail items, is the result of a couple of afternoon's work: In order to duplicate it in resin, I'll probably have to remove the rear section at the forward edge of the angled 'step', and cast the two parts separately - otherwise the front section would be too thick on the 'top'. Protruding details items such as lights and a 'shroud' over one front section of the trunking to be added later.
  13. Gunny Dan posted a view of the other side - also with a camera mounted - at the top of page 3...
  14. I knew that the base was named for him - saw the twin boom arrangement and wrongly assumed it was a C-119... ....knowing the 438th MAW was originally the 438th TCG here in the UK during WWII, I was only thinking of transports... ....just looked up the unit's history, and turns out they never flew Boxcars!
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