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  1. https://www.dvidshub.net/news/393448/uss-indiana-welcomes-new-skipper
  2. Thank you, gents... Yesterday was a hard day, being one week on - touchingly, it was marked in the morning by the arrival of a condolences card from our vets. Though a 'corporate' item, the envelope was addressed by hand, and the message in the card was hand-written rather than pre-printed... ....as it got to mid-afternoon, I found myself constantly looking at the time, and variously thinking "this was when we left", and "this was our appointment time", but I have no idea of the exact time when 'our baby' went to sleep for the last time, nor when we got home - only that I'd th
  3. I hadn't read this thread until today - I have no idea why I was drawn to view it, but somehow I was... Yesterday afternoon, after 18 years and four months, we said Goodbye to our beautiful cat, Sofka. When we decided to adopt a pet, there was a heated debate about whether to have a cat or a dog - I 'won', and we soon found ourselves at a small rescue centre run by a lady in a nearby town, looking at some 20 or so cats in three or four enclosures in the rear garden of her house. A small, pretty, mostly all-white young cat caught my attention by scrambling up a sloping branc
  4. Two very good-looking sheets there, Dave, and the addition of chaff/flare dispensers and slime lights is a nice touch - I hope that they'll do well for you...
  5. Two of my favourite CH-53C pics - the first one a rare overall ADC Gray example recovering a test ALCM: The second, an equally rare example of Air Force helo nose art - assigned to the 601st TASS at Sembach AB, 'Headhunter' appeared at various airshows here in the UK during the 1980s:
  6. Nice pics, Dan... ....pretty sure the aircraft with the white nose numbers are CH-53Cs, as evidenced by the lack of refuelling probes - interesting that none of them carry national insignia, whereas the ARRS HH-53Cs above all do; also note that the CH's have different external tanks, slightly larger and 'nose up' when compared to those on the Rescue Jollies...
  7. I have to say, it is highly amusing when somebody claiming to be a "professional writer" - and offering their services as such - uses completely wrong phrases and words, ie., "the one of professional writers" and "advices"... Might I advise you to take some advice, and not only learn to write in a grammatically correct fashion, but also the usage of words in proper context - especially if you are seeking work which involves and specialises* in such traits! *Correctly spelled with an 's' - The Queen's English spoken here! 😄
  8. Doesn't show the 'kill' marking, but the full-size version of this photo taken in July '84 clearly shows the crew chief's name:
  9. Whilst looking for something else, I came across these - it's all in the eyes, y'know:
  10. Airfix sell direct to retail customers through their website(s)...
  11. I've always been at least reasonably happy with the prices I've got - I always set my start prices at what I think something's worth, or the minimum I'm prepared to sell it for. Yes, on occasion I've been disappointed when things have sold for less than I'd seen others go for - but other times I've been astounded at how high some prices have gone, such as the previously-mentioned £70+ decal sheet! Along with that one, I had quite a few other OOP sheets that went for more than £20 and £30 each, including a number that I know were bought by the guy who'd originally produced them - him buying bac
  12. I've tried that a couple of times, only to have mine sell for a lot less! 😢
  13. As mentioned in my post in the other thread, I forsee some of us going back to the old days, when if we wanted something 'from abroad', we'd ask family or friends there to get and send it to us... ....I'm fortunate in knowing a retired USAF Major in Florida who'll happily forward stuff on to me - back in the days when he was stationed this side of the pond, he was known to exit a BX or two with armfuls of AMT C-135s and jars of Testors paint, most of which I still have!
  14. Along with the Sea Knight, the Wolfpak sheet is the only one I know of that's catered for a low-viz Marines UH-1N - it can actually still be bought, direct from Fantasy Printshop (only 10 miles away from me!): https://www.fantasyprintshop.co.uk/shop/wolfpak-72-035-cripes-a-mighty-marines/ PrintScale also have done a couple of 'low-viz' CH-46s - one Navy, one Marines - except that both subjects were gaudy 'specials', and in any case, PrintScale's accuracy leaves something to be desired; the 'Purple Foxes' 50th Anniversary special they provide markings for was a BullPhrog, as were the
  15. Add to that list the CH-46's enlarged BullPhrog sponsons... ....and USMC and USN low-viz decals - between them, Flying Leathernecks and MAW did some great-looking sheets in 1/48 for various Marines birds, but in 1/72, there's almost nothing...
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