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  1. I've always been surprised that despite having been licence-built by Agusta for Italian service, Italeri haven't (yet?) given us an AS-61R/HH-3F... ....the ancient Aurora, Lindberg and Revell HH-3 kits are way overdue a modern replacement - meaning that as well as their domestic and European markets for the Italian SAR version in both colourful original and later tactical schemes, there would, of course, be the worldwide market for a couple of re-boxings... ....the classic Vietnam-era USAF HH-3E Jolly Green Giant in SEA camouflage could also come with alternative CH-3C and/or E marki
  2. Have since found this one, showing the console is almost full-width - along with a tantalising glimpse of the starboard cabin wall, which looks to me to be devoid of any seating... Note the laptop mounted in the centre!
  3. Couple of operator's console pics on this page: https://foronaval.com/2016/05/27/adios-a-las-paqueteras/
  4. An observation, Hajo, which hopefully will be easy to fix - I noticed that you've fitted the IR jammer mounts onto the outer edges of the fuel tank mounts, when they should be set into them. It's not easy to see on my model above, but this photo of the mount point without the jammer unit shows what I mean: And this shot of a broken bird with the unit in place shows it even more clearly:
  5. 👍 That's correct, as mentioned above: "Also boxed by Testors, and now by Italeri"... The Aurora (Atlantis) kit supplies most of the cockpit framework moulded-in with the fuselage sides, with separate clear inserts... ....on my example, the two all-in-one curved 'corner' sections are a poor fit - hence the intention to replace the entire glazed area.
  6. Thanks, Jon - I used a Fujimi SH-3H to do Apollo 7's SH-3A recovery aircraft '55': Also boxed by Testors, and now by Italeri - and the other Fujimi releases as different variants all use the same base kit. Some might suggest the CyberHobby kit, but it needs remedial work - and lacks rivets!
  7. I examples of both the Revell and Aurora kits... ....Revell's is in an almost translucent olive green plastic - like @Trojan Thunder, I'll be replacing the top of the doghouse with a section from an old Airfix kit, along with a complete Fujimi main rotor assembly, a Revell tail rotor, and a homemade winch body (as seen on my CH-3B)... ....Aurora's will get similar rotor and winch units, and I'm hoping to use a spare Revell nose transparency to replace the poor-fitting separate originals - the kit's also a prime candidate for treatment with my newly-acquired rivet wheel, once I've mas
  8. Long-time football fan here - listened to games on AFN Radio in the early 1980's before Channel 4 started showing highlights and then live games here in the UK; went to Wembley Stadium in '87 for the LA Rams v Denver game, had to pick a team, and chose the Broncos, primarily because of Colorado being home to the AF Academy... ....and followed them ever since. Wore a Broncos T-shirt behind the RAF Mildenhall O'Club bar as I went through the embarrasment of seeing them lose Superbowl XXIV, and watched their games (and others) on AFN for some five years, either on base or at someone's house.
  9. I'm also firmly of the opinion that the Airfix kit (the plastic in both CH and HH boxings is identical) remains the best representation of the H-53... ....below are a couple of pics of my early-90's builds - a 67th ARRS HH-53C and a 21st SOS MH-53J - both with fully-detailed interiors (cabin roof shown)... ....the Pave Low - built as you intend to do yours, using Italeri parts - won the Scale Aircraft Modelling magazine trophy at the IPMS(UK) Nationals in 1993!
  10. Thanks - I'd already downloaded the RPD one, but hoping someone can supply a full-size scan, and of both sides of the sheet...
  11. I've just acquired this decal sheet, but without its placement guide - if anyone has one they could scan (as pic or pdf) to send via email, please PM me! TIA Andy
  12. Yes - I gave up trying the conventional method, but, as per the update to my original post (linked to above), found a 'work-around'....
  13. For those rotorheads who don't check the 'Display Case' for helicopter builds: CH-3B Sea King - 2857th Test Squadron, 1965 - Fujimi 1/72
  14. Thanks! What you see is "rivet reflection" - the centre red stripe is right on a vertical rivet line... ....doesn't the DFC ribbon have blue (rather than red) outer stripes? In retrospect, I really ought to touch up the OUA ribbon with Insignia Blue... ....the home-printed shade is rather light - it should match the trim above...
  15. I found a work-around - see my post over in the FAQ thread...
  16. Although I already had various Sea King builds at differing stages, this particular aircraft had garnered enough interest and enthusiasm for me to put all of them to one side, break out one of my Fujimi Mk.41 kits, crack on and get it completed in under a month - one of my fastest Sea Kings builds yet! As with my two previous 'Display Case' threads, the below photos are captioned where appropriate: On the underside, the large diamond-shape fairing under the chin was not present, so the corresponding kit part was left off; meanwhile the ant
  17. I like to build models of aircraft with a 'claim to fame'; rare or unusual variants; and Search and Rescue machines. This model ticks all the last three boxes - not just rare in being one of only six Sea Kings operated by the US Air Force, but unusual to the point of being unique, and in being a SAR machine both overtly and covertly. Intrigued? Read on... In early 1962, the Air Force bailed three HSS-2 Sea Kings from the Navy to use on support duties for the 'Texas Tower' radar-warning stations located off the eastern seaboard. Flying from Otis AFB, Massachusetts, the three aircraf
  18. What I have just tried successfully is an update of my UH-3H 'Display Case' thread... ....though five months old, I was able to edit it, and replace the 'broken' photo links... ....and just figured out a work-around to start the new topic - posted the intro paragraphs first... ....immediately followed by the photos and descriptive text paragraphs as a 'reply' to the intro... ....et voila: CH-3B Sea King - 2857th Test Squadron, 1965 - Fujimi 1/72
  19. Despite SBARC's post above, nobody ever got back to me or posted a solution anywhere... ....I basically gave up trying...
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