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  1. I also made same mistake. Just finished reading Osprey's book on the battle.....oh, well. Sometimes getting sucks.
  2. Actually that is film from the battle fro Palau. The marine squadrons occupied the airfield built by the Japanese and captured early in the campaign by the Marines. The airfield was so close to the hills where the Japanese had established their final defense area that the pilots did not have time to raise the gear after takeoff. They just made their runs with gear down, then circled around to land to get ready for next mission.
  3. Thanks, Brendon. I am at a temporary halt while I finish a review build for IPMS-USA. As soon as that is completed, hopefully by end of the week, I will return to work on the F4B-4s. Jeff
  4. Nice to see one of these actually built. Picked mine up in a store in East Berlin in 1982. After exchange rate, cost me about $2 US. Jeff
  5. Thanks for the comment. My brothers and I destroyed a fleet of old 1/700 Japanese warships and a couple old 1/48 tanks using powder from fireworks and even some gunpowder out of blanks. We thought it was great back then
  6. The airframe has been assembled and lower wing added. I'm waiting to add horizontal stabs till I can paint fuselage. Filling was required at wing joints with fuselage on top side of wing. Additionally, the gun cover/upper fuselage required some filing to make smooth transition to fuselage sides. I was able to acquire two more interior sets for the other two airframes, but only one Starfighter PE rigging set. Jeff
  7. Here is left fuselage half The parts for the side panes require no trimming other than pour stubs as they are thin enough to glue straight as is.
  8. I have been slow to post my progress. The photos that follow are from work before I came down with a case of Diverticulitis and spent a week in the hospital and another week recovering from the starvation diet inflicted on me while in the hospital. Counting weight lost from when I first became ill about five days before I was hospitalized until I was allowed to eat real food was about 20 pounds. The first 10 pounds was probably water lost through GI tract issues. On to the pics. This right side of fuselage with the interior kit from Starfighter.
  9. What is the name of this new month located between September and October?
  10. I will build 2 Navy and 1 USMC. After these three, time remaining in the group build, I will see if some other 20s/30s squadrons fit requirement.
  11. I have started my first F4B-4 with inspection of parts and found the following issues to resolve before construction can begin.
  12. I also have the interior for the P-6E/F11C. It's the cost of $8,almost more than the kit itself that is the factor. I do plan on ordering the rigging sets for all of my builds. I rigged the Monogram P-6E about 15 years ago. Not terrible, but if I can do it easier, it is a serious consideration.
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