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  1. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Oh wow, that is actually really cool and interesting. 👍
  2. KH has never in their history reboxed any kits, so it is unlikely they will start now.
  3. I count all Kitty Hawk and all ICM kits as one kit each. I am well aware that ICM has a number of boxings with different versions. But for all intents and purposes whatever boxing you pick of ICM the kit is the same in terms of quality and accuracy and basically same kit. Same will likely be true for Kitty Hawk boxings, unless they do a completely new tool for this kit and very seriously reconsider their approach to accuracy and attention to detail.
  4. Two kits counts as "flooded"? (not including the old Revell kit for many obvious reasons) We have vastly different definitions of flooded market then. And really, there is no good reason to expect this kit will be better than the atrocious MiG-25PD/PDS from them so in reality there is only one option for now and that is ICM kits.
  5. Berkut

    MikroMir 1/144 B-2

    It being old and fairly terrible. And isnt it not really 1/144 scale or something?
  6. Berkut

    MikroMir 1/144 B-2

    News to me, will be interesting to see how it shapes up, especially in the light of how disappointing the 1/72 Modelcollect B-2 was; https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/posts/1972535519490841
  7. Berkut

    MikroMir 1/144 Tu-22

    Havent seen this mentioned on here previously; https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/posts/2020671038010622 Fuselage + boxart; https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/posts/1972517832825943 Wings; https://www.facebook.com/mikro.mir.dnepr/photos/a.1416729748404757/1959975307413529/?type=3&theater Seems the release is planned within a couple of weeks.
  8. Berkut

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    Just a shame they dont fix the flutter issue and get rid of the fences while at it.
  9. Berkut

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-27?

    I have been plenty vocal about KH previously, time after time. Their MiG-25 kit was pure abomination for instance. However, there isnt a point to bash them just to bash them. There has been some improvement on their most recent kits like Su-35S, even with its silly issues. They might invent new issues that HB kits didnt have, but there is quite high likelyhood they will be improvement over HB kits anyway. There is a good thread on here that discusses the HB kit and points out its issues like the aforementioned by me above.
  10. Berkut

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-27?

    Ah yes, you are right, forgot about that line of kits. Still though, there are areas for improvement even over those kits like the LERX area, spine and landing gear doors being angled iirc.
  11. Berkut

    Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-27?

    And? Academy is old as hell at this point and fairly inaccurate. If Kitty Hawk gets the dimensions correct even that is a win for modelbuilders at large. I am sure KH will screw something up, because that is what they do, but it would still be hard for KH to screw up so much it is actually worse than Academy. So will it be perfect or comparable to GWH or AMK? Of course not. But if dont wildly screw it up there is still over 2 decades between the kits so it is bound to be better than Academy.
  12. Berkut

    710 Blue "older" Su-35

    The yellow parts are parts that were modified. They are not worn out sections. It would make far more sense to just paint normally without fancy sanding, paint the yellow sections and then do standard weathering. There isn't really any bare metal sections either beyond engine gondolas.
  13. Berkut

    SU-35 BM weapons help needed

    Innermost attachment point on the wings, first E36/E37 pylons according to this, then AKU-58 then Kh-59. Couple of relevant pictures;
  14. Berkut

    710 Blue "older" Su-35

    It isn't just the nose that is larger in cross section - it is the whole middle of the fuselage basically. There is no real good starting point for Su-35 (T-10M) because of the unique fuselage. If you ignore that i guess Su-35S would be as good starting point as any.
  15. Berkut

    Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    See PM i sent yesterday for the first question. As to the second question; i am not sure but i believe so.