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  1. It was almost as if i posted one of such drawing sections right above and almost as if i was making some kind of point if one compares them to the KH. Only almost though. Yes, they are not the bible, and Sukhoi didnt give out anything. They were not posted by Sukhoi and for most purposes they are fine, just should be treated with a slight caution, as the drawing above shows. They are no different than any other drawing, ie one shouldn't design a kit purely based on drawings but in combination with pictures and references.
  2. PS; According to my napkin calculations the radome width of Su-35S is 1200.48mm. That is 25.01mm in 48 scale, seems the radome is within margin of error.
  3. I believe you meant to link to the fifth part Seb? Looking great as usual, and here is a recent picture of 5R;
  4. More supposed details on the incident; + Also;
  5. Su-35S length is overall the same as Su-27. But, the nosecone is shorter and the area between windshield and nosecone is longer. This is very easy to see from pictures. So yes, it should have shorter nosecone.
  6. Old; New; 901 was desert splinter, 902 was "winter" and so was the 904 which burned up during taxiing. There are no splinter camo Su-35S' other than those. All those were prototypes so they lack a lot of subsystems that serial aircraft has.
  7. Russian Airforce bought a new batch of MiG-29SMT's a while back and the new batch had a number of small improvements over the old batch. The most visible improvement is a new flare box (also found on all modern MiG-29's, for example K/KUB etc) on the underside next to the engines; Just to make clear, MiG-29SMT's in splinter camo = "old batch" while MiG-29SMT's in the classic green camo are the new batch. As you see the real things are beefy and not these plastic card thin things; So if one build SMT in the splinter camo one should leave them off altogether. If one wants to build SMT in the new camo, one need to scratchbuild new flareboxes + a few other minor details.
  8. Interesting, i was either not aware of that or forgot about it. RoG is the definite boxing to get then.
  9. Andreas, could you try out and see how well/bad the stinger fits (only dry fit of course!) in upside down position that me and Ken speculated a few pages back. So that the flare boxes are on the underside instead of being on top.
  10. Hmm, with kink to the profile line you mean the "breaking point" the real nose has on top? (ie two different angles on top) They changed that too?
  11. It might be worth it to order Revell one anyway as the decal sheet is better and that release has the RBT nose hump on the underside. Not sure about the pricing.
  12. Yeah, i am a bit confused why you choose Fujimi kit as it is old, very inaccurate and fairly obscure. I mean if you dont particularly care about accuracy that is fine, just combination of all of those things make it a bit odd choice. But excellent camo, hope you still have your sanity. :)
  13. Well, crossing fingers for a reasonable price and accurate exhaust...
  14. I have yet to see a good intake shot of Su-35S, but i have seen it being mentioned that FOD was indeed eliminated and i have only seen intake ramp in the production line pictures. So yes, extremely likely there is no FOD doors. Might be a better pic of the humps;
  15. I guess getting the right inward angle is a bit of guess work on modelbuilders part? (since i dont see any guiding tabs i think) Any plans to make them in 1/72? As said, it would be a welcome improvement to the Hasegawa 1/72 Su-35S kit.