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  1. Stunning work on the freehand camo Seb as always! After all these years, i have yet to learn/master that... Decals really tied everything together as well, and love all the tiny stencils all over the frame. Regarding the 1/144 XB-70, it is this one; https://armorymodels.com/product/1-144-xb-70-valkyrie-us-experimental-supersonic-strategic-bomber/
  2. Just stumbled upon the thread and great job with a challenging kit Seb! I have been eyeing this kit too, but i think i will skip it for now reading your updates.😅 (Dat 1/144 XB-70 tho has been calling for me though...) Fantastic work so far and looks like pretty decent detailed kit, just shame about the challenging fit. Looking forward to see paint on it now that you are over the hump.👍
  3. It was certainly 509 and 511 that was deployed to Syria atleast during the first time. (T-50/Su-57's has been deployed atleast twice) 511 did indeed return with no b/n but RF-81775 after deployment. Here is a picture of 511 very shortly after deployment, maybe even its return flight; It carried that RF for a while after deployment, then lost it and gained 511 back. That RF code was then reused for 52 red serial frame. Now, i have been trying to refresh my memory and digging my picture archives for RF code for 509 but has come up empty handed. It is unknown
  4. Yup, definitely just me. I am just getting Vietnam flashbacks from the god awful Trumpeter 1/32 one.
  5. Maybe it is just me, and i am by no means an Su-25 expert; But does it look off somehow to anyone else? Cant really but my finger on it but it feels like the whole nose section is off? Probably just me though, as Zvezda tends to be overall accurate in the overall shape. (ignoring T-50, as that was literally actively sabotaged by Sukhoi/FSB)
  6. Roughly by memory, new set. IIRC larger diameter than Su-27's wheels and hence larger than Su-35S too.
  7. I would be willing to help out but; 1; What brand of paints are you using? 2; AKAN does have MiG-29SMT camo paint packages. 3; Note there are two MiG-29SMT splinter camo schemes. The original one and the repainted (atrociously done) one, it has darker dark grey color.
  8. Beat me to it with this. Absolutely worth a try!
  9. I bet they are vaccinated, unlike you. 😘🙂 With that being said, dog tax;
  10. Such a beast of a plane. If MiG-31 is "interceptor turned up to 10" then MiG-31M must be like turned up to like 12. Still holds longest air-to-air kill ever, 25 years later... Fantastic model (of a rare subject!) and really well done photography too.
  11. Yeah, i didnt even make it 5 min in. I really tried. Really bad takes all around.
  12. Finally got my first shot on Friday, second will be in early September. I can already hear Bill's smooth voice in my head and i have strange Magneto-like superpowers now... PS; In terms of actual side-effects, literally only a slightly sore shoulder. As if i was punched there, and essentially gone already.
  13. Of course. I am just saying this thought it is export only is mostly an internet thing. We will see if and when RuAF will be buying T-75's, but i am willing to bet that they will. Don't forget S-70 Jens... It is pretty big deal, literally and figuratively. Sukhoi is on a massive roll. "DrRansom" on secretprojects.co.uk summed it up nicely;
  14. Not trying to hang you out to dry but in past you have said multiple times that the sidebays of T-50 cannot possibly be bays. This is multiple times over multiple occasions btw, despite of the presented evidence. IIRC you said it is more likely they house hydraulics for LEVCON's. We have known literally since day 1 of T-50 first taking to the sky (29 January 2010) that they are indeed sidebays. Since then there has been mountain of evidence, including a video of them in action.
  15. Nice joke. They most certainly are not. I have called out two of said idiots and their response didnt convey any shame whatsoever. Or you know, when you have claimed multiple times in not-so-distant-past that T-50 doesnt have sidebays and that they must be something else. But hey, water under the bridge? 😉 Now, I am still not any more enlightened as to what responses you are referring to. I am just genuinely curious.
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