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  1. AMK 1/48 Kfir New Tool

    Got it. To never have any sort of production issues ever one should simply just make everything perfect in every imaginable way from the start. If only someone has ever thought of that radical idea before.
  2. PAK FA

    Technically i am still right as 6 years is "over 5 years". I seemed to remember it got it as part of the structural modifications it got between August 2011 and September 2012 but yeah, you are right. It got it in summer of 2011, prior to MAKS 2011.
  3. PAK FA

    T-50-1 has had the long stinger (containing anti-stall parachute) for over 5 years now. Phase 2 frames have longer stinger which contains a radar that is part of the L402 Himalaya ECM system.
  4. Yeah, but having separate flare boxes would kill the tooling indeed... /stillsalty
  5. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    The "V2.0" will be a quite different design from the original AA/Kinetic kit. "Modified" parts and for sale and "rallies" is nonsense - it will be an own kit and it is currently undergoing design and adjustment. But lets just say that the weak points of the original AA/Kinetic kit has been addressed nicely. And that is not even addressing the "character" that Uncle Uncool is...
  6. B-2A @ Lucky Model

    The plastic has been shown for months now? And what has C-5 to do with Modelcollect B-2? Roden and Modelcollect are completely different companies.
  7. What is that statement based on, exactly? I have yet to see any reason to think they are not the same colors. And when it comes to your previous statement of color variations within the same color, while probably technically true - it has 0 bearing on modelbuilding whatsoever.
  8. PAK FA

    Aww, seemingly it is not Izd.30 afterall. Might be related though, unclear still.
  9. PAK FA

  10. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    You dont have to have facebook to see those pictures.
  11. 1; From the information and pictures posted so far, it doesnt appear so. Probably doable overall. 2; Yes, pilot inside with the engines powered up = nozzles in horizontal, flight, position. 3; It did serve in Syria. 4; Yes. 5; Yes. 6; There is no such thing as Su-35E. Su-35S is the serial designation for Su-35 in RuAF. Technically the export ones are called Su-35, without S. Personally, i think it is preferable to stick to Su-35S either they are export ones or not, to avoid confusion with the original, soviet, Su-35 (T-10M).
  12. Maybe, but that seems highly unlikely considering the flares are part of the fuselage so they would need to retool the whole thing. Which would be silly when they could have just had the parts separate to begin with. Of course GWH has done similar things with MiG-29 series, but 9.12/9.13/9.19 are very different, and unless i remember wrong (and i might very well be) 9.12 early/late boxings had all the parts for each of the versions?
  13. Here is a crazy idea - give us more choices. The extra costs GWH would have to have 2 extra parts would be abysmal. Just because you dont care for the 901/902/904 prototype frames of the early production examples or those in aubergine (or atleast, claim to do), doesn't mean everyone else doesnt. Giving a choice to the modelbuilders wouldn't hurt their bottom line in any way whatsoever. If anything it could help sell extra kits.
  14. I wish they would just make the flare boxes separate. Both with KH and GWH one is railroaded into making particular frames.
  15. Aviation Art Su-33 1/48

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing. I need to do some comparison to references but on first look it does indeed look much better, great job. How about the cockpit tub? Has that been modified? In the original AA/Kinetic kit the issue was that the front landing gear bay left little space left for the cockpit tub, so it was very shallow. This also created slightly odd K-36 IIRC. Have you managed to find a way to improve that situation on "v2.0" design? Roughly how much more time is there left for the improvement to the design etc SuperTomcat21? (ie before any metal is cut) Just trying to figure out how much time i have to look over the CAD's and suggest improvements etc.