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  1. Stunning job on the CAD design by the HazMat team Chris! Will the tooling be done by the same people as GWH MiG-29/Aviation Art Su-33?
  2. Promising, they have now added all the serial production specific frame details. They have a real chance to offer a more accurate and cheaper product than the HB kit. Hopefully the engineering is also much better than what we saw on Su-22.
  3. Nice hacking Seb! One thing though, judging by the head on shot, you can probably angle LEVCON even more. It has quite ridiculous freedom of movement; Going to get Begemot T-50 HB stencil sheet btw?
  4. And they are not even in pixel camo!
  5. I am now expecting for people to find something new to complain about. Maybe the telephone bill. Or the poor electrons used to send an email.
  6. At that point though, what difference does a kit make? :) I mean, it is about 0.5% more kits in the stash. :P
  7. First finished one i have seen;
  8. Yes, now there is;
  9. Again, you are taking the sentence out of context - Sio was talking in specific about the most recent December date... Sio is claiming they never publicly announced F-14 December 2016 release date, not that they never publicly announce release year. Now, if the October 2015 list contained December 2016 release for F-14, that would be different. But it doesnt. As Sio said, Martin asked him about a year ago (ie in middle of 2016) about F-14 release date, Sio said he hoped for December and Martin stuck with that date in September. So there was certainly miscommunication and outdated information being passed but you are completely misconstruing what Sio is saying.
  10. So, you decided to write and tell everyone that you were right about something at some point in time. Got it. Extremely interesting contribution. Now you are just being petty, which is definitely not usual from you. Your linked post is well over 1.5 years old. At that point in time, with the external orders and tooling they had, they thought they could do it. As Sio went out of his way and explained; So; 1 - In late 2015 they had the time to do F-14 and optimistically, a bunch of other products. 2 - Factory orders got full from external buyers in 2016 and more orders are still coming, pushing the release date of everything AMK. Including not having the time to even polish up the Kfir tooling - yet alone tool a beast like F-14. 3 - They explained the delay and it seems perfectly reasonable to me. 4 - Since AMK doesn't have time traveling machine they couldn't travel back in time to October of 2015 and warn themselves of impending doom orders. Now please link to explanation from Zvezda why theirs Il-76 is delayed? Or why the Su-27SM came out nearly two years after the initial date? You won't find any. Considering for how many years Tamiya F-14 was hinted at and semi confirmed multiple times i promise that got delayed multiple times too. Tamiya being Tamiya they don't ever announce anything so i guess technically nothing is delayed too. And for how long has Trumpeter been "announcing" some of their kits, like MiG-19 in 72? Or the A-6? Again, people act as if they have nothing better to build in meantime. World doesn't center around the release of AMK F-14.
  11. Is this all you are able to add to the discussion or do you have something more of essence than "Called it."?
  12. Thanks for the news! Look forward to the Titan.
  13. And you know this for a fact? Because this sounds a lot like assumptions to me. From what i have seen, the MiG-31 kit has done extremely well despite it being limited in markings and users. Sometimes "niche" products can do insanely well. As to MiG-31 being ugly, eye of the beholder. :) Is it beautiful in the same way a Su-27 is? Nope. But i certainly this it has a lot of presence and isnt flat out ugly as you describe. But as said, that is just eye of the beholder.
  14. Alright, thanks. Again, i have to say i feel that timeline is a bit too compressed, especially for option 2. Assuming a full month; 5000 : 24 x 30 = ~7 This means that every hour, every day, there has to be 7 preorders constantly non stop for a month. I certainly hope it is achievable and that it will happen. But anyway, this kit clearly will happen regardless whether the 5000 actually happens or not within that short timeframe.