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  1. Hard to tell for sure. In an earlier shot at about 20 sec mark where the canopy slides in, one can only see a single bubble. Might have been a production fault that was deemed passable or just water on either lens or the canopy, although one would expect them to move around. It is also likely this is an older version of the canopy either way. They originally used "organic glass" (more commonly known as acrylic glass) and now using monolithic polycarbonate which testing has shown to be far stronger, lighter and has quite a bit higher temperature before it starts to get soft, which is important for top speed of course...
  2. My god, there is so much nonsense in this thread it is shocking. No, it is real. It is from missile bay, obviously. Just watch frame by frame, it is easy to see the missile is slipped into the airstream. Secondly, there isn't a pylon in that location, at all. And yes, it has been measured up and down, left and right, R-73 class (K-74M2 to be exact) fits just fine there. Because the weaponbay was designed to fit a R-73 missile. Nice conclusion... Just because you didn't see any video's, doesn't mean it didn't happen, obviously. They have been doing weapon testing for many years. In fact, before T-50 ever flew. Su-47 had a modified weaponbay to match T-50's and did weapondropping from it, including at supersonic speeds since like 2008/2009. We got an official statement regarding T-50S-1 crash, just not a very detailed one. Like when, exactly? I saw all b/n's. Crazy thought; Problems might have more solution to them than one. S-ducts isn't a silver bullet that solves everything, in fact, it creates plenty of problems. As with any sort of engineering, there is upsides and downsides to everything. The system on T-50 is not a straight forward S-duck one, but comprises of several solutions some of which is partial S-ducts, fancy radarblocker and other things... T-50's designers even took out a patent explaining the overall design, and the downsides of S-ducts. But i guess Sukhoi engineers are just idiots and have never heard of S-ducts, and had a collective amnesia forgetting that they designed them for Su-47... That must be it clearly.
  3. Not sure about the early MiG-31M frames, but pretty sure the color on the later ones was indeed grey as the pictures above show. Also, Mstor's MiG-31BM cockpit picture is of the original MiG-31BM prototype, not the operational one. It was a beastly aircraft, still holding longest distance A-A kill, and one at massive speed at that...
  4. Excellent work so far Jan! Wish i had added those rivets on the intakes too, but oh well, on a different build... (have 3 more kits) Personally, while the cockpit is excellent, my personal favorite is the whole intake/engine and landing gear assembly. Just like the real thing, and engineered really well in the kit! PS; My build is progressing well and is in the finishing parts, but i am sure you will finish (no pun intended?) before me, despite the 5 year headstart.๐Ÿ˜…
  5. If one goes by Paul Metz comments ("it will do 1600mph"), F-22 is faster. That intake must be some dark arts.
  6. To echo others; both are good. But in my experience, Hobbyeasy has by far more things in stock.
  7. So a friend of mines mother is a nurse and few days ago loaded up a whole car full of toilet paper and other nonsense. At work, she didnt use mask and a patient who tested positive for corona sneezed on her. So now she has to be quarantined for 2 weeks atleast. Because obviously the priority was toilet paper, not to use protection around corona infested patients. Lizard brain in action.
  8. As always, lovely build with spot on weathering.๐Ÿ‘
  9. I think it has been stated that if Corona virus doesn't get under control by May they might either cancel or postpone the Olympics.
  10. KittyHawk MiG-25 is absolutely terrible accuracy wise. Not entirely sure about buildwise, but going by other of their models, it is probably meh at best. Go for ICM, PD/PDS are fighter/interceptor variants, RX(X) are recon, hands down the best available MiG-25 kits at the moment.
  11. Tapchan is a very brave man to be hatin' on F-16 around these parts. ๐Ÿ˜› The only worse thing to be hatin' on here would be on F-14. He is right tho.
  12. First off, fantastic model! Would love to see more pictures of it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Secondly, please make a new topic either in; 1; The Display Case (if you don't want *any* constructive critique on the model); http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/forum/7-the-display-case/ or 2; Critique Corner if you want to show off your model and don't mind constructive critique; http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/forum/158-critique-corner/ To delete a photo just click on it and then press "delete" on keyboard.
  13. I just hope they will eventually get around to SMT in 72 too. The sole reason I sold of mine in 48 was on the hope of a 72 one... But F/F-13 would be very nice too, would like to build one again in Perkele AF markings.
  14. We don't. I don't think there are clear rules on that and it depends on severity anyway. Yes, he has had like a dozen accounts at this point. There is literally a "Report post" button on every comment on top right side.
  15. Admin's only caught up to him because he was reported, maybe by others prior but by me yesterday. Same story for his previous accounts.
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