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  1. My package from Temp models was sent late August and last sign of life was on 30'th. Since then nothing, so radio silence for 3+ weeks now...
  2. This is maybe a weird opinion but i wish they did "colorless" options. I like the details and the idea, but i don't like it being prepainted, cockpit painting is one of the most enjoyable parts of the hobby for me. And pre-painted stuff (whether Quinta or Eduard) always felt like "cheating" to me... I mean i dont judge others or think any lesser of a model that uses it, i just personally prefer to paint it myself. ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. Awesome build, nice to see it in flight fully displaying its air thirsty intakes like that. Completely agree with everyone else, weathering is spot on.๐Ÿ‘ I too have the MiG-25BM in 1/72 in the stash, looking forward to building it now i hear the fit is quite good.
  4. Very helpful advice, will read again. Hi Carlos! Yeah, i remember solving this issue same way many years ago. ๐Ÿ™‚ So it is indeed a solution that works, but would just like to find a more sustainable and precise way of doing it with better and more "uniform" tool(s). But i guess it is worth a try for this specific case on P-47, thanks for reminding me of this. Longer term, would like to find a more precise tool. Hmm, those are interesting, but quite pricey indeed and unsure how well they would work in tighter areas like in my second picture. I will look for alternat
  5. So i am building Tamiya P-47M and while it is obviously a great kit, Tamiya sure likes their ejection marks. Including ones on the wheelbay doors and such. Those wheelbay doors have raised rivets and other details. Are there any recommendations for the best tools to deal with the putty after filling ejection marks in areas like these? In areas like these it can be hard to use a sanding stick, even skinny ones. I have a glassfiber brush and it works fine (last i used it, which was ages ago now) but having strands of glassfiber around isn't optimal. Then there are diamond files and m
  6. Thank you. Yes, other than the self made seatbelts (out of tamiya tape) the cockpit is completely OOB. I use just distilled water to think AKAN.๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a picture of the cockpit during building; I am not familiar with AK Real colors at all. My color matching tips is just the usual; Don't necessarily trust that the producer made a good color match and compare color by color against pictures of the real thing. If it matches, great, if not look for other colors that are closer either from the same or a different maker. In my experience, 95% of the time there are colors
  7. Thank you, glad you liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚ For the cockpit color i used AKAN's 73006 cockpit color for MiG's in general and Mi's. However, i felt that the color out of the bottle was too green for my taste so i added a few drops of Vallejo's deep sky blue. For the airframe i used AKAN 73059 out of the bottle and AKAN 73010 for the radome and other dark grey areas. Really nice paints. For other areas i used other vallejo colors, tamiya etc.
  8. I have been a part of the AMK MiG-31BM project ever since something like 2013 helping out with the development and hunting for bugs in the CAD. Shoutout to AMK team for being so diligent and open to critique and thanks for supplying this (and other) kit(s) for me. This particular kit is the second one ever from the factory (first one is in my stash, and wont be built :)) and i started to build it around November 2015. Won't bother writing much about the build itself, it is well known to be an excellent kit. The reason why it took so long had nothing to do with the kit itself, but m
  9. Considering the new intake has been known for a while now and it hasnt been implemented in the CAD model yet, they dont appear to be in a rush to implement the production changes anyway. But in this case it is good they are not changing anything for the nose because as said; it is likely to be a mock up.
  10. For a number of a reasons, the nose on T-50S-2 is most likely a mock up, not a real nose. S-1 had a normal nose. As to the air intake, yes, that intake was first spotted on a modified T-50-8 a while back and later on S-1. I have been thinking of contacting Zvezda about it and ask whether they could include that intake, that would be nice...
  11. Excellent build! Always nice to see AMK MiG-31 builds ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, they are the same other than the triangle on top of BM/BSM variants, and that will have no effect on masking itself.
  12. Remind me; Do we know what company is generally speaking doing the tooling for GWH?
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