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  1. It may not be a toy, but it is certainly a target.
  2. While i understand the logic and considerations of doing announcements like that please consider that no matter how good your team's research is (and any experts that are helping out on any given subject) chances are, mistakes in CAD will be spotted by eagle eyed, rivet counting, modelbuilders. So IMHO, an announcement should happen, then a grace period applied (one month or so?) where you can get feedback on possible mistakes in the CAD so that it is changed before any metal is cut. During that grace period some work like for example instruction manual and box design can continue happening so that it doesnt completely stall the project during that time.
  3. Had the gut feeling someone would just smartass their way into that one, and thought of including that disclaimer but decided against giving out the bait. 😛
  4. It is almost as if Hasegawa's kit doesn't make money for Kinetic. Hence the gazzilions of Bf-109's, Fw-190's, Spitfires and such.
  5. I have not. If they reach out and have specific questions/need help i can help out, but otherwise based upon previous experience i don't plan to do so myself.
  6. I am not sure, but i dont believe they have. They did at some point promise to update/rework MiG-25 (which was a goddamn atrocity) but it never happened. I haven't taken a detailed look at either their Su-35S or Su-34, but overall those seems passable although unremarkable other than the head-scratching decision of offering no "resting position" exhaust nozzles for Su-35S. I very very looking forward to that one, considering i have been waiting for one ever since first T-50 flight. No, first Zvezda kit doesnt count and neither does the HB one. Have been meaning to contact Zvezda to offer help/guidance on the new T-50/Su-57 kit but havent gotten around it.
  7. One can make a very basic 3D model with all the shapes correct. Reworking all those things i mentioned require far more effort than getting it right from the start. And of course i see it is an early 3D model, which is why i didnt comment about the nozzles for example. If anything, the fact that there are already panellines on the model (no matter how simple) shows me they basically moved past the "get the basic shapes right" phase and has started the detail work. So unless they are willing to radically change the CAD - what we see, is what we will get, but with rivets.
  8. Even from little that can be seen from that single CAD - I can't say i am impressed. Wings look off, motor gondolas look off, spine (directly behind cockpit) looks off, stinger looks off, and something (not quite sure what) is off with the nose. Also, considering the panellines on the nose and pitot and the wing tip design the only frames that can be built OOB is T-50-1 and T-50-2. And unless the canopy included is with a frame along the middle, that would leave just T-50-2 OOB. Even if all those mentioned sections will be modular in the kit, as it is now, basically one can only reasonably build "Phase one" frames, ie frames before T-50-6-2. From that one and onward ("Phase 2"), there were significant changes which would be hard to achieve with modularity so basically would need own tooling.
  9. Thank you for the update Ran, looking forward to the release.👍
  10. Are there any good sites that can ship it internationally? I looked into it a few months back and didnt have much luck finding anything online that would ship it for a decent shipping price. My only bottle which i had for a very long time has gone bad (basically doesnt dry) and i havent found anything locally at all.
  11. Today i learned i don't live in a real country. Apparently a country that is about as long as it is from San Diego to Houston is not a real country and must be fake news. And our surface area is almost as large as California, which must make California a fake state. Or us Europeans traveling to European countries never ever happens either. It is almost as if we are a continent with free and open borders or something. Average number of cars in American family is 2. It is entirely possible for an average family to have an EV and an ICE. Besides, just like vast majority of people charge their phones as home, vast majority of EV owners charge their EV's at home. Also, the exact car of this topic, Model 3, recharges at a rate of about 180 miles/300km in 15 min at a V3 Supercharger. I am not sure what you consider to be a long recharge stop, but i don't consider taking a 15 min brake every 300 km or so exactly a massive sacrifice.
  12. Ah interesting, so there is a logic behind it - just for the dark arts of software. 😅
  13. Great stuff. 👍 While you are taking in requests for the site functions Raymond, could the scale drop down list be reworked? It has always been a really strange one for me and there is no clear cut logic to it. I see that it is grouped after 1/[First Number] but there is no chronological order within the groups. For example the first group is 1/100 (small, unusual scale), 1/12 (BIG scale) , 1/144 (tiny scale) , 1/16 (big scale again). Why not 1/12, 1/16, 1/100 and 1/144 order for example? Would also be useful to have checkmarks instead of a single choice on the Category too. For example i might be interested in seeing both the kits and accessories on the same search result.
  14. Depends. Some are just "peak shaving" ICE to keep it at optimal efficiency, some are plug in hybrids and are able to drive on electric only.
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