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  1. Damn dude, you are knocking these Flankers out of the park! Amazing job on this one too!
  2. Yeah, because it is a crime to look as good as it does. First serial Su-57 undergoing final assembly; Video shows it + second serial frame;
  3. But how could one possibly build a kit that is unbuildable?!?! 🙄
  4. Hmm, if it was a gift from Seb, then it was probably technically a gift from me which was in turn, a gift from AMK. 😄 If so, should be fairly low serial number on the inside of the lid. 😉 My AMK MiG-31BM serial number 1 is safe and sound... Excellent job so far! The intake/landing gear bay/engine assembly is a work of art imho, but it requires tiny bit of patience. The fit for those parts is perfect, meaning that atleast in my case one had to be careful and remove primer/paint on the edges where one glues the parts. If one does that, it will click away with no issues. 🙂 The wheels are by far the weakest part in the kit, you did excellent job giving them some extra detail. Otherwise Eduard resin wheels are excellent and worth every penny imho.👍
  5. Eagerly watching this one! M-17 is still waiting for me in box but i have no place to put the finished build anyway as of now... Nice job on the cockpit, their K-36 seats must be one of the best ones OOB in any scale?
  6. ARC's search function has always been a complete nightmare, recommend using Google and setting it to ARC specifically. For example "F-15 site:http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/" (without quote marks)
  7. Yeah, that is no good. Those that ordered through the crowdfunding campaign took the biggest risk so their orders should have been serviced as soon as possible.
  8. It is almost as if it was changed and added after my reply, and it is almost as if the edit "Thanks Berkut!!!" gives that away. Almost, but impossible to tell really... Anyway, hopefully boom175 gets ahold of one, and sending it as letter *should* be fairly cheap no? (atleast even with norwegian prices i dont think it would have been too terrible) Might be worth contacting Eduard too, just in case, never know. I have had good experience with TAKOM getting ahold of some modified parts for their V-2.
  9. Eduard has many different MiG-21 versions in 3 different scales...
  10. Got the same email few days back, and i got to throw in 1/72 JA-37 for very small increase in shipping price, atleast in my case they are shipping the weapon set separate so there was room to spare there.
  11. The list contains new tool kits only, so it is very safe to assume it will be new tool.
  12. Individual IP's are also seen...
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