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  1. Berkut


    Ah interesting, so there is a logic behind it - just for the dark arts of software. 😅
  2. Berkut


    Great stuff. 👍 While you are taking in requests for the site functions Raymond, could the scale drop down list be reworked? It has always been a really strange one for me and there is no clear cut logic to it. I see that it is grouped after 1/[First Number] but there is no chronological order within the groups. For example the first group is 1/100 (small, unusual scale), 1/12 (BIG scale) , 1/144 (tiny scale) , 1/16 (big scale again). Why not 1/12, 1/16, 1/100 and 1/144 order for example? Would also be useful to have checkmarks instead of a single choice on the Category too. For example i might be interested in seeing both the kits and accessories on the same search result.
  3. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    Depends. Some are just "peak shaving" ICE to keep it at optimal efficiency, some are plug in hybrids and are able to drive on electric only.
  4. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    😛 You mean people like people that actually own and use Tesla's (including a friend of mine, and plenty of coworkers, and i live in Norway, generally speaking a cold place) and an owner that already said the loss is around 20%; Mine 25% was based upon data i have seen prior + some extra percentages. With some planning and preheating it should be significantly less than 20%, just like BaconRaygun has said. So indeed, they beg to differ, with you. As to "steep inclines", that is basic physics and those apply to ICE too. Unlike ICE, EV's can recoup a lot of energy on the way down too. Hydrogen cells dont "recharge". The stupid part about hydrogen is that one is converting electrons into hydrogen and to be used as an energy carrier, a bad one at that. Instead of just directly using electrons, afterall they end up driving the same thing, efficient electric motor(s). Battery degradation, atleast with modern cells and design (with aforementioned active heating/cooling system) is minimal. Roughly speaking as a general thumb of rule, about 0,5% per 10000 miles. And degradation is "quick" at the start, and very slow after that; https://steinbuch.wordpress.com/2015/01/24/tesla-model-s-battery-degradation-data/ Otherwise Model 3 battery degradation (or rather, lack of it) is probably even better.
  5. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    Mildly ironic statement. You are seeing "pitfalls" that don't exists (CFL vs incandescent) and long tailpipe because you are (were?) uninformed. There is nothing wrong with being uninformed (i am ignorant about one million things), there is however something wrong making assumptions and statements based upon lack of knowledge however.
  6. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    1; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compact_fluorescent_lamp#Mercury_content 2; If it bothers you that much (which i highly doubt tbh), just use LED's then.
  7. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    This is the long dead myth of "long tailpipe". If you took an average coal plant and used to charge your EV, it would still be more efficient and cleaner than the vast majority of cars. And the grid, even in US and China, is far cleaner than just pure coal plants. Otherwise; 1; https://blog.ucsusa.org/dave-reichmuth/new-data-show-electric-vehicles-continue-to-get-cleaner 2; https://www.ucsusa.org/clean-vehicles/electric-vehicles/ev-emissions-tool?_ga=2.47602990.809256624.1553200539-1853582052.1553200539 Now i am expecting "But the batteries man, the batteries! And lithium!" as the next myth/argument.
  8. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    It does not. Atleast not EV's with an active warming/cooling system on the battery like Tesla's have. Ie if the battery is preheated before a trip (which can be done automatically and while plugged in based on time) the loses beyond that shouldn't be more than 25% or so. And that kind of loses happen with ICE too obviously. Now, LEAF's and smaller cars that dont have any kind of active warming/cooling system at all is a different story. But trend with newer cars is to have that system, it is extremely important for battery degradation too. Fool cells are terrible terrible idea. They don't make any sense whatsoever. It is perplexing how Toyota continues with their push (although still in an extremely limited fashion) but i understand there are political reasons behind it. Other than that, i will just leave it at that; And those numbers used on the hydrogen side are basically best case. Just the fool cell efficiency is closer to ~40% if one wants to have any sort of decent power output from them, which a car does need. The EV numbers are slightly too low, should be closer to ~92/87/92 or so, atleast with efficiency oriented EV's. + https://electrek.co/2017/10/26/toyota-elon-musk-fuel-cell-hydrogen/
  9. Berkut

    OT--Anti-Virus Programs

    Avast + Malwarebytes.
  10. Berkut

    Tesla, model 3

    35k Model 3 is already available for purchase, delivery for the first customers is happening in a few weeks i believe. The standard range plus (at slightly more, 37k) have already been delivered to customers i think.
  11. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    As in a test build or sprue shots?
  12. Berkut

    GWH Su-35 "Red 25"

    Stunning build, looks perfect in terms of colors and weathering. Nice execution of the magnetic nosecone too, i have been toying with a similar idea myself but havent done it on a build yet. The Photobucket watermark though, my god.
  13. Berkut

    1/144 mikro-mir tupolev-22kd

    I have been interested in seeing how this kit looks when finished and this is the first one i have seen. Sounds like overall the kit is sound (based upon Modelsvit 1/72 design i believe), but with a really crude molding quality requiring a lot of work. Nice job on the model.👍 Will be interesting if their 1/144 B-2 will be slightly better in terms of quality...
  14. Berkut

    Returning Member

    Indeed, welcome back. 🙂
  15. Berkut

    PLAAF Su-35 Weird Load

    The ECM pods are on the wingtips... I believe the things on the underside of the intakes are training equipment to simulate electro-optical TV-guided bombs.