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  1. GWH cant really make any different versions of Flanker from Su-35S tooling. In order to make for example Su-27 they would need new fuselage, new radome, new wings, new vertical tails, probably new horizontal tails, new front landing gear and wheels, differently design of intakes (due to the FOD guard), new cockpit, new windshield, new exhaust and the list just goes on. Some pylons could be shared and maybe main landing gear. Basically any other flanker would require a completely new tool. They could use general Su-35S OML to a certain extent for Su-27, but unsure how useful that would be. They are all described and discussed in the existing KH Su-35S thread in which you have already commented several times. ;)
  2. Great Haneto!, thanks for filling us in.
  3. I mean, there isnt really a MiG-35 in real life either. Making a kit of it right now would be too early imho. MiG-29K/KUB would be welcomed though, and if one really wants to, it would be easy to convert it into one of the three newest MiG-35 prototypes. Ah yes, my PM folder was full. Cleaned it up now, please try now.
  4. Looks like it has flares on the underside of the stinger, which is overall good, but hopefully they are separate parts so one could build earlier frames and 901/902. It also has ECM pods which are oddly lacking in the KH kit. Now the main question is whether GWH has exhaust in resting position...
  5. That isnt Su-35S intake and Su-35S doesnt have FOD guards.
  6. a new F-14 from Tamiya 1.32

    I wonder if it would have been possible to structure the title to be less clickbaity.
  7. These might be helpful; Open them in a new tab to see in full resolution (7000 pix+) EDIT; Bonus one in smaller res (2000pix);
  8. http://www.trumpeter-china.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=111&l=en
  9. Where to buy a Streem Su-24 (1:72) ?

    I think that got improved too in the 1/72 version but not 100% certain about it at all.
  10. New Tool su-25?

    1/48 isnt Zvezda's scale so i doubt we will see anything from them in that scale any time soon. Yak-130 was rumored to be in 48, and they might still do it in that scale, but i wouldnt hold my breath for something as obscure as Su-47 or MiG 1.44 from them in 1/48.
  11. Where to buy a Streem Su-24 (1:72) ?

    Not sure about online shops, but i have one i could sell.
  12. New Tool su-25?

    I will assume trumpeter/HB will downscale their 1/32 one. I will also assume nothing will be fixed and it will be just as terrible accuracy wise as the 1/32 one was. Otherwise, sadly we havent heard any news about new tool, overlooked aircraft for sure.
  13. Because image hosting takes a ton of space and money. It would be better if people just switched to for example imgur. I jumped PB ship years ago.
  14. Because PhotoBucket is being PhotoBucket.
  15. PAK FA

    That designation was revealed by Piotr Butowski and he is a very respected journalist often able to get very interesting information on secret Russian programs. And right before MAKS this year there were rumors that the Su-XX designation would be stated publicly. That never happened but considering these two facts; it is highly likely he is correct and that Su-57 is indeed the serial designation.