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  1. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Paris? T-50 has never been in Paris or outside of Russia before now, i think you are confusing with Su-35S.
  2. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    With Kotey's quote above summing it up, i will leave it at;
  3. Yak-130 'Mitten' - update 24/02/2018

    Hope you pull through the "situation" Seb as that looks very nice and deserves to be finished.
  4. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    We don't like logic around these parts.
  5. Sukhoi T10 Flanker Prototype from Modelsvit

    You might not be entirely satisfied, and i see a couple of spots that could use a touch up; But i think it looks very nice Ken. Also, if you find this one frustrating, i dont recommend doing a Su-33 next. What colors did you use?
  6. Seems like a decent trade off to me.
  7. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    For masses? Sure. In general for everyone including social media and those that are interested in aviation or just Syria conflict? Nope. What makes you think people in russia care or remember what happened with a specific incident almost 2 weeks ago? You think too highly about the average attention span. I am gonna double down and say that they are deploying T-50's because of the Su-25 that was shot down. Prove me wrong. See, you cant, because just as my conspiracy theory is useless, so is yours. Um, ISIL hasnt been the main focus for a good while now. And as Gabor said above, clearly it did for Su-34 and Su-35S. As to the last point, i cant even bother... In actual potential news relevant to the thread and not some delusional dreams; As said, unconfirmed. There are news circulating that 2 additional T-50's were deployed, that is complete nonsense. Probably just returning T-50's from the unconfirmed mission above.
  8. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    I mean, you bring up a point i wanted to say but figured it would be obviously too political. If they were to control or affect news cycle, it is obvious they would have done it differently than sending random planes to Syria... Otherwise; 509 and 511. (not that there was much doubt they are the prime suspects)
  9. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Exactly. Making some sort of conspiracy theory that they sent over T-50's (and then officially kept silent about it) to push some news away and have this as replacement is laughable at best. One could be making that sort of argument about any news ever from Russia. I for one think Russia won in figure skating in order to push the T-50 news away; http://www.bbc.com/sport/winter-olympics/42981323 I mean, as i dont see a dedicated T-50/PAK-FA news story on the front page it must be true. (it is given a passing reference here) So yeah, any sort of news control like that or to boost Putin's approval and whatnot before the "elections" would only make sense for domestic audience, which is certainly what 11bee must have meant. And there hasnt been a beep about the deployment from the state-controlled media beyond lenta. If they were given orders to push the deployment, they would shout it from the roof tops. Yet they dont. And even if they did, connecting it to a specific other Syria-related news story is obviously ridiculous. The fact they are deployed is news in itself.
  10. Su-57 (PAK-FA) in Syria

    Considering there hasnt been basically a peep in the news about the deployment - you would need to work on your theory some more...
  11. SU-35 BORT 902 - help needed

    See here. (two pages, high res) And here.
  12. You two do realize they have made 1/48 XB-70 and 1/48 B-36, right?

  14. Pre-production or not, atleast 1 more person on earth has those issues with the kit (Jeffrey) and when i pointed out and asked about the most prominent panelline issue in your thread you ignored it and continued on with the quite literal sales pitch. It is safe to assume every other kit that has been made so far has these panelline issues too. So pre-production or not is irrelevant in this case. Note, i asked you before Jeffrey posted his pictures. Also disappointingly, instead of Haneto answering in a direct manner he is doing some sort of sales pitch too. Is that particular panelline wrong (or just photography, light etc), was it by design, or was it not? To break down Haneto's comment though; After seeing hundreds of pictures, i wasnt aware panellines on Su-35S, or any other plane, could/are varying that much in scale. And clearly, it doesnt. That panelline is barely seen, yet alone 10 cm deep in 1/1 scale. I guess, only the issue is that this example goes against its purpose here. In order to fix the spine panelline, one has to fill and rescribe it. Preferably with superglue. Which is decidedly more work than just deepen it. It being deep is not really the issue imho. Panellines can be deep (whether they are too deep or not is a matter of taste), the issue is with sharpness and consistency.