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  1. Berkut

    Next 1:48 GWH kit - Su-25?

    There is, however, a rumor of a rumor.
  2. Can't help you much with the questions beyond that googling on both english and russian it is indeed correct that the IP's are black. In fact, the cockpit appears to be mostly black overall. But, i didnt realize the kit was already out. What is your impressions of it?
  3. Berkut

    Su-27 Kitty Hawk 1:48

    Pre Modernization 74 had a different bort number and scheme. It is hard to tell due to resolution but it seems to me the IRST is centered and i dont see RWR's on slats. So to me it seems the artist just saw some pictures of Su-27SM's and used them as a template for scheme/colors but the frame remained to be vanilla Su-27.
  4. Berkut

    Su-27 Kitty Hawk 1:48

    Su-35S and Su-27 share very little in common beyond OML. I doubt ScaleMates has any actual insight into design of this kit and it is far more likely it was just someone who thought Su-35S is just a variant of Su-27 and that is that. Unless KH plans to screw it up spectacularly, this kit would need to be completely new tool.
  5. Berkut

    New here

    Welcome. 🙂 There is a own subsection for selling/trading kits way on the bottom.
  6. Berkut

    Zhuhai Air Show 2018

    Um, what?
  7. Berkut

    Zhuhai Air Show 2018

    J-20 doesn't use serrated nozzles. And the engine has so far been some sort of Salut Al-31FM3 modification while they are developing WS-15. EDIT: Actually i now remember there is atleast one frame testing WS-10 on J-20, with serrated nozzles, but the currently operational ones do not use that engine or the nozzle.
  8. Berkut

    Zhuhai Air Show 2018

    WS-10 on J-20? That doesnt sound right. And to be honest the cobra maneuver looked very unimpressive even compared to vanilla Su-27.
  9. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    And the other 2/3 are asinine political threads i assume.
  10. Berkut

    Su-30SM 'Flanker-H' in 2019!

    If Zvezda has any sense (and they seem to be pretty sensible) they wont be making T-10M. It is not a Su-27 with canards on, it would basically need to be designed and tooled from scratch.
  11. I have been quietly following your thread all those years Jan and it has been a pleasure to see the progress. Congrats on finishing the beast! Now, unto 1/72 Tu-160? 😛 (i have one, no idea why, reasons, i guess)
  12. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Whoosh. And they show what, exactly? This is fundamentally wrong. There is no "in between". CAD's is tooling, tooling is CAD's.
  13. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    And did you actually check the CAD's?
  14. Berkut

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Print it out and read it like a bible before fondling the kit.