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  1. It has been a long time since i have read any Flanker books but i would be surprised if the major ones didnt mention it at all. Otherwise; I had a nicer, higher resolution stuff somewhere but that is what i found for now anyway.
  2. Cross-section of the fuselage is significantly larger. This is easily seen from the radome and stinger.
  3. That is so edgy that i got a papercut from this comment.
  4. Everything. Su-37 is based upon T-10M (original soviet Su-35) and frame was simply bigger, everything else you can think of, from cockpit to landing gear is different too.
  5. Looks promising, and certainly a massive step up from the original Zvezda T-50 kit which was nothing short of a disaster. I can't tell 100% certainly, but are the exhaust dropping (like they should be in a resting position) on the finished build on the box? Levcon's should be dropping too, but they are certainly able to be dropped as they are separate parts. Really hoping it will be out and available by the time i will be in Moscow for MAKS! That is a good question, and the short answer is yes. What kind of changes exactly, will depend on what frame you pick. Wingtips as they are in the kit, are technically only correct for T-50-1 and -2. I can't tell with certainty, but the base intakes under the vertical stabs appear to be angled inwards, which is correct for T-50-3 and prototypes after it. The stinger, atleast judging from the CAD's appears to be one found on "Phase 2" frames, from T-50-6-2 and onwards. Same with the double tooth main landing gear doors and the badly (judging from the build pics) represented airbleed on the side of the intakes. In short, the kit should be a decent starting block but if you want to backdate it really correct to early frames, you would need to shorten the stinger at the very least. The airbleed on the intakes and double tooth is easy enough to change. The intakes base under the vertical stabs is definitely not, so all in all, seems the easiest and most correct conversion (unless one ignore the base intakes) to an early frame with splinter would be either T-50-3 or -4.
  6. Pre-order price 50,3$ at HobbyEasy.
  7. Can you make a thread about us needing a new tool 1/72 SR-71? You know, for science...
  8. It may not be a toy, but it is certainly a target.
  9. While i understand the logic and considerations of doing announcements like that please consider that no matter how good your team's research is (and any experts that are helping out on any given subject) chances are, mistakes in CAD will be spotted by eagle eyed, rivet counting, modelbuilders. So IMHO, an announcement should happen, then a grace period applied (one month or so?) where you can get feedback on possible mistakes in the CAD so that it is changed before any metal is cut. During that grace period some work like for example instruction manual and box design can continue happening so that it doesnt completely stall the project during that time.
  10. Had the gut feeling someone would just smartass their way into that one, and thought of including that disclaimer but decided against giving out the bait. 😛
  11. It is almost as if Hasegawa's kit doesn't make money for Kinetic. Hence the gazzilions of Bf-109's, Fw-190's, Spitfires and such.
  12. I have not. If they reach out and have specific questions/need help i can help out, but otherwise based upon previous experience i don't plan to do so myself.
  13. I am not sure, but i dont believe they have. They did at some point promise to update/rework MiG-25 (which was a goddamn atrocity) but it never happened. I haven't taken a detailed look at either their Su-35S or Su-34, but overall those seems passable although unremarkable other than the head-scratching decision of offering no "resting position" exhaust nozzles for Su-35S. I very very looking forward to that one, considering i have been waiting for one ever since first T-50 flight. No, first Zvezda kit doesnt count and neither does the HB one. Have been meaning to contact Zvezda to offer help/guidance on the new T-50/Su-57 kit but havent gotten around it.
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