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  1. Yup, definitely just me. I am just getting Vietnam flashbacks from the god awful Trumpeter 1/32 one.
  2. Maybe it is just me, and i am by no means an Su-25 expert; But does it look off somehow to anyone else? Cant really but my finger on it but it feels like the whole nose section is off? Probably just me though, as Zvezda tends to be overall accurate in the overall shape. (ignoring T-50, as that was literally actively sabotaged by Sukhoi/FSB)
  3. Roughly by memory, new set. IIRC larger diameter than Su-27's wheels and hence larger than Su-35S too.
  4. I would be willing to help out but; 1; What brand of paints are you using? 2; AKAN does have MiG-29SMT camo paint packages. 3; Note there are two MiG-29SMT splinter camo schemes. The original one and the repainted (atrociously done) one, it has darker dark grey color.
  5. Beat me to it with this. Absolutely worth a try!
  6. I bet they are vaccinated, unlike you. 😘🙂 With that being said, dog tax;
  7. Such a beast of a plane. If MiG-31 is "interceptor turned up to 10" then MiG-31M must be like turned up to like 12. Still holds longest air-to-air kill ever, 25 years later... Fantastic model (of a rare subject!) and really well done photography too.
  8. Yeah, i didnt even make it 5 min in. I really tried. Really bad takes all around.
  9. Finally got my first shot on Friday, second will be in early September. I can already hear Bill's smooth voice in my head and i have strange Magneto-like superpowers now... PS; In terms of actual side-effects, literally only a slightly sore shoulder. As if i was punched there, and essentially gone already.
  10. Of course. I am just saying this thought it is export only is mostly an internet thing. We will see if and when RuAF will be buying T-75's, but i am willing to bet that they will. Don't forget S-70 Jens... It is pretty big deal, literally and figuratively. Sukhoi is on a massive roll. "DrRansom" on secretprojects.co.uk summed it up nicely;
  11. Not trying to hang you out to dry but in past you have said multiple times that the sidebays of T-50 cannot possibly be bays. This is multiple times over multiple occasions btw, despite of the presented evidence. IIRC you said it is more likely they house hydraulics for LEVCON's. We have known literally since day 1 of T-50 first taking to the sky (29 January 2010) that they are indeed sidebays. Since then there has been mountain of evidence, including a video of them in action.
  12. Nice joke. They most certainly are not. I have called out two of said idiots and their response didnt convey any shame whatsoever. Or you know, when you have claimed multiple times in not-so-distant-past that T-50 doesnt have sidebays and that they must be something else. But hey, water under the bridge? 😉 Now, I am still not any more enlightened as to what responses you are referring to. I am just genuinely curious.
  13. It is mostly aimed for export, true, but nobody is saying RuAF wont be buying it or are interested. On the contrary. There was a news article that i saw yesterday where an official said they will of course be buying it. Dont remember where i read it now, will try to find if you want the source.
  14. To what exactly? And it can't possibly be as comical as the idiots claiming it looked exactly like F-35 based on bad pictures of airframe being wrapped in tarp and being moved. They had amazing Mk3 eyesight to be able to look through the tarp, but not amazing enough to analyze that the tail configuration is completely different. Those who claimed that it looked like F-35 are nowhere to be seen now that it is unveiled... How strange.
  15. Note that there are two different kinds of MiG-29K, the original one that was in competition against Su-27K (Su-33) and the modern one. They are very different. The short answer to your question is; Nope. A vanilla MiG-29 (9.12/9.13) is radically different from either of the K's and one would essentially have to scratch build everything, it is far more involved than the landing gear.
  16. Yes, during my research i also found out there was a weld line there but being so small i didnt bother with it, just filled the recessed panelline.
  17. Lets just say when the 'rona is over! See the filled panelline on the wings, that section is just one large panel;
  18. Excellent detail additions. Remember to remove/fill the extra panelline on each wing after the fences. (Was removed in CAD but too late for tooling) Also, kinda proud of myself to finish it before you even though i had like 5 years headstart. 😎😛
  19. There is quite a bit of information claiming that Su-34 uses FM1 and even FM2 but they in fact use vanilla Al-31F still. Maybe that will change with Su-34M, who knows, especially now that Su-30SM is getting Izd.117S. I think it is probably correct that Al-31F nozzles are closer to Su-37's than Al-41F1S, but that would require more modification obviously. Yes and no. Su-37 nozzles do move directly up and down but Su-30SM and Su-35S nozzles also move up and down only, but they affect 3D space. This is because they are slightly rotated and if you were to draw their movement it woul
  20. No wonder your loading times are not silly long anymore - SSD's are godsend. Atleast i assume you mean SSD. Seriously, anyone who is reading this thread and somehow still uses hard drive, upgrade to SSD asap zulu. They are like what, 80 bucks for 512GB these days? Just make sure you get a decent one as there is some difference in tech. Also, congrats on scoring a new generation graphics card (good pick too), finding them is atleast as hard as finding a honest politician!
  21. Great job so far, especially the engine looks excellent! I am building one myself so this is a nice inspiration. 🙂
  22. LOL, nice admission to being wrong after being so adamant and arrogant about it... Oh well. And yeah, even if they did get it wrong that would tots make the kit unbuildable.🙄
  23. Excellent and clean build Benner, but not too clean. 👍
  24. A product quality is directly proportional to the effort that those that develop it put in it. And Kitty Hawk is not known to be putting effort in their kits.
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