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  1. Admin's only caught up to him because he was reported, maybe by others prior but by me yesterday. Same story for his previous accounts.
  2. It was another one of Uncle Uncool's alter egos. He has been bannaned like a dozen times at this point.
  3. Uncle Uncool, are you done spamming nonsense yet or?
  4. Just to reassure you even more; Yes, R-77-1 and R-73 together is most certainly a load that can and is being used.
  5. Busy looking at this kits sprues. They are impressive to say it mildly. Beyond that i am only sharing information with the developers of the kit for now. 🙂 PS; Chivas Regal 12 is very meh.
  6. 10 years ago today since the first T-50 flight! Picture of T-50-1 by me at MAKS 2019;
  7. First serial Su-57 crashed today during testing. According to preliminary information, the culprit was control system. Pilot ejected and is fine.
  8. Spot on weathering as always Seb, looking sharp.👍
  9. Not really, we dont know for certain what variant they will be doing and they use random placeholders instead of boxart. The 1/48 Su-57 announcement has T-50-1 picture for example.
  10. Detail level looks awesome as usual of course, but i gotta agree with Ken on his points, especially regarding the nozzles, looks very strange with the step... Love the option to have Irbis displayed, can you confirm Haneto whether the nosecone can "click" into the place (ie one can take it off/put it on as one wishes) or does one have to glue it in place? Some news regarding Su-35S; Apparently the double launcher for R-77-1 is actually serial and in service. Talked with ground crews at MAKS and asked specifically about it, and according to them they have it "in stock"..
  11. Great job on the conveyor belt building Moritz! Nice way of thinning the stash, somehow, even if for a second.😄 And airbrushing is certainly a dark art...
  12. Because? I.... I cant argue with this. Also can confirm, use bike all year long here in Norway. Took a ride today for fun.
  13. Then you have a second chance to make your exact point clearer. You said that there wont be many Tesla's running if the power has been off for days - i said that applies to ICE (including hybrids) too. ICE, or hybrids, need electricity too, just to refine oil into one liter of gasoline you need about 35kWh. How, exactly, am i missing your point? Seems to me you conveniently ignored my counter point because you didnt think of it and it doesn't fit you worldview. Yes, and as i said electricity have many potential sources, as demonstrated across the world. Gasoline has only one sou
  14. The glass was tested several times before the unveil throwing the same ball with nothing happening to it. There is atleast three different sources that support that. So they were unlucky with it, likely developed micro-fractures during the earlier testing that finally cracked during the unveil. Excellent logic right there. Last i checked electricity is needed to run gas stations too. And unlike electricity, there is only one source for gasoline - dead dinosaurs. Plenty of sunshine in California so given enough solar power, there will be more electric vehicles running if t
  15. Damn dude, you are knocking these Flankers out of the park! Amazing job on this one too!
  16. Yeah, because it is a crime to look as good as it does. First serial Su-57 undergoing final assembly; Video shows it + second serial frame;
  17. But how could one possibly build a kit that is unbuildable?!?! 🙄
  18. Hmm, if it was a gift from Seb, then it was probably technically a gift from me which was in turn, a gift from AMK. 😄 If so, should be fairly low serial number on the inside of the lid. 😉 My AMK MiG-31BM serial number 1 is safe and sound... Excellent job so far! The intake/landing gear bay/engine assembly is a work of art imho, but it requires tiny bit of patience. The fit for those parts is perfect, meaning that atleast in my case one had to be careful and remove primer/paint on the edges where one glues the parts. If one does that, it will click away with no issues. 🙂 The wheels
  19. Eagerly watching this one! M-17 is still waiting for me in box but i have no place to put the finished build anyway as of now... Nice job on the cockpit, their K-36 seats must be one of the best ones OOB in any scale?
  20. ARC's search function has always been a complete nightmare, recommend using Google and setting it to ARC specifically. For example "F-15 site:http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/" (without quote marks)
  21. Yeah, that is no good. Those that ordered through the crowdfunding campaign took the biggest risk so their orders should have been serviced as soon as possible.
  22. It is almost as if it was changed and added after my reply, and it is almost as if the edit "Thanks Berkut!!!" gives that away. Almost, but impossible to tell really... Anyway, hopefully boom175 gets ahold of one, and sending it as letter *should* be fairly cheap no? (atleast even with norwegian prices i dont think it would have been too terrible) Might be worth contacting Eduard too, just in case, never know. I have had good experience with TAKOM getting ahold of some modified parts for their V-2.
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