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  1. Waco

    New F-15E Nose Art Photos

    For those who might be interested, in addition to the large, 18x24” print depicting all 18 jets, I now have available maquette prints. These are 11x17” single subject prints, available for any one of the 18 you choose as your favorite! Check em out here: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/maquette/products/391st-bold-tigers-maquette-print
  2. Waco

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    I was holding out for the tenth anniversary celebration.
  3. Waco

    New F-15E Nose Art Photos

    Yep! All 18 of these jets are on the 391st OIR print I did up for the squadron! Released a little over a month ago, and still available on the Third Offset Designs site. There are some pretty neat designs in the group: Bold Tigers OIR Print I’ve also got some nice closeups of the nose art posted on the company FaceBook page as well: https://facebook.com/3rdOffset/ Click on “photos” or scroll down a bit, and check out some of our other artwork as well.
  4. Waco

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    I might be questioning you! Are you a Goa'uld infiltrator? A Jaffa in disguise!?! I've got a Zat, and I'm not afraid to use it!!!
  5. Waco

    Air-to-Air Combat Between India and Pakistan

    I call BS. There have been two iterations of SG-7, both of which have been wiped out. All of SG-7 original scientific research team was wiped out by a Goa'uld engineered virus; the second team was wiped out by the Reetou in a 3-way battle with Kali's Jaffa, excepting Captain Kirti Patel. So unless you are Captain Patel, I call BS.
  6. I don't consider this off-topic at all. And I agree, from what you can see of the right side on that pic, those are all GBU-38s. Also, to turn this back towards my original "advertisement," I'll be listing individual prints of each of these jets as maquettes this week (11x17"), so if you have a single favorite, but don't want the larger print, you can order one of those. Thanks for those who've ordered! Shipping all outstanding orders out tomorrow.
  7. The sure fire way to tell the difference between GBU-38s and -54s is the thin metal steps across the bomb body. -38s do not have these. -54s have three metal straps; they hold the add-on conduit in place that carries data from the laser seeker (generally the black half dome on the nose) to the tail assembly and guidance kit. 38s May have a black or cream colored half dome fairing on the nose if they are armed with a prox fuse, as per the ones in the DVIDs pic I linked.
  8. Aaron - Check out this pic here; it's similar to the print's configuration, except it shows the opposite side of the aircraft: https://www.dvidshub.net/image/5021612/fortune-favors-bold In this pic, you can see a (GBU-31v3) was/is carried on the centerline, if you really zoom in and look between the 500 pounders' fins. I was asked to include that by the squadrons (both 494 and 391), and it is on the print, just hard to see behind the mix of GBU-38s and -54s on the lower CFT stations. 2x 120s on the left wing is what I was asked to reproduce, hence you can only see one of them.
  9. Sales link is now live! Thanks for the compliments, folks! This one was a lot of fun to draw up. Just like the 494th print. The direct connection to the guys working and turning these jets in combat, every day, really makes preserving this heritage important. I’ve enjoyed the hell out of it. 391st OIR Print
  10. Guys, I'm not in the decal business. My company produces prints. The Bold Tigers print is the latest in my "Heritage Series" line, and will be printed at 18x24". Our smaller maquettes (the F-18s and the 75th Anniversary) are printed at 11x17". However, I would not be surprised if decal manufacturers pick up these aircraft in the near future. It certainly happened quickly with the Lakenheath 494th jets, for which I also released a print. Thanks for checking out my site though! I've got some pretty cool stuff there, I think!
  11. So apparently, this trend on deployed Strike Eagles with nose art is going to continue, and in a big way! My humble side hustle, Third Offset Designs, is proud to present our second print capturing the heritage of OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE deployed F-15Es, this time from the 391st Fighter Squadron. This print will be available starting Wednesday, March 13th, from Third Offset Designs. Here's a quick preview video of the print, and some of the artwork. I'll add a full size picture once the print is on sale: 391st EFS - OPERATION INHERENT RESOLVE Also, if you hadn't checked us out for a while, we've got a few new Maquette prints, which are 11x17" single subjects, including The USN Legacy Hornet Sundown, an RCAF print for the 2018 CF-18 NORAD 60th Anniversary Demo, and another 366FW F-15E for the Mountain Home 75th Anniversary celebration. Check 'em out, they're pretty cool. Thanks for looking!
  12. Good grief, I’d almost purged that memory, Storm. What a train wreck.
  13. First of all, Maestro is an exceptional, humble, dedicated commander, and I think Rogoway’s article dragging him is utter garbage writing at its worst. He had to go back 15+ years, to find a video that was never for public consumption, for which the dude was already punished (LOR and some time on the ground), and from which he’s recovered nicely. I’d be more interested in seeing who was the chicken-ish who leaked that to Rogoway than I am in seeing anything more on that topic. As far as Capt Kotnik, if anyone thinks the Wg/CC fired her from the demo lead job without informing and discussing with the entire chain of command, you don’t much get how this works. This young fighter pilot was endorsed and celebrated by everyone up to and including the SecAF. You don’t take disciplinary action against a public figure like that without first informing the senior leadership so they are prepared for blowback (and the AF knew there’d be some). I’m certain—bet my next paycheck certain—the entire AF senior leadership knew, approved, and supported this disciplinary action. Returning to the Rogoway’s article and his smear attempt, there is nothing illegal or immoral about the video. It is immature, crass, and a little crude, but it doesn’t cross those thresholds. Also, Maestro was not in a public position as the face of the Air Force when he participated in making that video. Capt Kotnik was very much the public face of the AF. If she did something illegal or immoral, then yes, she should’ve immediately been removed from the position. If she did something that, if public, would reflect poorly on the values, image, or messages the AF entrusted her to present, then she should’ve been immediately removed from her position. So it’s very likely the conduct or event responsible for her removal falls into those categories. Coincidentally, those types of incidents or events tend to be extremely embarssing and have the potential to stick with someone’s reputation forever. So it is extremely likely the AF (and the 20FW/CC) are trying to help her out by NOT publicizing said event. Rogoway continuing to force the spotlight on her is not helping. I’d argue, given his own very public embarrassment, Maestro knows better than anybody how to handle this with tact and consideration for the affected airman. The range of things that would be valid justification for removing her in such a short timeframe is too lengthy to list. A few: DUI, fraternization, assault, public drunkenness, etc. does it do Caot Zotnik any favors if one of those is thrown in the public arena? No, it does not. The young fighter pilot pilot has received her punishment. Now, folks can fight to have her story drug out and potentially make it worse, or they can trust the Commander who has publicly stated he wants her to have a second chance, continue to build her career, and, hopefully, learn from her Wing Commander’s example of how you recover from an event like this. quote/ #savezoe /endquote Yes, by letting her keep her privacy and dignity intact, and trusting the Commander looking out for her best interests.
  14. That’s not even remotely what he said.