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  1. ...sometimes, it's just too easy. I'm going let this one go. It's too much like clubbing baby seals.
  2. Pssh....of course the old Blockhead would waste his time on a game that takes a literal eternity and feels like two of them to watch. Hockey playoff season is ramping up. And with his penchant for all things Philly, Moe Vinnie must be sorely disappointed the Flyers golf season is about to begin.
  3. No, no. No such time. I’m proudly continuing in my current job, serving in uniform. Professional sports was never really my strong suit. And I don’t like golf, so retirement doesn’t seem like a viable option either. Guess I’ll just keep on keep in’ on, as they say. Somebody’s gotta keep putting their hand to metal, and doing real work, as some folks say. We can’t all sit back and be texperts, yearning for the glory days. But hey, you do you, boo. *break* Are there any updates still posting on the main page? I get a broken link when I try to visit
  4. I think I’m a little old to start a second career as a professional football player, but thanks for the vote of confidence. But once again, thanks for being your predictable, adorable little self, Reddog. Is that an option? Do we get to take a vote? Is there a formal nomination process?
  5. Someone needs to defend the Fudge Stripes. They’re a national treasure. And not the Nicolas Cage conspiracy kind, a real national treasure.
  6. “Disappointing to see this thread deteriorating into a slap fight between two people. More disappointing that one of the people keeping it going is a mod.” Seems like only one side is slapping. The other is emitting a constant high pitched noise, but it’s common for that variant. Anyway, how ‘bout that upcoming NFL draft?
  7. Reddog - a charming, classy response from you as always. You seem like you’d be fun at parties. I recommend you up the Metamucil dosage, you seem cranky. Otherwise, never change, pumpkin. iBTL…
  8. That’s mean. And untrue, as it turns out.
  9. Wow....4 years between posts. That's a heckuva catnap, RCF.
  10. It’s Flap Jackelope!! Why there hasn’t been a sighting in years! Tis a springtime miracle!
  11. What is your name? What is your quest? What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
  12. Wow, even “more recent” pics of Barksdale A-10s are going to be almost 9 years old…last of those jets departed in 2013. So really, you’ve got quite the research project on your hands. You might try searching the DVIDS database.
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