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  1. “Probably the coolest jet aircraft ever, turns 50 today. First flight 21 December 1970.” That’s a ridiculously subjective comment. Counter-argument: “one of the most overrated jet aircraft ever—propped up by a mid-80s US Navy propaganda film—would’ve turned 50 today, had it not been retired from front line service over 14 years ago.” And yes, I know the IRGC still flies them.
  2. I know there's a few fans of the Skull and Bones out there, so....for your humble consideration, here's the latest offering from my side hustle. Available HERE if you are so interested. Thanks for checking it out!
  3. https://lmgtfy.app/?q=F-15E+deployed LMGTFY - F-15E Deployed They are not particularly hard to find. There's tons of photos of filthy forward deployed F-15Es. If you're modeling it while it's at home station, straight off the wash rack or out of the paint barn, then sure. But considering the Lakenheath Strike Eagles, and particularly the 494th, have been deployed a whole lot of the past several years, you'd be equally valid in modeling a heavily weathered aircraft. As a bonus, they've also worn a bunch of cool temporary nose art while deploye
  4. There are Reserve and Guard exclusive bases, such as Homestead which is an Air Reserve Base, but many times, AFBs share facilities between Guard, Reserve, and Active Duty units. Maxwell is an AFB, under an Active Duty Airbase Wing. The 908th is a tenant unit. A primary driver was the fact that, with the accelerated divestiture of the legacy C-130s, the 908th needed a new mission quickly, or else its Airmen would be out of a job when the Hercs left. The timing worked well to replace the C-130s with MH-139s. Proximity to suitable training ranges then likely came into pl
  5. In all fairness, this is a jet at home station, with full access to all support, wash rack, and paint barn facilities, engaged only in training missions. Take a look at how some forward deployed E-models look after only a few weeks ina desert environment. They are often absolutely filthy, with dirt and dust caked onto every panel gap, fluid leak, and condensation point on the airframe. They’re not always this clean.
  6. Well, Maxwell isn’t an Air Reserve Base, it’s an Active Duty AFB, with a slew of tenant units. The largest of those is Air University, but the majority of the tenants are all Active Duty. The 908th, however, is a Reserve Wing, is a tenant unit on the base, and will become the MH-139 Formal Training Unit after divesting of its C-130s. 908th will transition from being a Herc unit to the new mission, but the base designation and mission will not change....the Reserve Wing will remain a tenant unit on the Active Duty owned airbase. And the Reserves do operate J-models, albeit not sl
  7. Fun fact, those schemes are just part of a complete deck designed by ARCer Trigger for VFC-12; they were leaked before any selections were made, and with no credit attributed.
  8. About to publish a new print featuring more Eagle nose art, this time from the light gray side. This print will be available from Third Offset Designs starting this Friday, 23 October. Just as with all Third Offset Designs' nose art prints, you can order direct here: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/ Check out this outstanding nose art from the 44th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron and AMU! Recently returned from CENTCOM AOR, these C-models followed the lead of many of their E-model predecessors, and added some incredible artwork to their jets. Third Offset Des
  9. Waco


    “You're guaranteed not see any of that BS the NFL is pushing.“ Is that BS the exercising of personal rights and freedoms? Is that the BS the NFL is pushing. But you’re right, instead you can see a whole different flavor of stuff. 🤷🏻‍♂️ Remember, not everyone views the world through the same lenses.
  10. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Apparently the answer is to cancel everything and hide in our homes forever.
  11. “It’s not going to really be “safe” until there is an effective vaccine and most everyone has received it.” So, never? Given the fact this virus will continually mutate, like most coronaviruses, a vaccine will be, at best, minimally effective. And given the number of people who’ve already said they will not get the vaccine, either because it’s been rushed and long term effects are unknown, or because they’re antivaxxers on principle, or because they’re conspiracy theorists, you’ll never get a majority vaccinated. So...then what? We never send kids back to school? Cancel
  12. “To keep everyone safe.” im genuinely curious what the endgame is for all of this. What’s the threshold that has to be met to declare it, “safe.” It seems no one has any idea. We’re well past, “flatten the curve.” Can’t fight it, but seriously: what’s the endgame?
  13. HEY! As the questionable appointed head of an organization somewhat dedicated to opposing the old moss covered false deity, I demand there’s a stop to all this talk of “preaching him more,” and revival of this thread. Seriously, as long as it doesn’t cut into my time watching Golden Girls reruns, I’m pretty dedicated to stopping the Moai at a reasonable, not too economically challenging cost. Maybe. If it doesn’t interrupt drinking time. But seriously, stop revitalizing this thread and giving him free press. The CoV hasn’t been able to afford any operational budget
  14. At a minimum, I’d expect you’ll see some minor markings changes. AFRC on the jet, AFRC patch on the tail, possibly a tail code change, depending on when the iron swaps over and the associated flying hour program switches streams. It’s possible you might see some other changes, but purely speculative at this point. Operationally? You won’t see much change. The preponderance of pilots will switch from being active-duty to being Reservists. This is a double benefit, as it allows the Aggressirs to hold onto experienced aviators and maintainers a lot longer, ensuring con
  15. Strategic landscapes change, weapons change, geopolitics changes....it is not unreasonable to ask if we need to continue holding a presence we’ve held for almost 80 years, at extreme cost. Particularly when deterrence can be accomplished using more modern methods than massive forward bases in foreign countries.
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