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  1. Good grief, I’d almost purged that memory, Storm. What a train wreck.
  2. First of all, Maestro is an exceptional, humble, dedicated commander, and I think Rogoway’s article dragging him is utter garbage writing at its worst. He had to go back 15+ years, to find a video that was never for public consumption, for which the dude was already punished (LOR and some time on the ground), and from which he’s recovered nicely. I’d be more interested in seeing who was the chicken-ish who leaked that to Rogoway than I am in seeing anything more on that topic. As far as Capt Kotnik, if anyone thinks the Wg/CC fired her from the demo lead job without informing and discussing with the entire chain of command, you don’t much get how this works. This young fighter pilot was endorsed and celebrated by everyone up to and including the SecAF. You don’t take disciplinary action against a public figure like that without first informing the senior leadership so they are prepared for blowback (and the AF knew there’d be some). I’m certain—bet my next paycheck certain—the entire AF senior leadership knew, approved, and supported this disciplinary action. Returning to the Rogoway’s article and his smear attempt, there is nothing illegal or immoral about the video. It is immature, crass, and a little crude, but it doesn’t cross those thresholds. Also, Maestro was not in a public position as the face of the Air Force when he participated in making that video. Capt Kotnik was very much the public face of the AF. If she did something illegal or immoral, then yes, she should’ve immediately been removed from the position. If she did something that, if public, would reflect poorly on the values, image, or messages the AF entrusted her to present, then she should’ve been immediately removed from her position. So it’s very likely the conduct or event responsible for her removal falls into those categories. Coincidentally, those types of incidents or events tend to be extremely embarssing and have the potential to stick with someone’s reputation forever. So it is extremely likely the AF (and the 20FW/CC) are trying to help her out by NOT publicizing said event. Rogoway continuing to force the spotlight on her is not helping. I’d argue, given his own very public embarrassment, Maestro knows better than anybody how to handle this with tact and consideration for the affected airman. The range of things that would be valid justification for removing her in such a short timeframe is too lengthy to list. A few: DUI, fraternization, assault, public drunkenness, etc. does it do Caot Zotnik any favors if one of those is thrown in the public arena? No, it does not. The young fighter pilot pilot has received her punishment. Now, folks can fight to have her story drug out and potentially make it worse, or they can trust the Commander who has publicly stated he wants her to have a second chance, continue to build her career, and, hopefully, learn from her Wing Commander’s example of how you recover from an event like this. quote/ #savezoe /endquote Yes, by letting her keep her privacy and dignity intact, and trusting the Commander looking out for her best interests.
  3. That’s not even remotely what he said.
  4. Waco

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    I mean, to be fair, this thread predates the AMK Tomcat by well over a decade. Although given the vitriol surrounding that piece of vaporware, I could understand if you thought the drama had been going on far longer. Somewhere in here, the blockhead will post something about having always been here. Ignore him, come over to the CoV side. We have cookies. I think. If Frank hasn't eaten them all.
  5. Pssssh. You think actual experience matters for anything here? This is the INTERNET! What I believe has much greater intrinsic value than actual facts.
  6. Waco

    USMC KC-130 Crash, Fatalities

    You have a fundamental misunderstanding of how military aviation mishap investigations occur. There are two reporting channels, one for safety reporting, which is non-punitive and intentionally designed to capture important flying safety lessons, share them, and prevent future mishaps. These reports are never made public, and it is—in fact—a criminal act to release them. The second is an accident/mishap/incident investigation, which is designed to ascertain blame, fault, or negligence, is punitive in nature, involves lawyers and the reading of rights, and from which some type of report is always published. The report you’ve cited falls into the latter category. Of note, the two types of investigations often come to differing conclusions, and due to the vastly different natures of their raison d’etre, have access to different information.
  7. Waco

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    I merely throw it out there because I know some folks had asked about availability for specific tails that Kursad said he was NOT doing, due to lack of reference availability. So, for those who might want to do a specific bird which is not on the Caracal sheet, there's other options. I also believe there is a third company that will also be releasing these, so it appears the subject is pretty well covered.
  8. Waco

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    We’re thinking of starting a CoV coupon club to raise some funds.
  9. Waco

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    For whatever it’s worth, to those interested: Maximum Effort Eagles
  10. Waco

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    Remember, if you're cold, they're cold. Bring them inside. Once they're inside, you can then say, "we've got company." Seriously, regarding the failed CoV fundraising telethon? I'm afraid we've got a situation here.
  11. Waco

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    Thanks again, folks. If you follow the page on Facebook, I'm posting a few pics of the actual jets as they're sent to me by the crewdawgs themselves (when they give permission). Pretty cool. Also gotten a few queries about the side hustle itself. Yes, I have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/3rdOffset/ I also have a direct sales store, via Shopify: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/ And finally, I've currently got a clearance sale going on with all the Centennial and Anniversary prints from the last few years reduced to $25 per print to clear the remaining inventory for new stuff: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/clearance-sale The 50th Anniversary Wild Weasels print, in particular, has been selling like hotcakes, and I've only got around a dozen or so remaining: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/clearance-sale/products/wild-weasels-heritage-print More cool stuff to come....I'm now working with a few other E-model squadrons to try and see what can be captured from their nose art as well. Cheers!
  12. Waco

    494th Expeditionary Panthers

    Thank YOU, Steve, for your support. Much appreciated. It has been very fun working with the maintainers to get these details right, and to hear some of the stories behind the nose art. I am humbled that they are pleased with my re-creations of their art.
  13. Thought I'd throw this up on ARC, since I know there are a lot of folks who are big fans both of 48FW at Lakenheath and the Strike Eagle in general. After their recent deployment, the 494th Panthers returned home sporting a pretty awesome array of nose art....that was immediately removed upon recovery to the base. However, I've been working with members of the unit to capture and document all those aircraft, and--as part of my humble little side hustle--have produced the linked Aviation Art Print showing all 15 of the specially marked Strike Eagles. While the print is certainly available for purchase (and right now, my page is running a holiday sale, use discount code SBS18 at checkout to receive 10% off), I'm more throwing this here because I've not seen anyplace yet that has all 15 of the airframes documented. It's pretty cool, and I think the creativity displayed by these airmen is awesome. I'm glad I was able to help them capture this unique piece of heritage from their most recent support to OIR. https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/heritage-series/products/494th-expeditionary-panthers And if you WERE interested in these birds, but maybe didn't want the big print with all of them, I'm also selling "Maquette" prints with single subjects. Use the drop down menu to select your personal favorite: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/maquette/products/494th-deployed-panthers-maquette Drawing these up was a ton of fun, as was working with the (very funny) Airmen who created the original artwork. Thanks for checking them out.
  14. Waco

    A Warning to Moai Vincent

    We were trying to mobilize the CoV for a Thanksgiving Offensive, but it rained, and nobody wanted to get wet. And then we ate some turkey, got sleepy, and decided we needed to make a bunch of important phone calls, to do important things for the CoV. Just the most important things. But the offensive was going to be huge, just the best offensive. It was going to be a big, beautiful offensive. I can tell you that. We're now looking into the possibility of building a wall around Rapa Nui to keep the Moai in. Better to stop them there, than have to fight them here. So we're going to build a wall. And we're going to make the Moai pay for it! I'm told this is a highly successful strategy. We're going to make the CoV great again!