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  1. I swear we've stepped into the most bizarre timeline.
  2. There are actually A LOT of people complaining. And while it’s true their flying hours are already budgeted, flying hours and budget dollars get reallocated all the time. Given shortfalls on POE and testing, I can understand why people are disgruntled. If you don’t understand the finer minutiae of the US federal budget (and who REALLY does?), the confusion is understandable. It’s particularly a bad look since they’re not flying airshow a right now. Well intentioned, but the optics on this are kinda terrible. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.
  3. Probably because it IS a cluster. And I don't care who you are, flying 8,000 miles to make condescending comments to the members of a unit whose boss you just fired is a bad look. To tell them they need to stop complaining (he did, while simultaneously complaining himself about how HE was being treated in the court of public opinion) is an even worse look. To throw down with F-bombs as the SecNav when you're addressing the crew? Bad look. To not realize that your speech was likely to be leaked to the public? "He was either too naive or too stupid to be serving as [Secretary of the Navy]" Here's the thing, if that Captain thought he truly needed to get the crew off the ship, because he'd seen how badly this was spreading throughout the world, and how in the US it was incapacitating younger folks at a higher rate than had previously been seen, and he was concerned it was going to rapidly spread through the confined spaces like wildfire....then maybe he thought this was the only option left. If you actually read his original letter (and some of the follow-on communiques that have also leaked), you know know he expressed his desire that the planned courses-of-action happen FASTER, because he felt like he was running out of time. So he made a judgement call, likely aware that it could cost him his job as soon as he hit, "send." Does SecNav (or other leadership) have the right to express loss of confidence in his ability to command? Absolutely. In fact, if they'd left it at that, and not bothered with this follow up cluster, it probably would've blown over quickly, and faded into obscurity. It DOES say something that none of the uniformed leadership in his chain-of-command wanted him relieved of command, though. Here's the thing: who was right (or wrong, depending on your point of view): the Captain for sending his e-mail? Or the SecNav, for having him relieved for loss of confidence? The correct answer is, "why not both?" In the end, the Captain got what he thought was essential for his crew: they were pulled into port, got medical help, and got the crew being treated/screened/isolated for a potentially dangerous, highly infectious, largely unknown contagion. The fact he lost his Command may not matter to him as much as his own satisfaction that he accomplished this goal. The question many should take from this is, "What would you do?" For those who have the privilege of command, it's not a rhetorical question. For everyone else, it's just Monday morning, armchair quarterbacking. If it entertains you through quarantine to argue about it, so be it. Either way, the world will move on. I suspect the biggest casualty in all of this will be US Navy recruiting and retention, because why on earth would you choose to work in this kind of command environment?
  4. Intriguing. What does one put in a turkey omelet?
  5. Has anybody else watched the Mandolorian and noticed that the Ugnaught played by Nick Nolte sounds an awful lot like Mo Vinnie? He signs off every conversation with, “I have spoken.” Has the Moai infiltrated Star Wars, or does Vinnie hail from long ago, in a galaxy far, far away? Deep thoughts, post turkey dinner...
  6. Can you post the pic you have? Might help with context...
  7. Along with the reasons listed above, you can add to it the fact 1/32 decals do not sell very well. If stock doesn't move, the manufacturers aren't going to make more of them.
  8. As mentioned, there is no HG paint on F-15s, of any flavor. The Heritage bird in question above was painted overall gunship gray, so as to be carrying the same basic scheme as it’s two sister birds from the Strike squadrons at Lakenheath. They do look pretty good altogether, and it was certainly interesting seeing gunship gray on a C-model. D-Day 75th Print
  9. Waco

    57AMXS Print

    Excited to release another new print from Third Offset Designs. This one is very heavily maintenance focused, and was designed for and with the outstanding maintainers from the 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (57AMXS), VIPER Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU). These guys keep all the Weapons School, Aggressor, and OT&E F-16s at Nellis in the air, and are one of the busiest units out at Nellis air patch. Some pretty cool stuff, so I thought I'd share the print here. If you're interested, it's available at: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/heritage-series/products/57amxs-viper-amu-nellis-afb-f-16s
  10. I wanted to thank Jim, and share the pic he sent of his print matted and framed. This is one of the nicest display presentations we've ever gotten back for one of our prints. Very cool! Thank you, Mr Vark!!!
  11. Yeah, the-blueprints.com is a mixed bag. They most certainly do not produce all their own drawings, and while they might have an in house team of artists, the most often repost and republish other sources’ works. For more popular subjects, they might have dozens of direct drawings, each of varying detail, quality, and accuracy. For others, you might end up purchasing a single, mid-level quality drawing with little detail. In short, YMMV. Spend some time comparing their different offerings, and you might find something useful. There’s a equal amount of less than useful material, though.
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