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  1. F-35 news roundup

    Blatantly incorrect.
  2. No smoke generator or sky-writing equipment required. They just got lucky with a relatively low, stable contrails level and low winds aloft. Allowed their flight track to visibly hang around for a while, preserving their "art."
  3. Reshaping Boeing Noses

    TwoMikes Resin did make a 707 nose, but they are now known as Phase Hangar Resin Accessories. You won't find them via search engine as TwoMikes any more. That particular product is still available; it's designed to fit the Minicraft kit: 1:144 Boeing 707 Nose Correction - Phase Hangar Resin Accessories
  4. New Aggressor

    Yes, that "Black" scheme was never intended to be an official scheme. The aircraft received the black before departing from depot, but the tail number was needed for RF-AK before they could complete its scheme. It's since been repainted in the brown-green-black splinter scheme as depicted above. 295....tail number same on both pics.
  5. New Aggressor

    TwoBobs BDU splinter
  6. Failing to see the point....you're correct. There are not many Raptors in service. Although, comparatively, it's not that much lower than the number of combat coded F-15Cs left in service. Not the same as a new munition that's in the early stages of being fielded. Combatant Commander has requested capabilities that only the F-22 can provide, so F-22s are sourced to fulfill the request. Not sure what this has to do with the proliferation of munition types carried by USN fighters.
  7. The Raptors add significant capability in theater, period. And again, there's just not that many Ds in service compared to Cs.
  8. There's a hell of a lot more 120Cs in inventory than 120Ds, and they have excellent shelf-life and captive carry hours remaining. In a theater where you don't NEED the latest and greatest advancements (because there really isn't much in the way of air-to-air threats) you don't want to burn out your 120D airframes. Hell, I'm surprised they're not carrying Bs.
  9. 14th FS Vipers Way Cool Video 2017

    Really? Hell, at 23 years old, that song is practically an oldie. Certainly a classic in military unit promo flicks.... Guess it's good they don't make these videos for you guys. Beats the hell out of 10 minutes of ECS cockpit whine and wind noise. *shrug* Like I said, they don't make these for guys like this audience, so it hardly matters.
  10. It is entirely within the realm of possible he did not have a choice. "Get out there and do some good PA work," is, unfortunately, a legal order.
  11. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    Which one has proven more effective in current ops? Oh....right. Pretty much no comparison then.
  12. Sometimes, upon finding oneself in a hole, it is best to stop digging.
  13. so where is 2020 nats

    Unsurprising. The National Convention is dying a slow, but inevitable death, because some of the elder members of the society are beholden to a format, structure, and process that are no longer viable, particularly in the information age. The Nats needs an update to its format, an update to the process for scheduling and coordinating the event, and if it doesn't happen soon, the event is simply going to stop happening. No bids for 2020 is a huge warning flag.
  14. F-35 news roundup

    I'm still baffled as to how locking your shoulder harness makes it harder to eject. Considering that's one of the steps in a controlled ejection scenario, prior to pulling the ejection handle. And in an uncontrolled ejection scenario, the shoulder reels retract and lock, to help keep your body in the correct position.
  15. Need feedback re: F-14B conversion

    Fair enough! Clearly, you've got fans, so I wish you best of luck with this effort. Sounds like you've got a good balance, and family will be around long after any business/hobby time we pursue. Cheers!