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  1. I'm still baffled as to how locking your shoulder harness makes it harder to eject. Considering that's one of the steps in a controlled ejection scenario, prior to pulling the ejection handle. And in an uncontrolled ejection scenario, the shoulder reels retract and lock, to help keep your body in the correct position.
  2. Fair enough! Clearly, you've got fans, so I wish you best of luck with this effort. Sounds like you've got a good balance, and family will be around long after any business/hobby time we pursue. Cheers!
  3. Darren – You’ve provided a lot of unique products to fill some niche gaps over the years, and clearly, based on the responses above, there is interest and demand for the product you are advertising here. I’m not a huge Tomcat fan, so I can’t really speak to my interest in a “full meal deal” set, but I do look at the price point, and the number of “fixes” and resin parts under consideration, and I have some concerns. I mean this with all sincerity, and you’re a great guy, but frankly, I think you need to hear a bit of direct feedback regarding your proposal. I’ve purchased a few of your products over the years, and the end result has been unfortunately disappointing. While they are unique, and fill a need, they are often soft, lacking in detail, and they require a lot of work to bring up to the same quality/appearance as the rest of the kit. Again, you do a great job of filling the category of products that aren’t going to be produced by anybody else, but when you start talking about a $35, major conversion set, I think you need to step up your game on product quality. I don’t have nearly as much experience on casting as you do, but I think the most readily apparent conclusion is the fact you do not pressure cast your parts. I don’t know if you vacuum depressurize your molds or not, but I’d suspect that is another source of the inconsistency in your casted parts. Between soft details and shapes, casting bubbles, and leakage flash, the end result is typically not what your customers expect. And frankly, it is not keeping pace well with the other resin companies out there. I think this is too bad, because you do provide unique products, fulfill a void for the super-detail oriented modeler, and are a genuinely nice guy. I’d like to see your product succeed wildly, and not be openly mocked in forums for the issues noted above. Long answer to the original question, but would I pay $35 for a major conversion with the current, typical SB casting quality? I would not. I might pay significantly less for a one off, smaller component that I couldn’t get elsewhere, but for that cost, I’d expect a major kit to have greater fidelity, detail, and accuracy than the products I’ve purchased from SB previously. Again, none of this is meant to be personal. I’d like to see your products become the leading edge for accuracy and quality in their particular market share, so I hope you take this opinion into consideration when looking at your options for this F-14B conversion.
  4. Among the more interesting problems Dr Gilmore has helped create is his insistence on side-by-side comparison testing....for example, requiring a flyoff of the F-35 vs. the A-10 to prove which one is better. The problem is, how do you scope such a mission? Given the vastly different capabilities of the two, it is nearly impossible to write an objective scenario which fully explores both aircraft's capabilities and yet allows for direct comparison. Additionally, given Dr Gilmore's position is an appointed, political position, it is probable there will be a new DOT&E Director shortly, which could see a significant change in the direction of the program's review process.
  5. Wasn't that the premise of this thread in the first place? That it would make the false deity go away? You can see how well that's turned out.
  6. You've gotten some good partial answers above. There's lots of good reasons, starting with having nearly all the information displayed on the HUD available wherever you look. This includes things like target tags, wingman symbols, LINK-16 cues, and targeting symbology in addition to basic flight information (airspeed, heading, altitude, pitch, etc). JHMCS has proven tremendously worthwhile in air-to-ground roles, allowing pilots to synch up target descriptions, with cueing designations from ground forces (JTAC, FAC, another aircraft), and with their own eyeballs. This results in much faster target acquisition, particularly if relying on "eyes-on" target. It can also help with quickly ascertaining Collateral Damage, and min-separation distances, if you've got symbology for both the target and the good guys available through the JHMCS. Finally, some latter versions allow for selectable display of additional sensor information, such as targeting pods, etc. Air-to-air wise, even in a non-HOB missile equipped aircraft, they are immeasurably useful in picking up targets when closing to WVR, and can also help in breaking out multiple aircraft from a single track file, determining safe separation from wingman for shots into a turning fight, and for not having to turn your own aircraft to look through the HUD in order to pick up a target. You can also use the helmet to slave sensors (RADAR, IRST, Targeting pod....whatever you're carrying) to your LOS, ensuring that if you've got a visual pickup, you can put your fire control systems onto the target as well. In short, there's lots of applications for helmet mounted cueing, not just for HOBS missiles.
  7. This is 100% not an accurate statement. In fact, commands and commanders are now having formal education and discussions about using social media to bolster unit information, strategic messaging, and to better connect with their troops. Locking yourself away in a closet is not going to help connect to the new, rising generation of digital natives. We have to get better. Saying stuff like the above makes us look curmudgeonly, slow, and unimaginative to those who are growing up wiht technology.
  8. And here I was, optimistically thinking the cyber issues would've finally been the death knell of the giant stone head. Wishful thinking.
  9. I'm like a bad penny. I always turn up.
  10. Lots of very powerful features for sorting, tagging, and tracking posts. I like it!
  11. There are things in this universe that defy all attempts to classify, explain, or justify them. The great mysteries of our time which plague the sleepless minds of philosophers, scientists, and drunkards have always existed. As science advances, it discovers more things it is unable to explain than it has ever explained in the history of documented experimentation. The Moai Vincent thread is one of these: a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, displayed as an indecipherable puzzle for archaeologists and linguists of the follow-on ages. Like the sands of time, or nipples on a male cat, it simply exists. There is no explanation.