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  1. Pssh....of course the old Blockhead would waste his time on a game that takes a literal eternity and feels like two of them to watch.


    Hockey playoff season is ramping up.  And with his penchant for all things Philly, Moe Vinnie must be sorely disappointed the Flyers golf season is about to begin.

  2. No, no.  No such time.  I’m proudly continuing in my current job, serving in uniform.  Professional sports was never really my strong suit.  And I don’t like golf, so retirement doesn’t seem like a viable option either.


    Guess I’ll just keep on keep in’ on, as they say.  Somebody’s gotta keep putting their hand to metal, and doing real work, as some folks say.  We can’t all sit back and be texperts, yearning for the glory days.


    But hey, you do you, boo.


    Are there any updates still posting on the main page?  I get a broken link when I try to visit the front page.


  3. I think I’m a little old to start a second career as a professional football player, but thanks for the vote of confidence.

    But once again, thanks for being your predictable, adorable little self, Reddog.


    27 minutes ago, GW8345 said:

    or has advocated for my out right banning yet.

    Is that an option?  Do we get to take a vote?  Is there a formal nomination process?



  4. “Disappointing to see this thread deteriorating into a slap fight between two people.  More disappointing that one of the people keeping it going is a mod.”


    Seems like only one side is slapping.  The other is emitting a constant high pitched noise, but it’s common for that variant.


    Anyway, how ‘bout that upcoming NFL draft?

  5. Tons of pics and coverage.  Some really incredible new resin stuff, particularly missiles and ACMI pods of all flavors and variants.  Phase Hangar resins had all their amazing A-10 stuff there.  And honestly, I’ve never seen more coverage of a Nats. Tons of online streams, video walkthroughs, and photos galore. It’s been fun to see all the pics.

  6. Cartograph has an entire ancient monastery of monks, high in the Himalayas, who spend their days using prehistoric sea glass eyedroppers and hand forged magnifying lenses to custom mix FS matched inks. They carefully grind rare, endangered flowers and powdered white rhino livers, and drop by drop ensure 99.7% color accuracy of their inks to the FS595 chips (not the fan deck, you neanderthal!). Once the color is perfectly matched, it is drizzled across the bosom of an unwashed virgin and hand dripped into tiny platinum tins that are then shipped to Italy for production. Only the highest quality decal companies are allowed access to these perfectly matched FS decal inks.

  7. I think you have two problems.  First, it appears you purchased the wrong aftermarket decals, because the emblem you’re showing looks significantly different than the reference photo.  Forget, the colors, the logo itself is very dissimilar to the fin flash.


    Second, I think you’re greatly overestimating how important an exact color match is to a pilot. Model builders tend to get extremely hung up on details most pilots really pay very little attention to.  I’m assuming if you get the right squadron and markings overall, he’ll be plenty happy with the build. 

  8. Don’t mind old Reddog (GW8345), he’s just cranky cuz he hasn’t gotten his COVID vaccination yet.  Have you put hand to real steel?  HAVE YOU?!?  Never change, pumpkin.


    At any rate, this entire conversation is probably overwrought, because variances in local mixing, application, touch up, and weathering are going to result in many, many variances in the appearance of the painted aircraft.  And the Navy has a much wider variance in “standard” application of paint than the AF does.


    Bottom line:  check your references, make it how you like, and have fun.  Arguing over the color chips and DODI’s ain’t a great way to enjoy a hobby involving little plastic airplanes.



  9. This is, by far, the DUMBEST thread I've ever read on ARC.  And I've seen people arguing the F-14 was a great airplane, and new models of it should be built today.


    I seriously hope no modelers use anything in here as the basis for any decisions about their medical health.

    Sweet baby deities some of you are dumb. 


    Everyone who read this thread is now dumber.  I award you no points, and my God have mercy on your soul.


  10. 1 hour ago, ChesshireCat said:

    I have not had mine, and now have doubts about even getting them. Most everybody I know that got them had issues. 


    Define “issues.”  Side effects are generally mild to moderate, and short term.  24-48 hours later, they are largely gone.  They are also roughly equivalent to the side effects common to a wide range of vaccinations:  injection site pain, low grade fever/chills, fatigue....etc.  Almost all those who get these adverse reactions are quickly over them.  

    It’s still better than getting COVID.

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