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  1. Intriguing. What does one put in a turkey omelet?
  2. Has anybody else watched the Mandolorian and noticed that the Ugnaught played by Nick Nolte sounds an awful lot like Mo Vinnie? He signs off every conversation with, “I have spoken.” Has the Moai infiltrated Star Wars, or does Vinnie hail from long ago, in a galaxy far, far away? Deep thoughts, post turkey dinner...
  3. Can you post the pic you have? Might help with context...
  4. Along with the reasons listed above, you can add to it the fact 1/32 decals do not sell very well. If stock doesn't move, the manufacturers aren't going to make more of them.
  5. As mentioned, there is no HG paint on F-15s, of any flavor. The Heritage bird in question above was painted overall gunship gray, so as to be carrying the same basic scheme as it’s two sister birds from the Strike squadrons at Lakenheath. They do look pretty good altogether, and it was certainly interesting seeing gunship gray on a C-model. D-Day 75th Print
  6. Waco

    57AMXS Print

    Excited to release another new print from Third Offset Designs. This one is very heavily maintenance focused, and was designed for and with the outstanding maintainers from the 57th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (57AMXS), VIPER Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU). These guys keep all the Weapons School, Aggressor, and OT&E F-16s at Nellis in the air, and are one of the busiest units out at Nellis air patch. Some pretty cool stuff, so I thought I'd share the print here. If you're interested, it's available at: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/heritage-serie
  7. I wanted to thank Jim, and share the pic he sent of his print matted and framed. This is one of the nicest display presentations we've ever gotten back for one of our prints. Very cool! Thank you, Mr Vark!!!
  8. Yeah, the-blueprints.com is a mixed bag. They most certainly do not produce all their own drawings, and while they might have an in house team of artists, the most often repost and republish other sources’ works. For more popular subjects, they might have dozens of direct drawings, each of varying detail, quality, and accuracy. For others, you might end up purchasing a single, mid-level quality drawing with little detail. In short, YMMV. Spend some time comparing their different offerings, and you might find something useful. There’s a equal amount of less than usef
  9. Hey folks! Thought I’d share the latest release from Third Offset Designs, a heritage print showcasing the commemorative paint schemes of the 492d, 493rd, and 494th Fighter Squadrons. It also displays the P-47D, “Nellie,” that serves as the inspiration for these jets. Check it out here: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/heritage-series/products/liberty-wing-75th-anniversary-of-d-day Thanjs for looking!
  10. No, no, no....you have to say it LOUDER, and with more FEELING! "GET OFF MY LAWN!" Shaking fist in the air with indignation is optional, but very effective.
  11. So...explain to me why you have more of a right for your photo than they do for theirs? Cuz it sounds like you felt more entitled to your picture, and I’m struggling to understand that logic.
  12. For those who might be interested, in addition to the large, 18x24” print depicting all 18 jets, I now have available maquette prints. These are 11x17” single subject prints, available for any one of the 18 you choose as your favorite! Check em out here: https://third-offset-designs.myshopify.com/collections/maquette/products/391st-bold-tigers-maquette-print
  13. I was holding out for the tenth anniversary celebration.
  14. Yep! All 18 of these jets are on the 391st OIR print I did up for the squadron! Released a little over a month ago, and still available on the Third Offset Designs site. There are some pretty neat designs in the group: Bold Tigers OIR Print I’ve also got some nice closeups of the nose art posted on the company FaceBook page as well: https://facebook.com/3rdOffset/ Click on “photos” or scroll down a bit, and check out some of our other artwork as well.
  15. I might be questioning you! Are you a Goa'uld infiltrator? A Jaffa in disguise!?! I've got a Zat, and I'm not afraid to use it!!!
  16. I call BS. There have been two iterations of SG-7, both of which have been wiped out. All of SG-7 original scientific research team was wiped out by a Goa'uld engineered virus; the second team was wiped out by the Reetou in a 3-way battle with Kali's Jaffa, excepting Captain Kirti Patel. So unless you are Captain Patel, I call BS.
  17. I don't consider this off-topic at all. And I agree, from what you can see of the right side on that pic, those are all GBU-38s. Also, to turn this back towards my original "advertisement," I'll be listing individual prints of each of these jets as maquettes this week (11x17"), so if you have a single favorite, but don't want the larger print, you can order one of those. Thanks for those who've ordered! Shipping all outstanding orders out tomorrow.
  18. The sure fire way to tell the difference between GBU-38s and -54s is the thin metal steps across the bomb body. -38s do not have these. -54s have three metal straps; they hold the add-on conduit in place that carries data from the laser seeker (generally the black half dome on the nose) to the tail assembly and guidance kit. 38s May have a black or cream colored half dome fairing on the nose if they are armed with a prox fuse, as per the ones in the DVIDs pic I linked.
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