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  1. Just wondering if anybody made it to the WPAFB, Freedom's Call on Fri 1 July?
  2. Well, at least we validated one thing with this thread. You, DUX, are a troll. In the end, I'm completely regretting ever getting involved in this thread and feeding your personal delusions. Regretably, I've played into your attempt to generate a "controversial" topic. Mistakes were made. Blame will be assigned. Action to be taken. It will not happen again. -Waco
  3. Its very easy to roll out on the six of something that's stopped turning... Michael...I know "Krack", if you mean Krellner. Not well, but he was showing up just as I left the ABS. -Waco
  4. Nope, no friction here. Just throwing ice water on the over-zealous bachelors is all... Perhaps a Catherine Bell pic post would help?
  5. Save your breath. Took less than 2.2 seconds for me to recognize THAT female fighter pilot...former classmate from the Colorado school for wayward youth. The face is the same, but the last name has changed. Married now, as I'd heard. Also believe she was among some of the E-model crew who've been in town for WSEP and DACT with Raptors over the last year. Good accomplishment for her, I'm sure. -Waco
  6. Which is why its ridiculous to cut the fingers out of the damn things. As I said, you might as well not wear them at all, because they're certainly not giving you any fire protection. The opposite end of the spectrum is the individuals who opt to wear the gloves, but then proceed to roll their sleeves halfway up the arm. I guess they'd rather just melt the skin off their forearms. Actually, the GIB on that Super Hornet appears to be meeting both categories of ridiculousness: sleeves rolled up AND fingers cut out of the gloves. How's that go again...stupid is as... -Waco
  7. That's a great shot of the backseater in the Super Hornet, who has the fingers cut off his gloves...***? Not the brightest idea I've ever seen. At that point, you might as well not wear them at all. Sheesh... -Waco
  8. "LCDR Sponge-Bob"?? Jeez, this joint is just full of field graders... Good thing there is still a company grade officer running around to keep the silver hairs from hurting themselves!!!
  9. Which is a sure way to guarantee it will ground abort that day. Never swap tail numbers at the desk. -Waco
  10. Too many switches in the cockpit. Great build, looks very nice. I wish I could finish that god-awful kit. -Waco
  11. Can't believe I get to be the first idiot to post this in this thread... *ahem* NICE BEAVER!!!!
  12. De Nada, Animal. Cheers, Waco
  13. Don't use it, trade it to me! I wish I could find someplace that actually still sold the stuff... -Waco
  14. Just curious, where did you get the markings? Specifically, the Bort #s... Looks great! Any info on the colors you used for the scheme? -Waco
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