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  1. Hey Flying Dutchman, can you contact me on eblomsma@yahoo.com ?

  2. For sale: 1:144th scale RealSpace models upgrade set voor Space Shuttle Orbiter. Includes a set of resin engine bells for the orbiter, as well as a detailed decal sheet with all ship names, old and new NASA logos, and details. You also get a decal sheet from the old Revell Space Shuttle Discovery kit. Price: €15 INCLUDING shipping worldwide (uninsured mailbox parcel). greets, Jelle
  3. Hello, Some of you may know us from the resin A320 sharklets and the Air New Zealand A320 decal sheet that we released in May. For us, these were two pilot products to see if you would like it... and you did, as we sold all of it! Now, we're very proud to announce two new decal sheets, both in the exciting livery of Azerbaijan Airlines. You can order them by e-mailing us at attachbeforeflight@gmail.com and make sure to clearly state which sheet(s) you want. We use PayPal. Please note that we won't be able to ship any sheets between 3 and 15 January. :) Greets, Jelle (The Nethe
  4. Did you know about the new Star Wars film or did you miss that as well?
  5. I have plans of slapping an Airfix nose on the Revell kit. I believe that makes a fairly good base for a nice DC-10! The Revell nose looks just weird, the nose is far too rounded and the cockpit windows are too low. There should be a more obvious step between the cockpit windows and the radome which is missing completely on the kit.
  6. The banner of that website still creeps me out a bit, I really don't know what to think of that. Beautiful products though.
  7. 60 deaths already and we still have the 100 people held hostage in a theater. Terrible and very frightening.
  8. It's a project by Jon Ochoa from (I believe) Mexico, correct me if I'm wrong. I've never ordered from him but he's a good guy for sure!
  9. It's a scam, and a very weird one. He delivers only very few of his orders and many people lost their money if it wasn't for PayPal's policy. There are quite a few topics about this on Airlinercafe.com. It's a shame really, as he has a lot of interesting sheets. Order your decals elsewhere.
  10. Cool! The Piper Cub is one of my favourite aircraft and I think it's great fun owning one, especially in these original colours. Any pictures?
  11. Would this GB be open for civilian subjects as well, just as in the Africa GB? If yes: count me in!
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