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  1. Impressive work. That is quite an undertaking with so many resin pieces!
  2. Sorry, guys, no trades. Need to make room for the new kid.
  3. Price drop... $125 shipped. First to post "I'll take it" gets the package.
  4. 1/72 Lot Deal- 15 kits -11 large -4 small *WILL NOT SEPARATE* $125 shipped USA only. Paypal please. Academy c-97a Stratofreighter KC-97g flying boom tanker KC-97L Jet Boosted tanker RB-50g Electronic Rec Super Fortress KB-29P Tanker Zodiac B-24H Leo Trumpeter Chinese JHU-6 Esci Tu-22 bomber Testor ME 321 B-1 Gigant Italeri B-57B Caberra Italeri 323 D-1 Gigant Italeri F6 f-3 Hellcat Hasegawa F-18a "blue angels" Hasegawa F-18c Hasegawa f-18d
  5. 5 Resin kits -Starship One & White Knight -Global Hawk -Proteus -He.P.1065 -Boeing 390 $80 shipped in the USA. Paypal Only.
  6. Watching with interest before I even open my c-17 kit! Nice work so far!
  7. Looking for a complete Mongram F-16XL. Box condition is not important. I'm planning on building the kit so all parts and decals need to be in excellent condition. Reasonable offers please. Thanks!
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