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  1. VF-143 Pukin Dogs USS Dwight D Eisenhower

    This post is 10 years old
  2. CD72077 - 1/72 SAC B-52G/H

    Are you going to have the B-52 with the seahawk on it ?
  3. B-2 Retirement

  4. B-2 Retirement

    The B-21 is being made to replace the B-2 and B-1. Why keep them around ? Also, alot can change by the time the B-21 is operational. The pentagon keeps changing their mind. Examples: A-10, F-22, etc..
  5. So i picked up the kittyhawk kit today and it came with updated tail and vectored exhausts.... * NOTE : its kit 80128 China PLA A.F. version. Can it be made into a Russian -35 ?
  6. Let me look when i get home tomorrow i might have one.
  7. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Stay away from the KASL Wing set. Mine is warped and short of drilling and inserting a rod to straighten them out, they arent the best. And for the price, you can buy a hasegawa kit and use those wings.... ask me how i know....lol
  8. New Aggressor

    Depending which tamiya kit you have: if its the Block 50 kit you would need the lightweight landing gear and scab plates. The T-Bird kit you would need GE exhaust, scab plates and large mouth intake.
  9. Some Phantom help please....

    Steel beach makes them. Available at spruebrothers
  10. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    Oh and we still dont know who snoke is...
  11. The Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    I didnt hate it, but I wont rush to go see it again. Its not as good as Rogue, 4, 5 or 6 but way better than 1 and 2. I think the humor was thrown in weird and overdone way. The CGI was great in most spots but cheesy in others. One question though.... wheres Lukes green laser sword (yes I know its a lightsaber, lukes words not mine) ?
  12. FB-111A - Pictures and Armament?

    You all freaking suck...... now I want to build an F-111