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  1. Found this out the hard way
  2. Sent you a message on fb
  3. Ok i am in with (2) planned a/c from VF-154 Black Knights. One F-4N and an F-14A.
  4. I voted yes. Lets do this. I am in with a VF-154 F-4. Do the Blue Angels qualify on your list ?
  5. I am looking for areomaster 48503. Can pay with paypal. TIA
  6. Looks great
  7. I have one with decals for the "Spirit of Alaska" i havent built because of tge horror stories.
  8. Kinda sorta but not really. There are details on the strike that arent on the C kit. Tail hook cover is missing. Gun door on the bottom. ECM on the booms are different. Different wheels and landing gear. Cockpit etc.
  9. We all thought the same thing when it came to doing an F-16 "D" model. Just one extra sprue. 10+ years later.... NO SPRUE FOR YOU !!!!!!!
  10. Please o please can we have an "E" or "G" ......
  11. Why would you place intake covers in your kit but no exhaust covers ?
  12. So South Korea and Iran are the only operaters left ?
  13. I think the gawa kit was pre MSIP. Different IP and no AMRAAMS. and possibly antennas.
  14. Thay all will work. I built my Elmo bird with the hasegawa kit with the CFT's from hasegawa "E" kit.