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  1. Can you post from imgur using your phone ?
  2. Nice B-29
  3. Who makes the best FJ fury in 48th scale ?
  4. Never heard of the Real-Model ones but, GT are real nice.
  5. Ebay should send you an email. I called paypal directly and explained what happened.
  6. I am looking for revell kit 85-6865.
  7. Me too
  8. Well i just recieved an email saying it was a listing from a compromised acct.
  9. Dunno.... i have pissed away 23.00 on crappier stuff. But with ebay and paypal willing to refund it if it is a scam, not much harm in it for the price. And if it isnt a scam, its a helluva price.
  10. Rose458green is selling the ZM F-4J for $22.95 plus free shipping. You can only buy 1 every 10 days. Granted all 49 feedback is from them buying and not selling but they offer money back guarantee from ebay and paypal. Worth a shot for the price. I will let you all know how it pans out.
  11. Email issue was my fault. Good to go...
  12. Nevermind. They aren't.
  13. Does anyone know if the F-35A tail codes are the same size as the F-16C ?
  14. From what site ?