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  1. For the most part there were 3 places where the Strike received the stiffeners. Some all three, others just two.
  2. Sniper pod. the launch rails are too thin plus they only give you two. Tail reinforcement plates. The antenna on the spine behind the cockpit may be different. Oh and depending on the engines, you may need different compressor blades.
  3. Old rails for the AIM-9's or the newer ones that carry the AIM-120's ?
  4. My intention was to you as an example only as a buddy build, not pinning you down to a specific a/c type. My apologies if offended.
  5. Dumb question.... but.... Does one person have to build two aircraft or can Stefan ( for example ) build his Strike Eagle and I build the other, as lond as they are same scale but different manufacturers ? My reasoning is ... as many times as I have tried to participate in a build, life gets in the way and i barely finish the kit abiet very late past the end date.
  6. Well at least the salute at 1:30 from Aaron Eckhart looked good...
  7. See if Darren was a science or art teacher... he could teach is class how molding and casting works. He would have free labor...... just saying.
  8. They could just make one super sized F-14...
  9. I wonder whats up with all the smashed boxes ?
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