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  1. They could just make one super sized F-14...
  2. I wonder whats up with all the smashed boxes ?
  3. Looking for (1) AIM-9L/M from the GWH 1/48 F-15 C or E kit...
  4. Can someone please tell me which kits are Case X and Case XX? Maybe pin it ? Revell 85-5869 (Case X) Monogram 85-5518 (Case X) Monogram 5827 (Case XX) Encore 48-001 (Case XX) Promodeller 5923 (Case X) Edit: looks like all I had to do was read box info/instructions. Lol And thanks to Kenlily106
  5. Are you rescribing the kits ?
  6. Well when I.... ( I mean a friend ) storm Area 51, I .... ( ugh, my friend ) can ask where they keep all the AMK Tomcat kits.
  7. If you have the revell o gram strike kit, it has the correct breakers...
  8. The wheels are wrong. Also the wso left side circut breakers are wrong for a strike eagle.
  9. That's the rumor.... hehehehe
  10. Right in the wallet for those who pre ordered.
  11. I am currently searching for Afterburner decals 48-071 VF-103 Sluggers sheet. Can send paypal. Thanks- Adam
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