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  1. So all you would have to do to make a late model "E" is to use the "J" wings and fix the gun muzzle ?
  2. Yeah i didnt make it to the second page before i commented. I think the scene is when they were moving weapons around in the hanger deck...
  3. Watch :The Final Countdown" I believe it was filmed in 1977. It had one F-4 in the hanger... Nevermind. Someone already commented this.
  4. Always buy 2 sets of decals... you will most likely mess up the first set.
  5. Uh-oh.. now you've done it. Taking precise measurements and comparing them to blueprints/drawings. Whats wrong with you ? ( sarcasm)
  6. How do you tell which kits have the corrected parts ?
  7. Just to jump in on this.... wednesday i ordered the revell B-1B in 1/48 scale. Somehow i ended up with 2 different orders and was charged twice. Because havent check my spam folder, i never knew. I got a call from them today to verify how many i wanted. Great service all the way around.
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