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  1. In the "real world" of carrier ops, how would Mavericks plane be loaded if he was the Alert bird ?
  2. Hasegawa. But the molds are stafting to show their age. I know the kinetic kit suffered nose drooping issues.
  3. I am in search of the 1/72 Italeri B-58 kit number 1142. Thanks on advanced.
  4. I would pay for the full meal deal. Anything extra I dont use can go in the spares box
  5. Great topic by the way... So the CAG is the boss over the whole carrier air wing, right? Like in The Final Countdown....Kinda like a dual hatter ? The skipper of VF-84 and in charge of the whole airwing ?
  6. I would say yes. I believe its a Navy safety thing. But i havent actually laid eyes on that plane.
  7. I just noticed the s/n number on 0210 has the wrong FY painted on the 90 TFS/AMU jet. Werent '88 jets last four 1XXX's ?
  8. I did Google and found that pic too. But its the 90 FS pic, not the TFS/AMU jet.
  9. Towards the end of the 90th's Strike Eagle reign, they did operate the FY 87 jets and 87-210 was one of them.
  10. Hmmph, I took my pic july/aug 1991 at Elmo's open house so who knows.
  11. Fresh outta the paint barn ? Wow. I have one old grainy pic with overcast of the 90th TFS/AMU @ Elmo. Thanks so much
  12. Does anyone have pics of 87-0210 as the 90 TFS/AMU Commanders a/c ?
  13. Look at part X-3, thats the right side cockpit configuration. The left shoud look the same.
  14. Google f-15e rear cockpit. You will see what its supposed to look like. Steve bamford has a couple pics on google