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  1. Uh-oh.. now you've done it. Taking precise measurements and comparing them to blueprints/drawings. Whats wrong with you ? ( sarcasm)
  2. How do you tell which kits have the corrected parts ?
  3. Just to jump in on this.... wednesday i ordered the revell B-1B in 1/48 scale. Somehow i ended up with 2 different orders and was charged twice. Because havent check my spam folder, i never knew. I got a call from them today to verify how many i wanted. Great service all the way around.
  4. Dumb question.... but why wasnt the TISEO installed fleet wide ?
  5. For the most part there were 3 places where the Strike received the stiffeners. Some all three, others just two.
  6. Sniper pod. the launch rails are too thin plus they only give you two. Tail reinforcement plates. The antenna on the spine behind the cockpit may be different. Oh and depending on the engines, you may need different compressor blades.
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