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  1. I finished my TuAF F-4E with revell kit two years ago. I added AIM-7E, AIM-9J and their rails from Hasegawa weapon set. I also modified vertical stabs with slot.
  2. Red and blue tail F-16C are Block 30 aircraft which sell in the kinetic's new box. Turkish block 40 F-16's have stiffener plates like the reference photo added by Janissary.
  3. You can see comparison about Academy and GWH kits in this link. Web page language is Korean, but i think pictures are enough for final decision.
  4. This is standard 1/72 revell F-4F model kit. I made some changes in this model for convert to F-4E. These are; I modified the horizontal stabilizer sloted version. I detailed the inside of the jet exhaust with the Streyne plastic. Revell gave AIM-120A and AIM-9M missles with this kit. But Turkish F-4E's used AIM-7E and AIM-9J missles. I used hasegawa weapon 3 for this missiles and AIM-9 pylons. I used Babibi decal set for "ESKİŞEHİR FANTOM" I hope you enjoy it :)
  5. Tamiya F-16D in 1/48 and 1/72 scale Tamiya F-14A/B/D series in 1/48 and 1/72 scale Zoukei-Mura or Academy F-4E in 1/48 scale
  6. Many producer made or planned many f-4 version.(B,D,J...) Why any company did not think on new F-4E in any scale
  7. This is very good news for me. Which scale do you think about it ?
  8. This price for japan market.
  9. Another 1/72 F-35A LIGHTNING II by Academy. This aircraft is realy ugly.
  10. If they want to earn a lot of money; F-4,F-14,F-16 and F/A-18 series :D
  11. In my opinion, looks like photoshop editing.
  12. I am thinking A-6 anf F-5 series best choose
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