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  1. Holy crap. Those exhausts and the rear landing gear look incredible!
  2. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed. I can put that build on hold for a couple weeks without any fuss. I've got three other models I can work on in the meantime.
  3. While I was getting the fuselage assembled for my MiG-29, I realized that my kit has no radome anywhere. I've double checked every sprue, made sure I'm not missing any sprues, rechecked every sprue again. It's just gone. I also noticed one of the AA-10 Alamo missiles is gone, too. That one is missing from the sprue entirely, like the kit got opened up and the missile was taken off. Does anyone know how I can get a hold of Zvezda customer service to try and get a new part? Or, failing that, is the Quickboost resin radome worth buying instead? Thanks.
  4. The MiG-29K would be a decent stepping stone to kitbashing a MiG-35. A MiG-29UB would be super cool, too.
  5. There's that, too. My airbrush is a bit finicky at times, but that might be doable. I'm honestly a little concerned the primer itself might cover up some of those lines. I've never seen a kit with such fine panel details. I decided to get back into modeling in a fairly heavy way, so instead of buying just the one kit, I now have four. And my plan is to finish at least two of them before buying any more. All are in 1/72, naturally. Zvezda Su-27SM Zvezda MiG-29 (Swifts boxing, which Google tells me is the 9.13 version. Definitely want aftermarket decals unless I go for a crazy unique paint scheme of my own.) Hasegawa F/A-18E (VFA-27 markings, but I'll be on the lookout for any aftermarket decals) Tamiya/Italeri Su-34 The Su-34 is definitely going to be an OOB build. I know it's got some problems, but my plan is to build this one as is and then eventually either get the Trumpeter Su-34 or another Italeri one and correct everything to make it look right. That's the one I'll do in the new, dark gray paint. Honestly, I kinda just want to get the -34 done so I have a completed model. It's my test bed to get the hang of airbrushing again, filling and rescribing lines, masking, that kind of thing. After that, I'll likely do the MiG-29 or Su-27. The F/A-18E is the one I'm least excited for right now, but I'm hoping the right set of markings helps with that.
  6. I just picked up a Zvezda MiG-29 and Su-27SM. I haven't even taken any parts off the sprues yet, but holy crap, these details are delicate. So delicate, I think I might have to deepen all the panel lines just to stop them from disappearing under a couple coats of paint.
  7. For the Aggressor, at least for the first one, I'm planning on one of the F-16Cs based in Alaska. The blizzard/arctic schemes are my favorite look for the F-16.
  8. I've been out of the hobby for a few years for a variety of reasons, but finally I'm getting back into scale models. I've got an Italeri 1/72 Su-34 kit on the way from Amazon. I realize it's not an incredibly accurate kit, but it was only $20 so I figure it'll be a good refresher build, mostly out-of-box. After that, though, I'll be wanting a few more detailed, likely more accurate kits. I'm mostly interested in Russian and US modern jets. Primarily, I'm going to want a Su-27UB, F-16C in aggressor paint, late model MiG-29, F/A-22, F-35, stuff like that. But honestly, any modern jet is going to at least get some interest from me. My preferred scale is going to be 1/72 since my apartment doesn't have a lot of space to put shelves for 1/48 models. Any suggestions for kits I should look at? It's been a while since I built anything, and most of the kits I remember building were 1/48 or prop aircraft.
  9. The Monogram 1/48 P-61 Black Widow. The fuselage was warped, nothing fit, the raised panel lines disappeared from sanding seams, and the clear parts made me reconsider the whole kit. I trashed it, turned it into spare parts, and started building sci-fi models out of it.
  10. Here's a WIP of a guy building a paper Scorpion. http://myhobbycraft.blogspot.com/2010/01/a...avatar-172.html Shouldn't be TOO hard to convert to styrene.
  11. So, who's up for a trip down to the deep sea bed to snag some lunch? I'll bring the butter.
  12. None of these really work for me. I haven't touched a model in damn near 5 months.
  13. No updates yet. I actually haven't been working on any models for a couple months. I've got a bunch of projects started and half-finished, and I just got a bit burned out. I'm heading to Air Force basic training in November, so it will probably be a while before I get any modeling done. Thanks for asking though!
  14. It's not that 90% of movie goers are "too stupid" to want a believable combat aircraft, it's that 90% of movie goes don't care if it's believable. That's the whole reason unbelievable action movies exist. Sometimes people just want to sit and enjoy watching a movie without worrying about if it's realistic or not. Besides, if you're going to get this ****** off over a movie, what was the point of seeing it in the first place? It's supposed to be fun, not hyper realistic.
  15. If I can, I'd join. I could go for a mech or two on my shelf.
  16. The movie makers didn't design it to be realistic. They designed it to look cool, and it does look cool. I find it no more "offensively stupid" than any other movie aircraft out there. Though I will agree that with the amount of CGI in that movie, the lack of moving control surfaces was rather crappy.
  17. Meh, I enjoyed the movie, and I like the aircraft. Is it stealthy? Hell no. Plausible? I really doubt it. Entertaining for 2 hours? I sure think so. Price is a bit steep, but I'd probably still get it if/when I could afford it.
  18. I'm suddenly craving breaded and fried octopus. Anyone else want some?
  19. Yeah, the 1/48 version is the same way.
  20. Whoa! That's awesome! How do you do those fine, raised rivets?
  21. They love Radiohead. I saw like 4 Radiohead songs on that list. Can't say I agree, but okay.
  22. Long time, no update! Unfortunately, there's not much to say about this at the moment. Scribing continues, and I've got both halves of the blade glued together. But, I apparently made a measurement mishap and the leading edge doesn't line up perfectly <_<. However, I didn't notice this until after I glued on a strip of styrene to close up the blade. :woo: Now, I've got to cut that off, sand the edges, and make sure that everything's all lined up. Sorry, no pics, but I wanted to bump this and add a little update. EDIT: 3000th post, WHOO!
  23. Is it the car from Darwin Awards that had the RATO bottle strapped to it?
  24. Nighthawk Flotation Device in case of a water landing.
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