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  1. Liked the new venue. Plenty of room to maneuver in both the contest and vendor areas. Took home 3 awards, including “Best Gulf War Aircraft”, so pleased overall. Managed to make it there and back without a speeding ticket or encountering gun violence too.
  2. I’m planning to be there with several entries. Definitely looking forward to the show and finding a few good deals!
  3. Email sent on: Caracal Models C-45 Expeditor Part 2/CD48079, Furball White Knights (T-38A/AT-38B)/48028 and Fox One USMC F-4J Phantoms in Vietnam- Lancers and Shamrocks/32-003
  4. Still waiting as well. He listed all this and hasn’t been on the forum since. Strange...
  5. I haven't received a response either. He hasn't been online since Sunday.
  6. Title says it all. If you have this sheet and are willing to part with it, please let me know. Prefer to keep it within the USA. Thanks!
  7. Confirmed elsewhere, this is a clearout of their remaining NZ warehouse stock. So unless you're down in that region of the globe, it's probably not going to do you a lot of good.
  8. Part 1 can be found on eBay from seller rebelalpha. Dealt with him multiple times, no issues at all.
  9. Beware of this turkey. Alejandro Gallardo, aka aleg_306 of Brownsville, Texas. He has an ebay feedback score of 0. Recently placed multiple bids on one of my auctions and drove the price up. AFTER the listing was over, messaged me to send a photo to him of myself holding the item to prove I wasn't a scammer. Politely declined his request, as this seemed absolutely ridiculous. A day later he messaged me that he had no intention of paying, because "things came up, bro". Reported him to ebay and blocked him from further bidding. Suggest others do the same. I'm not sure what the point of
  10. Today’s update has the main fuselage section painted. As with any subject you are modeling, checking reference photos is always a must. The Furball instructions show the aircraft in 1964 and depict a semicircular anti glare marking on the nose. While I don’t dispute this, I have been unable to find a picture of 142664 with this style marking. Further research shows a variety of black anti-glare markings. Here’s a VAH sister bird with half the anti-glare marking that has a hard stop at the radome Heres an aircraft with a what I will call a “step down” type mar
  11. Followed your WIP thread for this. The time and effort definitely justifies the end product.
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