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  1. The pieces in those photos are not glued together, note the large gaps present. The Black Dog sets are 3-D printed and fit quite well, in my experience. I'd pump the brakes a bit until you have the sets in hand, before buying additional fuselages pieces.
  2. Without knowing your current scribing process, it’s hard to say what the issue is, or how to help. There are several good YouTube tutorials on scribing, you might give those a go and see if you like one of those methods better than your current setup. A good roll of Dymo tape along with a needle in pin vise or a scribing tool is a good method. To get the rivets back, there are a variety of riveting tools on the market as well.
  3. There's a recent discussion on this in the Tools n' Tips section http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/330576-paint-booth-recommendation/
  4. Tamiya lacquer thinner also works nicely with the Testors Dullcote, in addition to all the Mr XYZ options above.
  5. First time using Aires? Good luck with the instructions. Sometimes they’re good, most of the time you need a medicine man to help interpret their vision. A quick google search for an Aires ACES II seat should turn up a good bit of completed pics of the seat. This review shows the completed seat: ACES II Seat This product page shows a build up, not sure if you have the early or the late seat, but this should help some. Ejection Seat
  6. As others have observed, it's prethinned and goes down smooth right out of the bottle. If you're not looking to mottle or preshade for your final product, then you might try something that's not as opaque. The thinness of MRP allows you to achieve excellent tonal variations by building it up slowly, so you don't necessarily need/want a uniform base coat. If you're using a black base, it's going to take some effort to over come that, regardless of what paint brand you're using. 10 coats seems excessive, but if you're shooting white over black (for example), it's going to take more passes wi
  7. MRP 039 "Haze Grey" is FS36270, no thinning needed.
  8. Yes, that combination would work.
  9. A replacement for future existed long before it was rebranded for the umpteenth time. Tamiya X-22 or Alclad Aqua Gloss are much better products, formulated with the scale modeling world in mind. Future is best resigned to being a mediocre floor polish.
  10. Read at the link below and you can learn all about how the USAF Museum funded their hangar expansions. In short, very little of the funding for the hangars at the museum came from the US government. Air Force Museum Foundation
  11. Following along with interest. I’ve got the BPK 737-200 Olympic kit on the way.
  12. There’s a second SLUF sheet that also has the PA markings with the black travel pods https://www.reidairpublishing.com/decals/guardian-slufs
  13. Look at his other 2 posts… must really want that Fiat G.50.
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