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  1. There’s on one eBay for $10 shipped. If you don’t do eBay, PM me and we’ll work it out.
  2. Give them a call. He’s more than responsive and will take care of you. My last order was in stock but due to the volume of orders he had, and being a smaller operation, he was running behind on shipping.
  3. PM sent on 1/32 WNW 32603 Fokker E.II "Max Immelmann" - Box open, all parts bagged $100 USD
  4. This one isn’t listed for September or October release. When might we see it?
  5. I then assembled the bay. There are some miscellaneous hoses which go in the top of the bay. These will likely never be seen, but they are there. I painted the center structural component interior green and applied a light wash. This was then installed. There are 4 cutouts which help to support this piece, however only 3 of these exist with the plastic Trumpeter provides. I took a scrap piece of white sheet plastic and created the 4th support, to allow the component to sit level. There are 10, PE cross members still to install. However, after multiple days on this component, I was read
  6. This update focuses on construction of the bomb bay. Photos of the actual bay are difficult to come by. The Ginter book has only one, and it doesn't show much. Trumpeter would have you paint the entire thing white, which is partly correct. There is a walk around on Primeportal which has several views of the bomb bay. The bay is mostly white, however the center structural component is a color close to interior green. Based on Bill Spidle's photos from Primeportal, I forged ahead with these as my reference. Construction of the bay was straightforward. I painted all the ma
  7. I will keep a look out for the canopy correction. The good news about the canopy is, that can wait until the bitter end!
  8. Dai - just my iphone11 camera, and then some pixel manipulating to get the colors balanced better.
  9. Dai - which super silver did you use? Mr color 159 - Super Silver or the Mr Color SM 201 - Super Metallic Super Fine Silver?
  10. The Hypersonic engine set looks to be well worth every penny. I didn’t worry too much about the canopy, as I only recently settled on the final scheme. Plus, getting anything from Japan may be tricky at the moment. I’ve had this one waiting for a while. Due to several IMPS events being cancelled, I finally have enough of a window to get it done.
  11. Next, I turned my attention to the wheel wells. Trumpeter has you mount both these to a bulkhead and install them as one unit. I chose to install them individually, and cut the relevant section of the bulkhead out. I will add plastic card strips for fuselage bracing in lieu of what Trumpeter envisioned. The Eduard PE undercarriage set was used. The angled piece which has the landing gear strut will install later, but I went ahead and assembled and painted it now. I added the decals from Trumpeter, just to break up the white. This is MMP white, with Aquagloss prior to a light w
  12. I haven’t seen many in progress builds of this kit, so this thread will serve to highlight construction of Trumpeter’s 1/48 Whale. This will be the A3D-2 in the markings of VAH-11. Ive been collecting aftermarket and reference materials for quite some time leading up to this build. Feel free to follow along and offer any tidbits of information or feedback along the way. So, let’s get started! Aftermarket being used: Furball Decals sheet 48022 Furball Canopy and wheel masks Eduard Cockpit PE Eduard undercarriage PE Eduard Bomb Bay PE Hypersonic Model
  13. PM on: F/A-18B (no kit decals) + TB 48-163 "Black Beauties" $50 F-104J PT18 + Eduard Zoom color P/E + Montex Masks $30
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