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  1. I have the following items for sale. All items are complete and unstarted. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator from zip code 46158. I will ship internationally. Payment via Paypal, money order, check (held until cleared) or cash. Please PM or email me with your interests and include your zip code or country so that I may calculate shipping. Thanks! Dont like a price, feel free to make an offer! 1/32 Kits Tamiya P-51D/K $150 includes: Draw Decals 32-P51-150, BarracudaCast late seat w/belts
  2. Yes, I agree, that looks more the part now. Definitely a very nice end product!
  3. You might consider running a blade through the decals along the panel lines, then reapplying your wash. On the wing meatballs it looks awkward to have the panel lines stop and start.
  4. Shocker, they've gone back and added a link to some website days after the fact!
  5. Any news or updates on this sheet?
  6. It’s becoming a trend on this forum. Resurrect an old post to look legit, then in a few days they will edit it with a link to some website.
  7. Title says it all. If you’ve got one and are in the USA, drop me a PM
  8. I reported it too as it's clearly a spam poster. They are popping up in several other topics on here as well.
  9. I am in search of a set of the lightweight gear, along with the non-bulged gear doors, to allow for building of a 1/32 F-16C Block 30. If anyone has a set from either the Tamiya Tbirds kit or the older Hasegawa kit they can spare, I am happy to pay for them. Thanks!
  10. Email sent on: Ginter AF Guardian $5 Ginter Grumman HU-16 Albatross $20 Ginger Grumman XF5F-1/XP-50 Skyrocket $5 Squadron H-34 $2
  11. Judging by this picture, it looks like material that needs to be removed http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/images3/waT28-63.jpg
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