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  1. Bump with additions and sold items removed!
  2. I have the following items for sale or trade. All items are complete and unstarted unless noted. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator. I will ship internationally. Payment via Paypal, money order, check (held until cleared) or cash. Please PM or email me with your interests and include your zip code or country so that I may calculate shipping. Brian Trade Wants: 1/48 Kinetic E-2C, Trumpeter F-100D, Kitty Hawk F-35B, GWH T-33A All prices are negotiable! 1/48 Kits Academy Su-27B $30 Classic Airframes DH Vampire Foreign Service Pt2 $25 Classic Airframes F-5B NATO Allies Pt 2 $25 Classic Airframes F-5A NATO Allies Pt 1 $25 Eduard Bf110E $25 Hasegawa P-47D-25 $20 Kitty Hawk XF5U-1 Flying Flapjack $40 Revell F-89C $20 Special Hobby X-15A-2 $25 Sword T-38A $25 Tamiya F-16CJ $30 1/48 Packages Hobby Boss A-7A +Superscale 481233 $30 Hobby Boss A-7K + Speed Hunter SLUFs $45 Builders Special: 1/48 Tamiya P-51D (parts off sprues, some interior green sprayed) + True Details 48453 cockpit + Aeromaster 48771 Blue Diamond Mustangs Pt1 $20 1/48 Decals Afterburner 48020 F-16C Knights & Dragons $15 Twobobs 48226 F-16C Makos $5
  3. **

    Did you even read the post?
  4. PM sent on the F-4J
  5. This is exactly why I never buy from anyone who insists on the friends and family option. If he wasn't trying to make it right, you'd be out $93 and there's nothing PayPal will do for you because you sent it via friends and family.
  6. Do we have an ETA on when this sheet will be available? I've got a couple Sixes that need markings!
  7. I believe the locals wanted to create a monument to aviation. It is a random spot though!
  8. I have the following package for sale or trade. All items are brand new. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator from zip code 46158. If interested, please PM or email and include your zip code so I may calculate shipping. Payment preferred via Paypal or USPS money order. The only trade I am currently after is a 1/32 Tamiya F-16. 1/48 Package Including: Hasegawa A-7E Rhino Models Seamless Intake Wolfpack A-7E Cockpit 48162 Wolfpack A-7 TF41 Engine Set 48163 Royale Resin Weighted Wheels Aires SJU-8/A Ejection Seat 4438 Quickboost Position Lights 48378 Quickboost Antennas & Sensors 48394 Eduard Detail set 49255 Furball Canopy/Wheel/Taxi Light mask set 48021 Furball Canopy Framing 48017 Reid Air Publications Modern SLUF guide I have a copy of Icarus 48022 Hellenic Air Force Jets Pt 1 I will toss in, if you wish to build a Greek A-7E. Asking price: $150.00 Thanks! Brian
  9. PM on Hobby Boss 1/48 F/A-18A Hornet: $20
  10. Bump with sold items removed, reasonable offers accepted!
  11. Updated with some additions
  12. I've got 2 of the F3H-2Ms I'm looking forward to starting. Lots of colorful markings to choose from for sure! All the photos I've seen of the Demon online and in the Warpaint book show the probe to be a darker shade of metal. I'm admittedly off with the steel color I chose.