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  1. Used this thing called google, Hataka and Lifecolor both produce FS36493.
  2. I assume you mean Foxbot… I have the same mask set. I haven’t used it yet, but gave it a skim when it was received. The instructions are bad, and the need to do multiple colors and replace parts of each mask seems poorly thought out. Why they couldn’t better distinguish between the grays is a mystery. My initial thought was to place the mask, remove all sections leaving only the outline and shoot the lightest color, minimize overspray so the paint doesn’t get super thick. Then, apply the mask, shoot the next lightest color, apply mask, etc. They used Oramask 811, so careful burni
  3. Thanks Dave. I finally found a good reference picture in the Duke Hawkins book and concur on the pylon. The instructions are terribly lacking in regards to telling which pieces are which pylon, but it’s Kitty Hawk, so I’m not surprised. Is the desert scheme compatible with the AUF-2? Most of what I see using AUF-2 is the grey/green scheme.
  4. I’ll be darned. I have the re-released version from Zimi Models, and Step 66 is an error in the instructions, showing Step 59 again. Actually, page 43 is entirely wrong, and a copy of page 40. Pulling up the original version instructions from Scalemates, I see the AUF-2 now. Does it directly mount to the fuselage? That doesn’t seem to be shown. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone make the pylon and rail to allow 2 GBU-12s to be carried on the centerline of the Mirage 2000D? I know Kinetic put out a version of their kit that includes it, but that’s in 48th scale. Looking to put a this type of loadout on my 1/32 Kitty Hawk two seater. Thanks!
  6. Like someone referenced above, you may have cracked the nozzle. They’re quite sensitive when being tightened back down and the littlest bit of overtorque will damage it. You likely won’t be able to see the crack, but what you describe sounds an awful lot like the nozzle is the issue. I’d order a new one of those before I shipped it off for servicing.
  7. It’s actually a 2 day show, Saturday and Sunday.
  8. We clearly need more moderators with the ability to do something, besides just erasing spam posts. He could change the rules for new members to post, or set up a different system for verification of membership. Or, he could set up moderators with that capability, since his actions demonstrate he has zero interest in running this joint. But he visited and posted twice in 2023 (on January 8 and Dec 15), so he literally has zero idea of anything that occurs here and has made no contact with those who have requested additional forum management help. If it weren’t for the fact a few g
  9. Maybe the site owner needs to show up more than once a year and give some power to those who actively use the forum.
  10. Or maybe you just needed a little bit of additional patience before slamming a guy on a public forum.
  11. Kit L4820 Su-35S Begemot 48-039 Decal sheet
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