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  1. lockheed2004

    Stash Reduction - Mostly 1/48

    Bump with updates and additions
  2. lockheed2004

    Stash Reduction - Mostly 1/48

    Bump with some additions
  3. lockheed2004

    1/48 Decals for sale

    PM sent for Fox One 48-006 Brian
  4. lockheed2004

    LF 1/48 F-101B Cockpit

    Watch on eBay, I picked one up in July for less than $20 and shoehorned it into the Kitty Hawk kit.
  5. lockheed2004

    Stash Reduction - Mostly 1/48

    Bump, all reasonable offers accepted!
  6. lockheed2004

    Stash Reduction - Mostly 1/48

    List updated with sold items removed
  7. I have the following items for sale or trade. All items are complete and unstarted unless noted. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator. I will ship internationally. Payment via Paypal, money order, check (held until cleared) or cash. Please PM or email me with your interests and include your zip code or country so that I may calculate shipping. Brian Trade Wants are limited but include: 1/48 S-3 Viking, Hobby Boss A-7K, Hobby Boss A-10, Hasegawa Draken Shoot me an offer if you don't like a price listed, always willing to haggle! 1/32 Decals Afterburner 32-001 Hill AFB Vipers $5 Fox One 32003 USMC F-4Js in Vietnam $8 1/48 Packages Academy F-4J + Furball 48061 VX-4 Black Bunny $55 Tamiya He219 + Aires Cockpit set $45 1/48 Kits Czech Model T-50 Bamboo Bomber $30 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus $28 Heller Jaguar A $20 Revell F-84E $10 Revell Promodeller F-84G $15 Revell Promodeller F-86D $15 Roden OV-1D $25 1/48 Decals Aeromaster 48-584 F-100D Pt 1 $4 Afterburner 48-003 F-16C Hounds of Heaven $8 Afterburner 48-009 Viper East F-16 Demo Team $5 Afterburner 48-044 F-16s Triple Nickel 555th FS $15 Albatros Mirage F.1 "The Dark Mirages" $12 Flying Leathernecks 48013 Devil Dog Deltas $18 MAW Decals 48-003 VMFA-122 Crusaders F/A-18C $8 Superscale 48-893 S-3B Viking $3 Twobobs 48-070 F-16C OIF Swamp Foxes $5 Twobobs 48-123 F-22A Langley's Raptors $8
  8. lockheed2004

    Serious quality issue at SHAPEWAYS, FED & FUD plastics

    Could you summarize all that rambling in 3 bullet points?
  9. Email on Tamiya 1/48 scale P47D-25 Bubble top, shrink wrapped, Eduard cockpit masks $20 Brian
  10. Weird he could mail you your package back but couldn’t just complete the trade and send the F-4 kit instead 🧐 My encounter with this guy required me constantly barraging him to get my kit mailed to me. Never again.
  11. lockheed2004

    1/48 Czech Model F3D-2 Skyknight

    Latest build is finished and off the bench. This is the 1/48 Czech Model F3D-2 Skyknight finished with Aeromaster decals for VMCJ-2 "Playboys". Kit is finished with Mr Color 315 for the topside grey and Mission Models white and black paint on the bottom and nose. AK Xtreme Metalizers were used for all metallic shades. Overall finish is gloss from Mission Models. The kit is what one would expect for a short run kit and is definitely not a weekend build. My fuselage halves were severely warped and it took a good deal of shimming to get the wings level. Good references are needed, as the kit instructions are not the best. If anyone has suggestions for improving my picture taking abilities, I'm all ears. I seem to be struggling with capturing the true grey color of the model. These photos seem to have a brownish tint.
  12. lockheed2004

    2X 1/48 Tamiya P-51D

    I picked up some of the AK Xtreme metals to try a few months back, and have not used anything since. It goes down well over either Tamiya gloss black or the AK black primer. It's super durable afterwards and can be shot directly out of the bottle without thinning. If you shoot it at 15 - 20 psi, it seems to lay down better than shooting it at low pressures. I believe the metal particulate size is smaller, so the finish won't be as grainy as other metal paints. Surface prep is still essential though, as it will not hide scratches.
  13. lockheed2004

    No one going to the IPMS Nats???

    You posted in the archived topics, not the main general discussion board.