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  1. Shouldn’t be an issue putting Aquagloss over future, they’re both acrylic. Aquagloss is superior to Future in about every regard. Unless of course you’re looking for a mediocre floor wax, in which case Future wins hands down.
  2. Yes, but why bother using Future if you're using Aquagloss?
  3. Aqua Gloss works fantastically as does GX-112 and Tamiya Gloss. Future/Klear/Johnson's Floor Polish has it's place... on your hardwood floors.
  4. Sidetracked with a request for an Indycar in time for Christmas, a helo for a classmate that flies them and then a quick sanity build before I get back to it. I acquired the Reskit wheels from the Ukraine to replace the vinyl kit tires and snagged the Hypersonic replacement canopy. Should have some pictures soon, mostly filling and sanding, which was causing some burnout.
  5. 1/48 Italeri AH-1W with markings for HMLA-367. This was built for a classmate of mine who is a pilot for HMLA-367. The Olympik update set was not available easily, and she didn’t really care about having shrouded exhausts so we went with the vintage 1993 kit in all its glory. Hard to believe nobody has made a newer version 1/48. Mission Models paints, GX-113 as the flat coat, combination of Tamiya PLW and The Detailer for a mild wash, with exhaust and dirt from Scalecolors. Hairspray chipping on the rotor blades.
  6. Email on: Revell 1/144 C-17 FREE *********JUST PAY POSTAGE ******** THIS IS A BUILDERS KIT - It was started by the previous owner and is half built. MAW Decals 48008 formation lights $3.00 Wolfpack Design GBU-32 $5.0
  7. Tamiya clear is a lacquer based product. AK real colors is also a lacquer based paint. You need something non-lacquer based in between the two to prevent the tamiya eating into the AK.
  8. Looking for a copy of this sheet. PM me if you have one to part with, along with the price you'd like for it. Thanks!
  9. On the Hypersonic website, they show both variants in the photos. However, it takes some sleuthing to know which is which. The late canopy has the additional sextant port over the third crewman's station for celestial navigation. Most of the Version A-3's had the early style canopy and were then retrofitted with the late variant. The canopy required would be highly dependant on the timeframe you are modeling, photos would be your best bet to knowing which variant is correct. The casual observer at an IPMS contest will likely never know the difference at all.
  10. I would comment that overall, it's impressive and fairly well executed. Since it's the critique corner... it looks like you missed filling a few depressions on the back of the main landing gear struts. In regards to the weathering, I think the gear struts could stand to be dirtied up a bit more, especially when compared to the bays. They almost look pristine.
  11. I have the following items for sale. All items are complete and unstarted. Shipping will be quoted using the USPS shipping calculator from zip code 46158. I will ship internationally. Payment via Paypal, money order, check (held until cleared) or cash. Please PM or email me with your interests and include your zip code or country so that I may calculate shipping. Thanks! Only trades I am looking for at this time are either the 1/48 Gallery Models/Trumpeter UH-34, Hasegawa F/A-18F Brian 1/32 Kits Wingnut Wings Gotha G.1 $180
  12. Next, I installed the Steel Beach tailhook, This piece was painted and dropped in easily with minimal cutting. I then mated the two halves together. At this point, I decided to omit the crew tunnel and blanked off the opening from within the bomb bay. With the tunnel installed, there was a prominent gap in the fuselage halves. Without the tunnel, there was still a gap, but it was a least easier to manage. The Steel Beach "speed nose" was installed, as the kit comes with the earlier nose, and my aircraft does not use this one. This piece fit well, and only needed minor cleanup
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