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  1. No worries, good advice all around. I went with the LANTIRN pod because the picture on the Twobobs sheet shows the jet with that one.
  2. Habu- thanks for the heads up on the fuel tanks, can't believe I missed that drhornii- I know I have a mix of inert/live weapons. Mostly I wanted it to get done and I didn't want to wait for the Twobobs sheet for the AMRAAM. But my current Viper will be entirely live weapons. Thanks for noticing though.
  3. Couple more.... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v619/loc...TexasANG008.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v619/loc...TexasANG004.jpg
  4. Just got this one off the bench and took a few pics. Decals are from Twobobs. Kit is the 1/48 Hasegawa V4 with the big mouth intake from the CJ boxing. Cockpit is the excellent Black Box set.
  5. I'm in with a 1/48 Monogram F-5E. I'll be using either the Blue/Grey Saints or Desert Cats sheet from Twobobs. I got both, I just can't decide.... What the hell, maybe I'll do one of each Brian
  6. I'm seeing them, I had to refresh the page a couple times though. Looks great! Gotta love those Aussie Skyhawks
  7. Looks great! Great weathering. One question, do the tails cant outwards or is that just the picture? Brian
  8. I'm in for this one all the way! I got an A model waitin for some Twobobs decals that I need a reason to start. It would look great with the C and E I've finished.
  9. That's one nice Thud you got there!
  10. Josh is a great guy to deal with. I bought decals from him and had no problem what so ever. I'd buy something from him again, if I wasn't a poor college kid now. Brian
  11. I second that, Matt sent me a kit in a very timely fashion and everything arrived in good shape. Thanks a lot! Brian
  12. I've almost got mine done. It's taken close to six months. I built B-1B 84-0051 aka "Boss Hawg" the B-1 that's at the USAF museum now. The only thing I don't have are windows. Revell has none. Is anyone forming their own instead of the tinted ones? Brian
  13. I'm filling the gaps on the wings of my 1/48 B-1B. I filled the seams, sanded and primed with Testors grey primer. I then noticed that I had some gaps that I missed. I went to reapply the Squadron putty and the primer turned the green putty grey. What happened and how can I prevent it?
  14. I am building the monster 1/48 B-1B. One of the wing halves has some minor warping towards the end, on the flap. How can I fix this without bending the rest of the wing. I tried placing the entire wing underneath a large stack of books, which did not work.
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