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  1. Details section: Bristles homemade discharge brush and IFF antenna, the installation of the the Home next angle of attack sensor. While the small leaves on the pitot tube is used to scrap the lens aperture blades tailoring ....................
  2. mooncat


    MR.COLOR 365 Color sets the color navy
  3. I'm glad you and your father like this, the old pilot's appreciation is the greatest compliment for me, thank you. Monogram's SB2C plates I never met, but AM's SB2C is a very good thing.
  4. The first attempt of the old armor class model of skill, so the result is not very satisfactory.
  5. wow .....................................................
  6. Thanks to all,Read this forum many practical examples, I found a very interesting phenomenon: the concept and the Chinese mainland where the model very different circle of ideas, the first where it is focusing on transformation, attention to detail, but the final color and take it careless, which is our fans here are very rare, There is a saying here the circle: the production is flesh and blood, skin color, and shooting is the soul, good shooting can cover a lot of the early defects. This is probably the right ideas and cultural differences.
  7. Perhaps the future I will open a shop on ebay, sell my finished products.
  8. Great plane, a suggestion: hit the F16 camera, when even a small aperture to control depth of field, the last photo with PS under the regulation of sharpness and curves. Spend very little time to make your aircraft look better.
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