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  1. Whoa. Nice pic. Where did you find that? I'm building that one as well (also Eduard 1/72), but I don't think I found many pics of Bulgarian MFs and certainly none that were close enough to see any stencils. However, it seems their MiG-21bis' did carry a lot of stencils (more or less than other air forces, I don't know), even though they all seem to have different camouflage schemes. Have a look at this site: LINK! The bis' and the UM all carry stencils (the PF doesn't, but it looks like it's been repainted anyway). Two other examples of stencilled bis': EXAMPLE #1 - EXAMPLE #2 Going
  2. Quite interesting way to go about things. Special Hobby obviously feels there is a market for a new 109E in 1/72 (then again, isn't there always a market for a new 109?). Now, did Eduard not think so? Or do they have enough on their plate at the moment that they can't (or don't want to) fit in a new 1/72 109E in their schedule? Apparently Eduard are working on a 109G/K/Avia S-199-family in 1/72 at the moment (LINK!). Wishing Special Hobby lots of success with this one. Hope it'll prompt further cooperation and lead to a scale-down of Eduard's Tempest.
  3. Closer to Tamiya X-15 or more like Gunze H 26? And were you going for a certain FS number? 😉
  4. Really cool project. Always good to see prototypes/development aircraft.
  5. Thanks, guys. Glad y'all like her. rom, it's funny that I only noticed it now looking at the in-progress thread of your 1/48 Iraqi MiG, but I consulted your article in Aces High magazine "Gulf War" for inspiration numerous times when building my recon Foxbat. It was really helpful, especially regarding the weathering.
  6. Wonderful build of a gorgeous scheme.
  7. Nice work so far. Cool choice of markings.
  8. Seems the F-5F was planned from the get-go. I'm also hoping for an RF-5E. Maybe the upgraded versions Thailand, Brazil and Chile fly?
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