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  1. Out in the hallway, but still treated - one thing. Not even space in the hallway and triaged (i.e. we continue treating patient A and let patient B die because A has marginally better chances of survival and we can only treat one) - quite another. So much for the limits of one's anecdotal knowledge. This is not true. Tests and protocols were adhered to. It didn't take as long as things usually do because some tests were done in parallel. Steps that delay the fielding of new vaccines If anything, the fielding of Covid vaccines show what can be done if funding isn't a
  2. Do you have a source for that? Or did you overhear that in the Holiday Inn Express' lobby?
  3. What they said about the Anthrax vaccine is one thing. What we know about the Corona vaccines is another. At least 160 million administered doses without any reported serious side effects. Certified by independent authorities in various countries. As for the WMDs.... I mean, yeah, none found after OIF. On the other hand, Iraqi use of WMDs against Kurds and Iranians in the 1980s are confirmed. Use against US/Coalition forces was a definite possibility. That they weren't used is one of those hindsight things. Corona, however, is not a possibility. It's a reality. And it's killin
  4. The situation is different now, though. No one is being forced. The vaccines are safe. Weaponized Anthrax was a probability. The Corona pandemic is already in full swing. And it may well stay in full swing or turn into a recurring event if we don't act NOW.
  5. In case of the COVID vaccinations, no, there is no reason to be sceptical. The vaccines have been approved by various different agencies in various nations, independently and thoroughly. When the vaccines were still in trial stages they were monitored and considered safe. That they were developed so quickly does not mean they were rushed. They simply did some steps in parallel or overlapping that would under normal circumstances only occur after each other. Up to to today, more than 160 million doses of vaccine have been administered (SOURCE). That means at the very least about 80 million
  6. Wow, I see the concept of personal responsibility is an unknown thing to some. Whatever happened to "do unto others"? Because herd immunity is a thing? Because it's not just a personal choice? Because some people choosing not to take a safe vaccine means the virus will always have a it can infect. Where it can mutate. Meaning it will never leave. Much like the flu. Well done! Super work! *insert-Congratulations-You've-played-yourself-meme* If we don't stamp out this virus this time around, then - yes - it will be here to stay.
  7. Whoa! Not just the loadout is asymmetrical. Also the light grey tank AND a light grey stab! Hearin' ya re the decals. Would be cool to see more post-Vietnam stuff that isn't either ODS or War on Terror. (secretly, I'd also welcome more ODS stuff. What aftermarket decals I have covering that era are often quite old and I'm not sure I'd trust them)
  8. Oh, nice! Fighter-sized Marine Air decals in 1/72 are always good to have (C-130s are just too big for my way of building). Hope this multi-type layout will work well for you, Dave!
  9. ^ Well, the only old thing about them is the mould. The kit still has to be produced at today's prices. The decals have to be printed at today's prices, the people operating the injection machines want to be paid in today's money, the boxes are printed with today's money, the warehouse people need today's money.... And they have to be sold to today's customers and their expectations of prices. It would probably be opening a huge can of worms to have an old Italeri Tomcat (in today's box) for half the price of a (hypothetical) new Italeri Super Hornet next to each other on the shelf. Peopl
  10. Thanks for the kind words, guys! Glad you like it.
  11. @habu2 Just add "site:arcforums.com" (without the " ") to your search query. Is that what you meant?
  12. I recently picked up the new Academy kit in 1/72. Looking forward to giving that a try. No clue regarding markings, though. May try the Cartograf decals from the box for a Pukin Dogs... kitty.
  13. test 1. 2. [url=https://flic.kr/p/2kr5Jx3][img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50823307072_8512b808b6_o.jpg[/img][/url][url=https://flic.kr/p/2kr5Jx3]Eduard-72-MiG-21-Angola-by-ChernayaAkula-02[/url] by [url=https://www.flickr.com/photos/151156765@N03/]Motschke[/url], on Flickr 3. [img]https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/50823307072_8512b808b6_o.jpg[/img] EDIT: Okay. First image is the image added via the "Other Media ---> Insert Image from URL" option. Second link is the full Flickr link. Third link is the relevant bits in IMG ta
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