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  1. I don't know whether they'd have the facilities to operate the Super Hornet from the Charles de Gaulle in an operationally meaningful way (enough under deck maintenance and storage space, for example), but they've definitely trapped on and launched a few times from the CdG. LINK! EDIT: SECOND LINK! With a VFA-105 Super Hornet actually sitting aboard CdG.
  2. Good stuff! The nozzles look fantastic.
  3. Cool news!
  4. Ooh, drat. You're right. Forgot that. And agree with your second point. A 1/48 F11F would probably be a way better seller than the Pirate. Thinking about it, even the 1/32 Tiger would probably sell better than the Pirate.
  5. Yeah, so they ditch the F11F Tiger, fearing it wouldn't sell and now they come up with a Pirate?
  6. Yeah, the concept of the LHS is dead. Mostly. But not because the hobby is dying (it's NOT!) or people are too lazy to build their own stuff (they're NOT!). The thing is, an LHS just can't stock of all the stuff available to us modellers these days. It's just impossible. Because the hobby is SO DAMN ALIVE that there are thousands of kits from hundreds of manufacturers. And thousands of decal sets from hundreds of manufacturers. And resin. And PE. And masks. Thousands of book and other reference material. And dozens of different paint ranges. I can't reasonably expect an LHS to stock all that. They'd have way too much stuff sitting on their shelves, gathering dust. Actually, I'd argue that the very things threatening the LHS (big e-tailers, ability to get models and supplies from anywhere in the world, sometimes directly from the manufacturer,...) are also the things that allow the smaller players and the aftermarket guys to thrive. Would we have seen outfits like Fightertown or Caracal had their only means of distribution been the LHS? Brands like Kinetic? Would some of the Czech firms have made the leap from short-run products to mainstream kits? In that way, mail order companies had already put the writing on the wall for the LHS decades ago. The Internet merely sped up the process.
  7. Oooh! Nice! Looks like Zvezda have a plan to release all/most of the current Russian types as 1/72 kits. Neat! EDIT: Are Yakovlev sure they've put a big enough fin on this one? Looks to be a tad on the small side to me.
  8. Nice work! Really love seeing these come together.
  9. ^ You know, I'm kinda glad they revisited the Fencer nose and made it flat on the top and slightly bulged on the bottom. Too bad they put in the wrong effin' kit, though.
  10. Man, that's some seriously nice work!
  11. Just an idea, but if you want to recoup a bit of that SuE investment (research, CAD drawings and all that), there IS a market for an accurate, well-detailed and nice to build 1/72 Super Etendard! Looking forward to your Kfir. Got seven of those on pre-order. Going by the recent pics, I'm sure it will have been worth the wait.
  12. MUCH better, don't you think?
  13. Agree wholeheartedly!
  14. What a beauty! Drop-dead gorgeous scheme. Sure hope Italeri will release this one in 1/72, but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Lovely build. Cool scheme.