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  1. With the Academy 1/144 Hustler slated for re-release this year (AFAIK) and the Fox One decals having been gone for a loooong time, how about a 1/144 release of your Hustler sheet? I have no clue how much demand there is, though.
  2. That's so cool!
  3. It will be the end all right. Once the Mighty TWEET has been released, expansion of the universe will cease. The universe will then contract at an increasing rate until all matter balls up in an infinitesimally small sphere, triggering the next Big Bang. And then it will all start again anew.
  4. He saw the chance. And he took it.
  5. Whoa! Seriously? Why would they care what you do with your decals? Do they not charge by a combination of size and colours?
  6. And from the producer's point of view, we'd be back to square one: just a single sheet sold. What would the manufacturer gain from catering to the 1/72 crowd? A few more copies sold vs. the additional investment of scaling down the artwork (which, I take it, is not as trivial as it sounds). This mixed scales approach will only work if it can generate sufficient additional sales over the run of a 1/48-only sheet. I bought one of Fightertown's VF-1 Wolfpack sheets in 1/48 because it contained a 1/144 option. Specifically for the 1/144 option. Didn't think it was expensive. Thought it was money well spent. Great quality decals for the price of, what, a cinema ticket? I could have cut out the decals I needed and sold on the rest. But I thought that way I would've screwed Fightertown out of a sell.
  7. I suppose it's a local name for this type of gorge. It's interesting that one can't find a definition. I've found the following description on some other "Cahorros" (Cahorros del Río Chíllar, also in the Granada province), "<...> sus famosos Cahorros, estrechos pasillos modelados en la roca caliza por el curso del río." which, I think, translates to: "its famous Cahorros, narrow passages carved into the limestone by the flow of the river" My Spanish ain't what it used to be, though. Given that the area has been ruled by Arabs for centuries in medieval times, perhaps the name is even related to an Arabic term or a localisation of an Arabic name.
  8. I wonder whether something like crowdfunding via Kickstarter or Patreon could work. Say, a manufacturer says they're intending to release decal sheet X in 1/72, but only if they can get amount Y pre-financed through a crowdfunding site. If amount Y is reached, the sheet will go to the printer. If amount Y isn't reached, the sheet won't be printed.To basically eliminate the risk and make sure the sheet won't sit on their shelves. And money ill only flow once amount Y is reached. So no hassle with pre-orders for something that may not ever get off the ground (which I understand is a reason for lots of manufacturers not to take pre-orders). Wouldn't have to be anything fancy with stretch goals, add-ons, or premium stuff for higher-paying backers. Just a pledge for a copy that particular sheet. And maybe a 1 or 2 dollar courtesy donation towards getting that sheet off the ground and supporting the 1/72 decal business in general. That's not how it works. The minimum order here would be 500 copies per sheet, not 500 sheets in total. Sure, there are outfits that will print fewer copies, but it's gonna cost ya.
  9. Which in turn doesn't bode well for the overall accuracy of the fuselage shape in that area. Assuming, of course, the landing gear doors are engineered to fit nicely when assembling them closed (for an in-flight build).
  10. Love the way this is coming together!
  11. Looks like one of the old, messed up Alamos sneaked into the CAD drawing. Hope Zvezda will also do the UB and the 9.12.
  12. Sweet! Definitely one I'll be picking up.
  13. Nice! Love the way you varied the grey on the belly and wings.