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  1. ChernayaAkula

    N/AW-10A Thunderbolt II, Hobbyboss in 1/72

    Really like where you're going with this!
  2. ChernayaAkula

    Corellian YT-1300 Transport

    Nice work so far. Looks really cool this way!
  3. Great build! Lovely scheme!
  4. ChernayaAkula

    Hasegawa 1/48 Curtiss F-40E Warhawk

    Nice one! Love the subtle weathering. Used, but not abused.
  5. ChernayaAkula

    MiG-21F-13 Modelsvit 72nd scale

    Whoa, now that's niiiiice!
  6. Those R-77 fins look pretty darn amazing!
  7. ChernayaAkula

    1/72 A-7E VA-72 Desert Storm

    The AirDOC sheet is on sale at ShopOfPhantoms, which, I believe, is run by the person behind AirDOC. LINK! The shipping charges stated on their website are outrageous as anything below 5kg is treated the same, but try e-mailing them at contact(at)shopofphantoms.com (replace at with @). Sending a single decal sheet shouldn't cost more than 3-4 EUR at most. Maybe they can help you out. Herr Klein seemed like a decent fellow when I met him at some model show.
  8. ChernayaAkula

    MiG-21F-13 Modelsvit 72nd scale

    At the very least get the Quickboost nose cone set. LINK! The cone in the Revell kit is fantastically bad. I don't know what exactly they were having at Revell headquarters when they designed this part, but it must have been strong stuff.
  9. Good morning. Sorry to hear that you were unable to view the pics. I have created a link of the pics. Hope you are able to view them.




    Best regards,


    S K Loh

  10. ChernayaAkula

    1/144 JWings F-14A Tomcat makeover - Top Gun

    Hmmm. no piccies for me.
  11. ChernayaAkula

    Hey, thats not real group build, starts soon!

    Cool! Looking forward to it. Hope I can contribute something. Got a couple of what-ifs planned, now it's just a matter of getting round to actually combining glue and plastic.
  12. ChernayaAkula

    1/72 Hasegawa F-16C 162nd Fighter Squadron

    And rightly so!
  13. ChernayaAkula

    Sea Dragon

    Glad you chose to revive this!
  14. ChernayaAkula

    Airfix new tool MiG-17F

    There's really only one way to find out.....