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  1. Really cool project. Always good to see prototypes/development aircraft.
  2. Thanks, guys. Glad y'all like her. rom, it's funny that I only noticed it now looking at the in-progress thread of your 1/48 Iraqi MiG, but I consulted your article in Aces High magazine "Gulf War" for inspiration numerous times when building my recon Foxbat. It was really helpful, especially regarding the weathering.
  3. Wonderful build of a gorgeous scheme.
  4. Nice work so far. Cool choice of markings.
  5. Seems the F-5F was planned from the get-go. I'm also hoping for an RF-5E. Maybe the upgraded versions Thailand, Brazil and Chile fly?
  6. Thanks, guys! Made a decision: Canopy had to come off! I suppose the canopy issue would’ve bugged me every time I looked at it. Perhaps more importantly, I also had to try to find out what caused it. Here’s a pic trying to show the problem. It’s really difficult to catch on camera, but immediately obvious to the naked eye. In the words of Bob Ross: “Time for your bravery test!” Out came the cutting disc in the Proxxon. I made some cuts to take out the clear (ha ha!) portion of the canopy. I also used a milling bit to further reduce the frame. To rem
  7. Close up of the cockpit area. I’m glad the amber lens of the HUD shows up so well. I guess painting the underside of the clear HUD assembly (good move, Eduard!) silver and a drop of orange clear colour on top worked out as planned. Another shot, showing how well the instrument panel and associated details remain visible and also showing that masking the clear part of the mirror on the canopy worked as intended. Eduard don’t mention it, but a teeny-tiny bit of masking tape here goes a long way. I suppose Eduard didn’t include it on the masking sheet as it would’ve j
  8. Work on the Fishbed continues. Made a lot of progress on the armament. Masking four rollerons each on ten missiles was tedious. Stencilling them was almost as tedious. Eduard and ResKit certainly didn’t skimp on stencils. Lots of work, but looks the part, I think. Also added a medium grey wash to bring out the details on the missiles. On the UB-16 rocket pods, I went for a black wash. Pylons were also painted and got between six and eleven stencils. I will swap out a pair of the APU-3 rails for a different set of APU-13 rail
  9. I was about to suggest something like what Chuck suggested. One idea to adapt it better to your specific problem is to glue a small length of styrene rod or sprue onto the area that held the bristles before. You could get a sanding area that's really just the diameter of whatever rod you use. What could also be useful are the mini sanding sticks by Alpha Abrasives/Albion Alloys/Micro-Mesh. I use them all the time. They have a thin foam backing, so are slighty different from cruiz' DIY option. The DIY option with the hard backing may actually be more useful in this case, though.
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