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  1. That WAS in interesting read indeed. Thanks for sharing the link. Never knew they worked so closely with the Abrams/Bradleys. Fascinating. Bit sobering to read about losing the institutional recon expertise. Should they get a replacement for the OH-58, all this will have to be relearned. I don't understand why it's so difficult for the higher-ups to grasp that hardware is really just one part of the equation. The skills needed to operate the hardware efficiently - the software, so to speak - is equally as important. Tool upgrades are nice, but what good are they when t
  2. There's a really nice walk-around on Britmodeller (LINK!) of the Libyan Mirages that landed in Malta. The undersides do seem to have a rather blue-ish hue to them.
  3. Interesting resource, WARDOG. Should be .net instead of .com, though. 😉 Here's a direct link: LINK! As for the Libyan colours, the Africa@War series has some pretty good profiles by Tom Cooper. He usually goes into good detail regarding colours. However, my copy of the book on Libya is currently in some box for moving and I don't know which of the many boxes it is in, so I can't look.
  4. It's not either/or. It's both, actually. That's just... how it works. Actions, consequences, that sorta thing. You voice an opinion (action), you kinda risk other people not liking that opinion and - the audacity! - voicing an opinion in reply themselves (consequences). That's basically all what holding someone accountable for their statements means as far as Internet discussion boards are concerned: asking someone to take responsibility for their statements. Nothing more. Responsibility. Consequences at the lowest possible scale: having to read a retort. Having to read a differi
  5. No kids. Can you only stand up for people when it directly benefits yourself? Unnecessarily inflammatory remarks about kids = opinion. Addressing unnecessarily inflammatory remarks about kids = "attack". Got it. Geez.... Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be tolerant of intolerant behaviour. Look up Popper's Tolerance Paradox. I am leading by example by holding people accountable for their actions. You are free to state your opinion. You are not free from possibly experiencing backlash for that. At no point did I say he couldn
  6. Lucky man! Looking forward to further progress.
  7. Interesting to see they've switched from 1/32 (AH-1G) to 1/35.
  8. You aren't adding anything to the discussion. Instead your whining about other people's perceived butthurt. Which makes it look like your butt was hurt by having to read an opinion you don't agree with.
  9. I disagree. Have you considered that people like you are the reason young people don't want to get into the hobby? They get enough of the "kids these days"-attitude just about everywhere else. Why would they want to get seconds? Don't want the hobby to die out? Then maybe try being just a tiny little bit more welcoming.
  10. +1 to what 11bee said. Oh no, the hobby is dying, the sky is falling, waaaah! It desperately needs newcomers! How do we get newcomers? Let's come across as crusty old men raving about "kids these days!" Yeah! That'll do it. Young folks love being talked down to. Genius!
  11. Wut? Can it be true? That is EXCELLENT news! I enjoyed building their 1/72 MiG-25RBT immensely. Anything even close to that and we have a real winner.
  12. Cool! Not a subject we'relikely to ever see as a full kit, so kitbashing will be the way to go.
  13. Wow! Awesome sheet! 51 options. I'm gonna need more Hinds. +1 A MAJOR improvement.
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