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  1. ChernayaAkula

    Fast cat

    She's a right beauty!
  2. ChernayaAkula

    New GB Proposal: What Ifs, or: No role models!

    What-If GB? Hell yeah! In case you need a mod, I'd be willing to moderate this. Was a mod for the What If 2.0 GB a couple of years ago. Good times!
  3. ChernayaAkula

    Hasegawa F-4S USMC Detailed build

    Great choice of subject! That does look nice. Would love to see Furball scale-down their "Lo-Viz Devil Dog Rhinos" to 1/72 some nice day.
  4. Very nice! Really like that you're using coloured instructions now. 😍
  5. ChernayaAkula

    Zhulaniy Museum, Kiev

    Now THAT looks quite interesting! Thanks for taking us along, Ken!
  6. ChernayaAkula

    F/A-16C CAS Viper. Tamyia 1/48

    Sounding a bit like a broken record when commenting on one of your builds, but.... wow! What a beauty! 😍 That is gorgeous! Might just be my favourite of yours yet!
  7. ChernayaAkula

    Airfix 1/72 BAE Systems Hawk 109 'TNI-AU'

    Crackin' build!
  8. ChernayaAkula


    Nice one! Gotta love the BiG MiG!
  9. ChernayaAkula

    MikroMir 1/144 Tu-22

    Awesome news!
  10. I feel RKic might be on to something. Tosa, you don't even have a 109 G. Your Carpet Monster ist trying to trick you!
  11. ChernayaAkula

    Revell Flying Saucer Model Recalled

    No, that's not the problem. They can sell them in RAF/USAAC markings.They can even sell them in German markings (again, Revell did NOT violate any law!). If you want to build that, go knock yourself out! I don't judge! But Revell has to ensure that people know that they're looking at a model of something that isn't real. Something that is different from the 109s, Flying Fortresses and T-34s that are marketed with the claim of historical accuracy. The sole problem is that the text on the box makes it seem like these things actually existed. Here's the text: Not a hint that this is totally bogus. This sits in toys on the shelves next to the "faithfully reproduced" Bf 109. Next to the "faithfully reproduced" Sherman. Next to the "authentic" 747. It's mostly bought by kids (Revell can stuff their "Level 4 - adults only" excuse). WE can tell the difference, but a sizeable portion of the market simply CAN'T! It's not the same with Iron Sky. People who go see Iron Sky know it's satire. They know they're not watching some documentary. It's squarely aimed at adults. And the number of kids who don't "believe" the facts is growing. Who will claim that what they're being taught about the Third Reich/WWII is simply Allied propaganda. Then there are the nutcases. From conspiracy theorists to outright fascists. From chemtrailers and flat-earthers to people who actually buy into the Nazi Übermensch bullshit. People who do protest marches decrying the "bomb holocaust" perpetrated on Dresden by the Allies. People wanting to put an end to what they call a "guilt cult" regarding the Third Reich (claiming the atrocities either didn't happen or where ages ago and therefore irrelevant today). Mix all this and at the end of the day, German Bundestag opposition leader ( thanks to having the largest party faction not part of the government) and head of the so-called "Alternative für Deutschland" can say that "the Nazi time was bird droppings on 1000 years of successful German history". No, building a Revell Haunebu will not turn you a Nazi. But sorry for not being sorry that I think this is a very sensitive issue here in Germany. The right is on the rise again. They're poisoning people's minds yet again. And blood has already been spilt.
  12. ChernayaAkula

    Revell Flying Saucer Model Recalled

    No. For the very simple reason that all other kits regarding WWII-era German models are either based in fact (Tiger II, U-99, Bf 109, "History you can model"*) OR are clearly labelled and described as "projects" (previous Revell Luft #46 kits). In case of the stupid UFO, they made it look like it was real. Like the 109, like Tiger II. This has eff-all to do with the legal situation in Germany. Revell didn't violate a single law. Revell was not forced to call-back the UFOs. They chose to recall them. Probably because they saw they made a stupid mistake. Good on Revell to step up to it and do the right thing. *Frankly, I was never sure of the "History you can model" thing. If the historical annotations in your He 162 Volksjäger kit only mention how it was meant to be produced easily and flown by inexperienced pilots, but neglects that the construction facilities (intentionally) killed thousands of slave labourers by design, you're really just marketing a toy, not teaching history. Just NO! Recalling that damn UFO does NOT eliminate history. Keeping them on the shelves in their current form, making people believe these things actually existed and fuelling the Nazi Übermensch bullshit, THAT eliminates history.
  13. ChernayaAkula

    Mirage quatre mille; update 27/06/2018

    Drop-dead gorgeous! 😍
  14. ChernayaAkula

    Best 1/72 Su-25 A/K

    Far and way, the ART Model kit: LINK! Apparently not an easy build, but certainly the best base for a great model. Really wish Zvezda would release a new Frogfoot along the lines of their recent Flankers und Fulcrums. Come on, Zvezda! You know you want to!
  15. ChernayaAkula

    Eduard 1:72 MiG-21MF 'Fishbed-J'

    Lovely result! Really like the second photo, from 4 o'clock high. Always a great angle on the Fishbed. Makes it look like a shark! 🦈 What colour did you use for checking the seams on the forward fuselage?