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  1. What should they do instead? If people can choose and get what they want and that allows Eduard to sell more MiGs, how is that a bad thing? I bought the Fighter-Bomber ProfiPACK, the Interceptor ProfiPACK, the Royal Class boxing and the Czech Special (2 kits + book), each specifically for some of the marking options provided. Not sure I'll get the Weekend version. Not interested in this Libyan option at all and undecided about the Polish swordfish. Luckily no one is forcing me to buy every boxing. What is really missing for the bis and SMT (as far as a 1/72 kit is concerned)? The spines? I guess the R would be more involved. I kinda doubt we'll see the correct bis nose this time round. I'd love to be proven wrong, though.
  2. Voted "yes". 1/72 Vipers - Hasegawa vs Tamiya! Life is too short for crappy old kits (and crappy new kits, I guess), but Hasegawa's 1/2 F-16 is still decent enough. Hmmm, there are also a couple of RoG F-16s in the stash..... Other options I would consider for the GB. "Option" meaning I have an old kit in the stash and think it's still worth building. 1/72 Harrier GR.1/3 - ESCI/Italeri vs Airfix 1/72 F/A-18 A/C Hornet - Hasegawa vs Academy 1/72 BAe Hawk - Italeri vs Airfix vs Revell 1/72 P-51D Mustang - Tamiya vs Airfix
  3. No, you will not. As I said above regarding the pictures of a model exhibition, that's okay (although it wouldn't be too difficult to post some images). In other cases, it's different. See above. The text regarding the rivet-counters could just as easily have been re-posted here on ARC. Would've taken all of two minutes with copy+paste. Two minutes only because of adding the pictures. That would've enabled discussion far better than a one-liner reeking of click-bait and a link. I'm sure it would've started an actual discussion of the subject, not this discussion about linking to blogs. Okay, so you have an article for a build, but only post it to your blog, why do you even come to a forum? If you don't care about the people here and aren't willing to interact with them, why come to ARC at all? (This - all of this post, really - is in response to the devil's advocate argument, not to CorsairMan in particular) Some people post abridged versions of their build threads here on ARC. Some parts of a build thread, enough to show all the steps you want to show. If people are interested in seeing all the steps in full detail, they can click a link. You won't get slammed. FWIW, my current in-progress thread was posted on four forums, two of which are English-language forums, the other two are German. Not only did I post it on four different forums (which isn't actually any trouble thanks to "copy+paste"), I even took the time to do the write-up in two languages. I took the time because I like these forums. I value the members and their input. Forums depend on participation.
  4. Very nice indeed! That Xtradecal sheet is dangerous, though. It made me buy way too many Hunters.
  5. Nice one! Good to see the Tu-2 getting some well-deserved attention.
  6. Been there, done that. Still bought one I was sure I didn't have yet.
  7. A split-second after this photo was taken, the idea for the ejection seat was born.
  8. Yes. Yes, they are. Surely everyone has cardboard boxes filled with plastic parts worth a small car or two in their basement, right? Right? RIGHT????? I have around 700 in the stash. I hate myself about 58 times as much. 😉
  9. Would you kindly retract that part about the mentally ill? Thank you.
  10. It's an Aussie one. Over Iraq. Northern hemisphere. Which probably explains why it isn't flying upside down. 😉 Here's the caption: "A Royal Australian Air Force F/A-18A Hornet receives fuel from a U.S. Air Force KC-10 Extender while flying a mission in support of Operation Okra over Iraq, March 22, 2017. The RAAF is supporting Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve through Operation Okra. Since operations commenced in 2014, the F/A-18A Hornets and F/A-18F Super Hornets have flown more than 12,000 hours during more than 2,000 sorties and delivered more than 1,600 munitions. (U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Tyler Woodward) ." SOURCE I would've guessed Aussie since it carries an Elta ECM pod on the intake station. Do the Canadian Hornets also use Elta ECM pods?
  11. In German we have a saying that translates to "having the choice between plague and cholera". And here's Larry happily asking for both!
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