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  1. What a gorgeous build! 😍 That trick with the compass is pure genius!
  2. Ain't no such thing as a boring F-16! Your highly detailed build looks exciting already at this bare plastic/bare resin stage.
  3. Upper cowling looks good. Using multiple shades of black really paid off.
  4. ^^ What he said! That Viper looks niiiiice! Looked at the pics in your blog. Kolly nice work. BTW, the hyperlink in your signature links back to this thread and not to your blog.
  5. This is gonna be a killer sheet! Looking forward to it! That is dead sexy! Who did the decals in 1/72?
  6. When it comes to decals, this ^^^^ is always sound advice.
  7. I just got this ad: "The SPYDER™ Family by RAFAEL - Mobile Air Defense Systems" Targeted ads? More like IR-homing ads, amirite?
  8. I got ads for sexy lingerie, athlete's foot remedy and an airbrush. My feet are fine, the airbrush Google recommends is one I already own and I'm not terribly sure I could rock a sexy brassiere. Gotta love artificial intelligence. 😉
  9. Isn't there a German Typhoon in some anniversary scheme like that?
  10. Nothing wrong with it if Kinetic did actually emulate Hasegawa. I mean, more boxings with well-researched and well-printed decals - who would complain about that? Ain't anything wrong with Hasegawa's approach either. More decal options! Why would anyone complain about that? I've bought a sizeable number of Hasegawa boxings specifically for their decal options. If there's an aftermarket option, I'd go for that. But in many cases, there simply aren't any.
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