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  1. New Tool su-25?

    True dat!
  2. New Tool su-25?

    ^ Maybe we could get kotey to put in some words for a new Grach with Zvezda? What do you think, kotey?
  3. F-14 - Why is it so popular?

    WAY better soundtrack, tho.
  4. Beginner Airbrushing set-up

    THIS! So much!
  5. Trumpeter SU-9 1/48

    This is getting better and better!
  6. Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    ^ Whoa! Awesome shot!
  7. 1/48 New York ANG F-16A, Desert Storm

    Nice build of a cool subject! Gotta love those "early" Vipers!
  8. 1/48 Kitty Hawk Su-22M4 Fitter-K, Polish Air Force, 2016

    Absolutely fantastic! Who says grey has to be boring? Far from it, obviously!
  9. Trumpeter SU-9 1/48

    Mighty impressive!
  10. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    ^ Yeah, what Laurent said re macro photos! When holding the kit next to the pic on the monitor, the pic is about 5 times bigger! That said, the panel lines on the fuselage parts do seem to be less crisp than those on the wing parts. The wing parts are about equal to Hasegawa's recent standard, thin and sharp. The panel lines on the fin, canards, nose, pylons and tanks are closer to the wing parts in terms of definition.
  11. It's a conspiracy! A conspiracy, I tells you! Kotey and Zvezda are secretly conspiring to go after what's left of my money!
  12. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    Somewhat in between, I guess. While definitely not a continuous curve, the curvature is probably not as pronounced as on the actual aircraft. I just noted that the pic shows that the canopy is not 100% in place. It was kinda difficult to balance without glue. It'll come down a bit further at the front, which should eliminate the step to the windscreen part. I guess the tight fit tolerances mean that the parts will suck right into place once a little glue is applied. KfirCanopy by Motschke, on Flickr
  13. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    So, tried to get some pics. Kfir_01 by Motschke, on Flickr I hope I understood you correctly and this is really what you were getting at. It seems that the area of the dogtooth (red outline below) is indeed ever so slightly raised from the rest of the wing. It can be seen in certain lighting, but your finger will easily notice it when going over the area. I've tried to get a pic with the lighting creating a bit of a shadow. Fix? A couple of swipes with some sanding sticks. Kfir_02 by Motschke, on Flickr Parabrake housing.There are indeed some steps, both in the connection to the spine/fin direction, as well as towards the fuselage. They're not faired in. The area marked red is a tad exaggerated, but it shows the general idea. Fix? Bit of putty, let it cure for a couple of minutes, then smooth it with a cotton bud dipped in in nail polish remover (or similar). Kfir_03 by Motschke, on Flickr Kfir_04 by Motschke, on Flickr Some cool bits: Love this bracing. Pinching the fuselage can be a problem on aircraft with a one-piece lower wing (especially on deltas), but this helps mitigate that. Good thinking; AMK! Fuselage basically clicks together and will stay that way even without glue. Almost like a snap-fit kit! Halves can be taken apart, though. Kfir_05 by Motschke, on Flickr Dry-fit of fuselage halves, wings, intake splitter and intake part. Great fit! The lower wing section also more or less clicks into place and makes for a positive And it shows that AMK really did modify the intakes when it became apparent they were off during the CAD stage. Kudos to AMK for going the extra mile! Kfir_06 by Motschke, on Flickr
  14. AMK IAI Kfir C2/C7 in 1/72, new tool

    I think it's gorgeous! Very happy with my purchase. Yes, one or two. (see above). What do you need to know?
  15. Train travel in France, Germany

    While that, technically, IS the source, their pricing info is on a different website, bahn.com: LINK! And this, incidentally, makes the biggest problem of Deutsche Bahn all too readily apparent: utter chaos regarding fares! It's quite difficult to get consistent and decent pricing information. Online prices will be different from counter prices will be different from ticket machines. Prices will vary by special offer, depending on what type of train you take, whether you're going first class or economy, if you're signed up for their discount subscription programme (BahnCard), what type of BahnCard you have. In some cases, a second person travelling with you will get other discounts.... It's all rather.... So much for German efficiency! Generally, the trains are on time. Generally. Some routes are affected by delays worse than others. Some are routinely overcrowded. Do you know what regions you'll visit? It might really be more efficient to just rent a car. Another option is a Greyhound-style intercity bus. Currently, the largest carrier is FlixBus: LINK!