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  1. Thanks for all of you hard work Steve! One thing I noticed. There used to be a difference between screen name and login user id. When I tried to login with my user name it said it did not exist. I tried my screen name and that worked. Not a big deal at all. Just need to type a few more characters because my 'user name' was shorter.
  2. Just finished 5 seasons of "Damages" (Glenn Close, Rose Byrne). Legal drama with lots of twists. Also in a (British) legal vein I was surprised how much I liked 'Silk'.
  3. I purchased a WNW Sopwith Snipe from him and the transaction went very smoothly. Lots of communication during the entire process. He has sponsored a couple of group builds over at LargeScaleModeller.com and Grant is well known there.
  4. Watch this video Given that the manufacturing process has a spray test I'm left thinking it's not a production or tolerance issue. To get something as small as a 5 degree spray variance I would think that maybe the original idea of the bent needle is the issue. It's just that it's bent such a minute amount it's not visually discernible but just small enough to create a 5 degree deviation. I've had mine for about 5 years and it sprays straight as an arrow. I have replaced parts including needles, nozzles and gaskets however
  5. Cable TV boxes (PVR's) are notorious for burning as much as an old fridge while only displaying the time
  6. There is a build of the kit over on LSP http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=48250 It built up very nicely
  7. Grilled salmon with fiddleheads and jasmin rice
  8. And the kit includes a figure of the dog. I gave mine away because I don't do figures...not sure if they're still proving the 'dachsie' with the kit
  9. I highlighted 'own' above because these videos are all (uncredited?) excerpts from Floyd Werner's 2nd MasterClass Modelling DVD on the subject.
  10. And use them on top of the flat coat, not the gloss
  11. Looks like the fire/alternate strip theory is blown. CNN (FWIW) are reporting the "Good Night" message came after the course change http://www.cnn.com/2014/03/19/world/asia/malaysia-airlines-flight-path-change/index.html?hpt=hp_t1
  12. I use the gloss and matt products exclusively and the only time I noticed stickiness was when I didn't stir the product enough. You really have to stir it a lot...especially the Matt As for thinning, I airbrush them so I have to thin them. If you're just brushing you shouldn't need to thin them
  13. Sounds like a prisoner exchange...but no keep'em :) let me know a good time next week and we can meet at your LHS (or mine)
  14. Davenport? Do you know a guy called (Pat)rick C.? (met a dude who worked for John Deere in Cancun lol)
  15. Yeah that one could go either way. It will depend on when it was built (WrkNum). I'm not sure all planes were retro-fitted. What's the type, WrkNum and Unit?
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