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    Mostly post WWII Jet and helicopters in 1/72 scale models

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    LF 1/72nd decal options

    you can find me at armandogiron@yahoo.com
  2. Please notice that those are Hunttinton BL 755 British made cluster bombs ideally for use in lots of NATO aircraft but never on B-52

    LF 1/72nd decal options

    Hi Glynn It look that I have the Indian Navy decals for a Sea Harrier. if you interested they are yours Best day Armando

    I´ll in LA California next week

    Hi there Well it was a very welcome meeting guys at IPMS Orange County really know their business and the meeting was really nice I really enjoyed and pretty sure we'll be in contact in the future Merry Christmas you all Armando

    I´ll in LA California next week


    I´ll in LA California next week

    Of course I´ll be there I wonder Dnl42, how is the etiquete on IPMSOC, at least in my own club IPMS El Salvador we organize for that date a general meeting with a dinner, a raffle (everybody bring a model and we raffle them) or we organize a Secret Enemy (meaning some dirty models or stuff: like a golden plastic cement or lost things) also a good day to organice a model Flea Market..... Anyway I already what model to bring for a raffle, and having you a present Also I wonder how many people going and if it some 1/72 scale model makers on IPMSOC Best day Armando

    I´ll in LA California next week

    1000 thanks but please send me full address, I'll be there
  8. Hi Craig Well I have the kit and I also can cast you a copy Contact me if interested armandogiron@yahoo.com best day Armando
  9. Hi there I´ll be in Los Angeles California around Garden Grove for Christmas time So wonder if I can meet some other ARC fellows at https://www.brookhursthobbies.com/ Best holidays to you all Armando you can contact me from armandogiron@yahoo.com

    Ecuador Mirage F.1

    Hi there Look here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235027756-the-best-172-kit-for-an-ecuadorian-mirage-f1/
  11. that thing happen from time to time you can contact me using armandogiron@yahoo.com
  12. Hi there I'm in a middle of a Falklands War build up so I wonder if someone around here can part or trade the following 1/72 scale AN/ALQ-101 for a RAF Avro Vulcan Black Buck bomber and a modern jet RAF 1000 pounder to use it as a base for a Bombola the kind of bomb used a lot by Argentinian AF at that time Best modeling Armando
  13. Well Farmerboy Can we agree some trade for those extra Skyhawks intakes as I need them to complete one kit, I mean I need them to complete in 1/72 scale Cheers Armando
  14. Hi there I wonder if you have a extra pair of intakes coming from same kit Armando

    1/72 kits FS

    Hi Rusty Well I'm interested on these kits Fujimi Douglas A-4KU -$20 Douglas A-4E/F -$20 Cheers Armando