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  1. Hello all! 32048 and 48024 F-16 370 Gallons fuel tanks are available on webshop www.kopeckyscalemodel.com
  2. 1/32 F-100 Speed brakes incoming.... Early/Late variants... (Trumpeter kit) 1/48 is under consideration.
  3. Thank you guys!!!! Finally.... two new sets... 32044 F-4 C/D Exhaust nozzles for (Tamiya kit) 32045 F-4 C/D Tail for (Tamiya kit) Both on www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Cheers, Jan
  4. Hello all! 48023 F-16 Centerline pylon 32042 F-16 Centerline pylon 32043 F-16 Rafael Python 4/5 Are now available on our webshop. Pythons are reedition of casted ones. Now are available as 8K 3D print. Cheers! Jan
  5. Hello all! New sets are uploaded to webshop. 48018 F-16 blk 40 wheels 48019 F-16 600 gallons fuel tanks with pylons 48020 F-16C Barak blk.30 Conversion set (TAMIYA) 48021 F-16C Barak blk.40 Conversion set (TAMIYA) 48022 F-15 610 gallons fuel tanks Available on www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Cheers, JAN
  6. Thank you guys! Mark I´m doing many and many fit tests, reprints etc.... and can say, that I dont know about some problems with resin shrinkage. So I hope nobody had a problems with size of my parts... Something as a dry fit....
  7. I´m printing some 1/48 prototypes of fuel tanks guys... give me some time. Hello all! New sets on stock: 32041 Spitfire Mk.Ia exhaust for Kotare kit 35001 AH-64 A/D exhaust for Takom kit. Available on www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you as always. Jan
  8. hello, some news here: all on kopeckyscalemodels.com 32036 F-16 Horizontal stabilizers 32037 A-4 Skyhawk dispensers 32038 F-16 Horizontal stabilizers "smooth surface" 32039 F-16C Barak block 40 conversion set
  9. Thanks guys! Four new sets released today. (all designed for Tamiya kit) 32032 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle) 32033 F-16 Late FOD set (big intake/GE nozzle) 48016 F-16 Early FOD set (small intake/PW nozzle) 48017 F-16 LateFOD set (big intake/GE nozzle) Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com Thank you!
  10. 1/32 and 1/48 F-16 (tamiya) FODs almost ready. Big/small intake and PW/GE exhaust. Comming soon. With AOA probe covers...
  11. Thanks guys! Hammerhead: probably. I have something in progress... but its not so easy to draw this POD...
  12. Finally done. 32026 F-16 600 gallons fuel tanks with pylons 32031 F-16 Early rails (16S210) 48015 F-16 Early rails (16S210) Rails are designed for Tamiya kits, but can be used universaly.
  13. First casted piece of 1/48 F-15 Modern airbrake... They will be available in end of this week. Also will be rereleased about 20 sets od Pythons 4/5.
  14. Hello, check it here Wing pylons, centerline pylon, Tail antena and ballast. And Airbrake is in progress.
  15. Hello all. Our last news are available now. Please welcome to www.kopeckyscalemodels.com to visit: 32030 F-16 ALQ-131 pylon 48011 F-15E Modern wheels 48012 F-16 ALQ-131 pylon 48013 F-16 Wild weasel set Thank you! Jan
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