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  1. It shows the USAF trains Long and Hard.🤣
  2. Still waiting for a 1/48 aircraft 150lb Halon ramp Fire extinguisher on wheels from Steel Beach.😀
  3. How much fuel will the MQ-25 be able to offload compared to the S-3, F-18 or A-6? I bet it's lower than what the A-6 could offload. And why do we need an unmanned tanker anyway?
  4. Can the F-35's helmet be worn with chem suit and mask? Not sure if the F-22 or F-35 have chem and bio filters so pilots don't have to wear chem suits.
  5. Makes sense to me now. If the rules would have said "Models constituting a Triathlon entry may not, simultaneously, be competing in other categories of the contest" it would have been more clear. The word "parts" was open to interpretation. Thanks Curt. Alan M.
  6. From the contest rules section III.SPECIAL CATEGORIES 5.Triathlon (Category 830) "Models constituting a Triathlon entry may not, simultaneously, be competing in other parts of the contest" Does this mean can't compete for special awards?
  7. I know that the 3 models entered in the Triathlon category are judged all together as a group. Can one or more in that group also be judged for a Theme Award? Just wondering. Thanks Alan M.
  8. I just thought that after a GB closes, you can't post on it anymore. Alan M.
  9. Is there an easy way to transfer a build topic from one forum to another? A group build has expired and I'm still want to post WIP pics. Thanks Alan M.
  10. Converted all picture links from Photo-bucket to Flickr. Here are the last two pictures I have to date. Finished painting the center and upper consoles. Also added PE to the landing gear. May have to transfer this WIP to the Helicopter forum since I did not make the deadline for this build. I'll post a link in the near future. Alan M.
  11. Is it just me, or do the main gear wheels just look too small? Nice build.
  12. What???? An un-ducted first stage compressor blade??? Nice work Darren
  13. I finally got around to do a little more work on my Seaking. Got the crew door completely off the fuselage half. I also filled in some sink holes on the inside. Also finished up the cockpit seats. Got them painted and added the PE seat belts. Added an inertial reel on the back of the pilots seat. Can't see it behind the copilots seat because of the box on the back. Real short update I know. Not been able to do much work on this over the last couple of weeks. Thanks for looking. Alan M.
  14. Made a little bit of progress this weekend. Did some more work on the seats. I added back the side braces that were removed to help sand off the seat belts. Also added one the PE parts to the back of the seat. Next step is to paint and then add the PE belts. The PE set includes the crew entry door so started cutting on the door for removal. These razor saws sure come in handy for this. And they are good fro re-scribbling panel lines too. Drilled out holes in the nose sections. Added PE levers to top cockpit panel. Also added the cockpit bulkhead. There was a gap in the floor that needed putty and sanding. Thanks for looking. Alan M.
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