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  1. It's been several years since I checked my account settings and was wondering if the email account tankertweaker135-arc4um@yahoo.com was an auto email account created when I joined ARC? I don't remember creating that account. Can it be changed? Thanks Alan M.
  2. Good to hear. I've still got my Testors SR-71 setting in the box with the True Details resin set and was hopping it would fit the Revell kit. The Testors one has to go.
  3. What are the chances that the True Details cockpit resin set for the Testors SR-71 will fit the new Revell SR-71?
  4. Did anyone pre order the book How to Build TAMIYA’S 1:48 LOCKHEED P-38F/G LIGHTNING by Marcus Nicholls from Doolittle Media? And if so, have you received it yet? Still waiting for mine.
  5. How about the Lun-class ekranoplan MD-160.
  6. Wait.... What?? The design was stolen?
  7. Thanks for the information GW8345. Having this information with make the build easier
  8. To help get this thread to 300 pages, a question about Tomcat flight controls. When I build mine, I'll have it in dirty wing configuration and the speed brake open. Other than at touchdown, are there times on the ground when the wing is dirty and speed brake open and nobody in the cockpit? If yes, are there safety locks installed on spoiler and speed brake actuators with RBF flags? Have not been able to find any pics on internet with safety locks installed. Thanks
  9. It shows the USAF trains Long and Hard.🤣
  10. Still waiting for a 1/48 aircraft 150lb Halon ramp Fire extinguisher on wheels from Steel Beach.😀
  11. How much fuel will the MQ-25 be able to offload compared to the S-3, F-18 or A-6? I bet it's lower than what the A-6 could offload. And why do we need an unmanned tanker anyway?
  12. Can the F-35's helmet be worn with chem suit and mask? Not sure if the F-22 or F-35 have chem and bio filters so pilots don't have to wear chem suits.
  13. Makes sense to me now. If the rules would have said "Models constituting a Triathlon entry may not, simultaneously, be competing in other categories of the contest" it would have been more clear. The word "parts" was open to interpretation. Thanks Curt. Alan M.
  14. From the contest rules section III.SPECIAL CATEGORIES 5.Triathlon (Category 830) "Models constituting a Triathlon entry may not, simultaneously, be competing in other parts of the contest" Does this mean can't compete for special awards?
  15. I know that the 3 models entered in the Triathlon category are judged all together as a group. Can one or more in that group also be judged for a Theme Award? Just wondering. Thanks Alan M.
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