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  1. Oh, you know, here and there. Saw the new Hobby Lobby that is fixing to open over on Bumby and 50. Just need this gone folks!
  2. I love the area around Nobleton! I have a friend who lives right outside of Nobleton on Daly and Lake Lindsey and we always go out riding our dirt bikes in Withlacoochee forest. Great area up there.
  3. Just like usual, firefighters sitting around doing nothing . . . (Don't get all up in arms, that was just a good-natured jab from an EMS guy to fire guys)
  4. Guy was driving a Prius. There's your answer for how smart he is. (No offense to people on here who drive one)
  5. You going to be out there on Sunday too? I'm probably going to go out on Sunday and enjoy the festivities. I'll be wearing my Tomcat shirt and a white hat. Matt
  6. Man, I wish I could hop on a dirt bike and ride around some of those places for a few days
  7. Not to mention the big gray brace going through the middle of the canopy. Compare
  8. When's that new one coming out? Remember, the one at one of the toy shows, the Mk. 66 I believe it was. Swiss livery I think. Matt
  9. Here is a documentary from the 90's that somebody posted on one of my other forums. Seeing as there are a few bikers in here, I figured you guys might remember seeing this back in the 90's and would enjoy the video. For those that don't know, John Britten designed and built a motorcycle back in '92-'93 in his garage in New Zealand. He took it to Daytona and came in second place only to factory Ducati. What made it special was that Britten's design was so far ahead of it's time, even today it looks futuristic. Here's a small picture of his second bike. Yes, that's the rear shock in front of th
  10. YES!!! I love the White Knight/Space Ship One combo! I personally think they look beautiful in a different kind of way. I will be buying one of these kits. So when is White Knight Two coming out? :o Matt
  11. Pretty cool how you can see the individual shells falling Matt
  12. Molto piacevole! Sono grandi! (My Italian is a little rough, I'm still learning it) Matt
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