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  1. Any plans of doing the US ARMY Golden Knights?
  2. Draw Decals has the Thunderbird P-51C in 4 scales and they suggest Tamiya Mica Blue, spray number TS-50.
  3. Chris, Hobbycraft 1/48 HC1655 had the floats only. HC1656 had the wheels and skiis and HC1657 had the wheels, skiis and floats. See scalemates for details. These do pop up on Ebay every now and then. usually at a premium though. Dean
  4. What do you use for rigging?
  5. There was a kit of the S-62/HH-52A made by ITC Model Craft, the hobby division of the Ideal Toy Corporation in the early 60s. Kit # 3676 was listed as either 1/50 or 1/51 scale. It was also later reboxed by the Ringo Toy Corp as the "Sikorsky Helicopter" and the "Sikorsky S-62", both kit # C552.
  6. Regarding the Blue Angels R5D, it appears the nose, fuselage cheat line, engine cowl fronts and the vertical tail tip will have to be painted. No problem. The yellow used on the R5D was FS13538 Orange Yellow. Are the MM13538 Chrome Yellow #1707 or #4683 close matches to the printed decals? Any other paint brands available? Looking forward to this and the T-Birds sheet. Thanks, Dean
  7. How about the Bird of the Sun (travel club) C-53? Was one of the more colorful local birds in the 70s. See at http://photovalet.com/281344 and http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/39677-dc-3-bird-of-the-sun-travel-club-decals/ Never did finish photographing the whole plane. Parks682Decals actually did a very limited run of decals in 2010. Dean
  8. F-105D Thunderchief CH-54A Skycrane UH-1B Iroquois
  9. Any update on the C-54/R5D sheet CD 72035? Still with Thunderbirds and Blue Angels?
  10. Does anyone know if Trumpeter had a successful enough run of the 1/48 HU-16A Albatross to think they might be thinking of doing the HU-16B version?
  11. There's multiples of both books on Ebay right now, mostly in the low $20s.
  12. If Scott hurries up he can get Justin Beiber for the lead. Beiber's only used up about thirteen of his minutes.
  13. Hey Cheyenne56, Put me in for one. Now all we need is the RoG 1/48 kit! :blink: Dean
  14. all I've found so far is Tower Hobbies. Anyone know of any other shops? (preferably US located for the shipping time factor only- not too well versed in mail ordering) TIA, Dean
  15. Hi Joe, MIGHT have a spare copy. Pete and I go way back to the early Flight 19 model club (FLL-USA). I made the original master to the 1/48 Sikorsky S-58T nose that Pete marketed when he started the Cobra Co (again way back when). Chris still sells it online. Pete also did some other self-published quarterlies titled Rotor Wash that were really great-B+W. He gave me one of the 1/35 test shots of the MRC UH-1C Huey's and I gave him one of the Bell 47D test shots I got from MRC (all pre-production) He's quite a dynamic and knowledgeable person particularly with helicopters. (Nam crew chief). Ask
  16. Hi Barry, I don't have much 1/48 but what helo and which parts exactly are you looking for? There is a 1/48 RoG H-34 on Ebilbay. It's up to $80.00+ with 2 days to go so get your plastic out. They don't pop up too often. Its item #270187455799 . Regards, Dean
  17. Thanks for the pic grandadjohn. For the definitive site for the Cessna YH-41/CH-1 go to Steve Remington's site at collectair.com. Be prepared to spend lot's of time on his site and don't forget to tell him Hi!!! Dean
  18. Thanks Jon, That's great news on it's still-existence. I did a ton of research on it and was even building a 1/20 scratchbuilt model. (not finished) Charlie Seibel (designer on Bell 30/47 team, then Cessna, then Bell 209 Cobra chief designer) sent me a photo of the helo at altitude with 1 person in the right rear seat holding up 4 fingers. Helo had been straight and level for 4 minutes as such. This was late 50's pre SAS when you didn't let go of a cyclic. Charlie did a great VHS video on the YH-41/CH-1 that one of these days I gotta get transfered to DVD. Also have lots of pictures from the
  19. Brock, Looks like a Cessna 172 Skyhawk/T-41, with the engine out front at waist level. The whole engine cowl came off in one piece and you worked on the engine waist-high. Fwd angled skids sort of like a Hughes OH-6, 2 bladed rotors. The canopy was plex 360 all around and the main rotor shaft came up between the pil/cop seats. At that time still had the number 4 painted on the cowl with TATSA and an indian silhouette all in white. Can't miss it, oddest engine setup at the time, was beating the Bell 47 in performance, but Cessna bowed out right before turbines were generally available (pre-Jet
  20. Martin, I've got a pair of front shots from the mid-80's, a 3/4 nose and a closeup of the gunner's seat/mg controls. Would love to do a vacuform fuselage of the 207 for the 1/35 or 1/48 kits available. Hey Jon/Brock--seeing how you're in the area, what's the status of the Cessna YH-41 Seneca s/n 56-4244? I had great photo access to it in particular in the mid-80's (no holds barred-"just please put it back together before the public shows up at 1 o'clock") and I'm just curious as to whether they ever did any cleanup/restoration on it. Thanks, Dean
  21. The Aurora kit is basic and gets avg prices on E-bay. The FM is SO MUCH better on detail but has issues on fitting the canopy on. Not FM's best or worst. Get's better than avg $$$ on E-bay when one surfaces. Got 1 but haven't gotten past preliminaries yet. Mine'll be from Homestead Air Force Base in the 60's. If your collection is being built basic go Aurora, if detailed go FM. Post your chase and support as you build them.
  22. Just curious. Seems to be a serious flow of communication coming back. Just trying to finish a deal . TIA
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