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  1. Looks like you’re off to a good start, will be following as I have a few in the stash I need to start on BW
  2. Does anyone have information on the color of the primer used on Navy and Marine aircraft in the 60s? I know the gull Gray and white used was very durable but photos seem to indicate that drop tanks and underwing weapons racks that were subject constant handling were more susceptible to wear and tear. It appears to be a light yellow green perhaps, possibly run of the mill “zinc chromate primer” or whatever it’s official designation is. Thanks for any assistance. BW
  3. Turned out great, what’s next in line? BW
  4. Closing in and it’s looking good.
  5. Those look really good, might have to buy a kit to use them on! I know you are doing a bunch of Hornet sheets, any chance a couple of early A’s from -314 and -323 aboard Coral Sea in ‘86 might get squeezed onto a sheet? Maybe a -451 bird from ‘89 on the carrier’s final deployment for good measure? BW
  6. Absolutely amazing work. Everything is so clean, just blows me away. BW
  7. Looking forward to the finished product. Very tempted to try one in the markings of one of the birds that took part in the strikes in Lebanon back in 1983 but wanting to nail down some specifics before diving in. BW
  8. Hate to hear that, very discouraging. Also makes me more than a little concerned about my decal stash😰
  9. Superior craftsmanship each step of the way. This has been one of the best demonstrations of what can be accomplished by very few of us, but it serves as an inspiration every time I get a notification you have posted new content. Always look forward to learning how a master overcomes a challenge. BW
  10. Impressed with your build speed, I tend to get bogged down. Most of the time it’s fixing mistakes (sometimes multiple attempts) but you seem to be able to get it right on the first shot. Looking forward to the next installment BW
  11. Rob, those look absolutely fantastic. I have seen several products from established companies that do not look that crisp or smooth. If I wasn’t under a self-imposed ban on purchasing items (I know I am going to regret that decision later) I would have already set your inbox on fire begging to purchase one. Great job and look forward to the model you hang this on. BW
  12. Don’t see many of these built up, very interested in seeing this one come along.
  13. Enjoying watching this one come along. I have been thinking about trying one of these and would be interested in hearing problem areas. Yours seems to be coming along without any issues. Have you decided which squadron you are going to depict? BW
  14. Looks great, always liked that scheme on the platform and you have done an outstanding job with it. Just noticed the white starboard leading edge. Any idea what that was for? BW
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