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  1. Looks good, I have one in the stash and made some notes on what you encountered so I will be on the look out for the same. Thanks for posting
  2. Looks convincing to me. I was always under the impression they kept the show birds in top condition so a high gloss finish would be in order. I know on scale models it can make them appear “toy like” but they were not line/fleet birds. BW
  3. Good luck with the decals, you have done great with the kit so far BW
  4. Are the -Js available for pre-order and if so, who has the best price, including shipping to the US. BW
  5. This may be a question born out of ignorance, but the masking putty you use. Is it one use and then done, or can it be used multiple times?
  6. Looking forward to your next build
  7. They just had to do a -J didn’t they........ looks like more kits will be added to the collection. Was gonna use my FoxTwo -333 mig killer decals on a Hasegawa bird but this changes everything. BW
  8. I my always humbled by those that tackle kits such as this. Your cockpit is outstanding and I am looking forward to the rest of this build. BW
  9. Swordsman422: thank you, exactly the info I was looking for. Do you mind if I ask the source? kozlk: that pic is one of the better ones out there showing eagle claw/evening light F-14s. It looks like the info above the pic includes aircraft history by bureau number and modex with dates. Where did you find that? thanks for the assistance, much appreciated. BW
  10. Is anyone aware of a listing of F-14s assigned to VF-84 by bureau number during the 1980 time frame? Would like to correctly depict one in 1/48 using the Tamiya kit and unsure if the beaver tail, gun vent set up and chin pod in the kit is correct to do so. It appears to be but if I need to grab aftermarket replacements I want to do so before they are no longer available. Thanks in advance. BW
  11. I swear, every update just leaves me stunned. craftsmanship at a whole other level then what I am capable of. It is an inspiration and I appreciate you sharing your journey with us. BW
  12. I may not be able to put off getting this kit. You did a great job with it and I have spare decals leftover from my Lifelike set I used for the FineMolds kit. BW
  13. Some of the red stencils for the upperwings was what I was referring to. I used the FineMolds kit decals and they were thicker than LifeLike
  14. I used that same decal sheet and found the reds too light and almost orange. Not a problem for the hinormarus but the stencils on the wings and fuselage is an issue. Good luck and keep at it. BW
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