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  1. Appreciate you pointing out how Phantoms in the LGG/GW scheme weathered. I agree that many models I have seen are way over weathered to depict an actual aircraft. But if thr modeler wants to, then it’s their call. Me? I’m going to try and accurately replicate the original
  2. Outstanding work so far, can’t wait to see the next installment
  3. Just about across the finish line, impressed with your output and work
  4. I take no consolation in the fact that even a master such as yourself has to deal with ghost seams like us mere mortals. Those tanks are fantastic though and will look magnificent slung under your Phantom
  5. Scribing would be your best bet, and I would recommend creating a template to guide your scribing efforts. Either that or make a mask and draw them on near the end
  6. I just spent probably 30 minutes mesmerized by the craftsmanship on fuel tanks. Not a cockpit, or engine or open radome for a radar, but fuel tanks. This is next level skill. Everything, and I mean everything is so clean. Very inspirational BW
  7. True craftsmanship, very inspiring. One of the best builds online at the moment and I don’t have much interest in type but anxiously await each update. BW
  8. I want to have issues and mistakes like that some day. Please tell me this one will make the trek to San Marcos for Nats so I can admire it in person. BW
  9. Great work, would love to do one of these. Has Horizon announced one? BW
  10. Been patiently waiting for this. Congratulations BW
  11. Have the Arma Wildcat and this making me seriously consider getting the Flyhawk Dauntless. What paint are you using for the upper Blue Gray. BW
  12. I would love to be able to finish my Deuce to this level, it’s truly awe inspiring but more than a tad bit intimidating. Every aspect of scale modeling is spot on, from construction to pairing to decals to the final finish applied. The corrections and scratch building alone make for a master class “how to.” Almost afraid to ask what is next! BW
  13. You don’t know the agony of having a verbal description only! In all seriousness though, can’t wait to see the pics BW
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