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  1. Have the Arma Wildcat and this making me seriously consider getting the Flyhawk Dauntless. What paint are you using for the upper Blue Gray. BW
  2. I would love to be able to finish my Deuce to this level, it’s truly awe inspiring but more than a tad bit intimidating. Every aspect of scale modeling is spot on, from construction to pairing to decals to the final finish applied. The corrections and scratch building alone make for a master class “how to.” Almost afraid to ask what is next! BW
  3. You don’t know the agony of having a verbal description only! In all seriousness though, can’t wait to see the pics BW
  4. I would either vac a new one after repairing the original or contact Hasegawa and order a replacement. I want to say they have some form of customer support and info posted. BW
  5. Each time I receive notifications for this thread, I am reminded what a masterpiece this work is. Simply fantastic BW
  6. Your version is turning out well. I did one a few years back and it fought me till the end BW
  7. Looks good, I have one in the stash and made some notes on what you encountered so I will be on the look out for the same. Thanks for posting
  8. Looks convincing to me. I was always under the impression they kept the show birds in top condition so a high gloss finish would be in order. I know on scale models it can make them appear “toy like” but they were not line/fleet birds. BW
  9. Good luck with the decals, you have done great with the kit so far BW
  10. Are the -Js available for pre-order and if so, who has the best price, including shipping to the US. BW
  11. This may be a question born out of ignorance, but the masking putty you use. Is it one use and then done, or can it be used multiple times?
  12. Looking forward to your next build
  13. They just had to do a -J didn’t they........ looks like more kits will be added to the collection. Was gonna use my FoxTwo -333 mig killer decals on a Hasegawa bird but this changes everything. BW
  14. I my always humbled by those that tackle kits such as this. Your cockpit is outstanding and I am looking forward to the rest of this build. BW
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