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  1. I agree that the nose area still looks a bit "chunky" - at least in this photo - but I'm hoping this is due to black tulip. In any case it is better (to my eye at least) than the first iteration. Can't wait to get my copy of this kit...
  2. I bought it from scalehobbyist.com. HTH
  3. I'm building it OOB. I closed the fuselage without any important issues - so far I only had to thin one part of the front IP to get it to fit. No idea about accuracy. HTH
  4. Revell is the old kit, yes. I have Lone Wulf and Owl camera housings, not for trade though. HTH
  5. Out of the box G-10 = Hasegawa or Revell, G-4 = Hasegawa, F-4 = Zvezda, Hasegawa or ICM. I haven't seen ICM 109 in person, so I don't know if it has camera bits. RB50 camera housing is available separately, I think I have 2 different ones at home (resin). I can check if you're interested.
  6. I can recommend book "Ship Models from Kits" by David Griffith. His advice is targeted at building small scale models, mostly waterline. Helped me more than anything I could find online. HTH
  7. ... in stock at SB. Not my favorite a/c, but am tempted...
  8. I'd say lesson 1 is: do not over-engineer, use 1 part lower wing like everyone else. Same goes for the engine cowling, since I have no desire to show the engine. I'd put in the panel you refer to before anything else - had issues with them in both of my builds. My 2 cents.
  9. ch9862

    Moskit Exhausts

    I ordered Rexx 109 exhaust from Jadar, and it took them forever to get it - maybe 3-4 months? It was in early 2013.
  10. How do your posts contribute to this topic? I'd suggest you take issues you have with other people off board - unless you want to warn about dishonest traders/sellers, etc. Have a good one.
  11. Zvezda on the left, Eduard on the right.
  12. I'm talking about the kits, not what they build into. If you think Zvezda is gorgeous, take a look at Eduard Spitfire. You may have to come up with a new word (scrumtrulescent? ;)).
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