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  1. Excellent! What did you do to the canopy to make it that shiny?
  2. Hi Chuck, been missing your updates, are you working on another project somewhere?
  3. Well, so far for Deutsche Gr√ľndligkeit... both their engines broke. Just finished this dio, took me more than a year, and again a big thanks to ChuckW as I try to follow his treads as a lead to learn the tricks of the trade. It's the Revell 1/48 Me-410B6, modified to a B2 with the Aires engine and gun bay. Hasegawa BMW327, Revell oil cart and some modified figures from a Monogram Me262. And two handfuls of scratch. Here some quick shots outside:
  4. Hi Chuck, I'm really curious on how you'll pull this one off! For now I'm not a fan of the Romanian paint scheme (too glossy, not enough weathering), but I'm pretty sure you will have me convinced when the built is finished ;-) I also followed the master built Mig21 by Diego which is here: http://dqscaleworks.blogspot.com.es/2014/02/the-war-machine-work-eduard-148.html
  5. I just use the regular Tamiya normal cement, and a bottle of Tamiya extra thin cement for delicate parts. I also have a bottle of Micro scale micro weld, which is a fantastic glue since it leaves no traces when dry. And then there is my white glue for clear parts. I've not used MEK in modelling, but we did use it on real aircraft engines to clean fan blades (if it is the same MethylEthylKetone we are speaking of). It is forbidden nowadays to use in the business because of high cancer risk, and we use isopropyl now. (which I also use in modelling to clean my airbrush)
  6. Hello all, here is my next dio. I decided to follow ChuckW's excellent thread and I learned a lot from him. To stay a little bit original and not copy him exactly, I folded the wings and opened up the cowling. The Revell Beast was an ideal kit to make. Enjoy!
  7. I've used them for "US interior green" so far. Very impressed! Airbrushing needs some delicate spraying as told by others, but I managed to find a balance by spraying at lower PSI. Thinning is by a few drops of water from the tap. In the end I can spray finer lines with Lifecolor than with Tamiya. Now, the best use for Lifecolor is when you need to touch up with a brush: just leave a small drop on the place that needs paint, and it will dry up uniformly and blend in with the sprayork without traces.
  8. Hello, I asked this question to an ex BAF F-16 crew chief who worked on them at Beauvechain AB in the early 80s. He confirms there was no other standard camouflage than the grey one. Only difference is that early F-16s had a black radome but this changed around the same time the tail parachute housings were installed. In the early days some F-104s were still flying and they had the Vietnam camouflage scheme, which was the standard scheme for the BAF until then on most of their aircraft. So when the F-16 was ordered in the late 70s, it was very normal to depict a BAF F-16 in Vietnam camouflag
  9. To add some info: it's only on the ARC forums I'm having the IP message, the ARC air homepage works fine.
  10. I also still have the same problem. Both on OSX Safari and on the iPad, but I expect it is also on the Windows laptop... Very annoying, only solution is to put wifi off and back on, then refresh the website. I had no problems in the past, it all started recently. I also have never had this issue on other forums or websites, only ARC.
  11. If anyone is having this problem too, solution is to delete cookies. Working fine now.
  12. I'm having the same problem here. I just get a full white page with "Could not determine your IP address" on top. When I shut down my computer's Wifi and restart it, I can access it again. However when I close the forums and then try to access them some time later again, we are back at the blank page and have to reset the wifi again. I'm doing this on a Mac using Safari, have not tried it on other computers. I can only say this problem started for me a week ago and I had no problems before...
  13. wow, I never liked the dark grey Eagles; more a fan of the early color schemes, but you made a beautiful piece of this, if not the best F-15 model I've seen.
  14. Thanks! The base is just a thin wooden plate to cover the electronics underneath, and covered with Tamiya concrete texture paint. A little bit of sculpting with a ruler to simulate "concrete pouring faults", some scribing to simulate divisions and cracks, a little bit of greys and browns airbrushed on and some oil stains. That's it. The little hill is shaped with styrofoam and then covered with a plaster/white glue mix. Again airbrushed and dry brushed after the grass was sprinkled on. I can really recommend the Tamiya texture paint; the concrete that is, I didn't try the other texture effe
  15. Hi all, Finally some quick pictures of my 3rd model. My second model was a bare metal Mustang, but someone on the forum told me you need to keep the balance and also have a camouflaged Mustang. So here it is... It represents the second of three aircrafts named "The Shillelagh" assigned to the Yoxford Boys 357th. I could not find any decals of this aircraft so I thought it would be nice to depict this aircraft and make something not often seen. I very much like the colour scheme of the well known "Frenesi", and this one comes close. I used the leftovers from the Aires set of my previous Musta
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